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Re: Bharat Ganrajya Relaunch and India Aware Association

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 11:13 am
by sumishi
So, err.. Mod garus, what is the status of this forum? Are members contributing, or most have migrated to the social media platforms where discussions are shallow, trolling a religion, profound posts a casualty, deep-knowledge a dream...

Re: Bharat Ganrajya Relaunch and India Aware Association

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 12:22 am
by Muns
Hi Sumishi,

Thanks for joining the forum. I would hope that things continue to improve over the next few months. We really took this on to keep the forum alive, and hope that more members continue to contribute. The forum is geared with the vision towards reporting the anti-Hindu agenda with regard to pseudo-secularism as well all come to appreciate in India.
To that end, there is some association with India Aware the news site. We would hope that more members like you continue to join as well as contribute to gain a wider reach as well as audience.

When it comes to social media fora, we also manage multiple Facebook groups including ;

Vote for Modi
vote for Yogi
we support CAA
Nepalis supporting India

As well as of course this forum.

Other platforms for India aware include the more popular YouTube channel. We also have twitter page and trying to work on a podcast as well.

Any feedback that you provide would also be helpful in trying to help us grow all of the above.

Re: Bharat Ganrajya Relaunch and India Aware Association

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 6:15 pm
by sumishi
Thanks for the information, Muns sirjee.
I had been in BRF for long, since Chandrayaan-I days, posting now and then, and had the shock of discovery of the split, learnt of this forum, registered here, and now again have come in after a long hiatus. Its pretty disheartening to see the concentrated focus earlier in the brf GDF dissipated, and most gurus scattered all over the social media platforms which are marked by shallowness of though processes and dissipated threads of reasoning. But times are a-changing, and probably having fingers in a lot of pies is what is realistic today. I will try also to connect and contribute through the other channels you have listed out.
Are all the gurus of the earlier brf GDF still hanging around, albeit quite? Or have most retired from knowledge dissemination?

Re: Bharat Ganrajya Relaunch and India Aware Association

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 6:09 am
by Muns
You must've read my mind Sumishi. I guess that you would've come from BR as well. Many of us started there and pretty much grew up there during my teen years hogging down whatever information that I could get my hands on with regard to anything defense-related. Remember waking up at three in the morning to read about Pokhran II Blasts. As you said, many of our perceptions have been molded by some of the Guru Stalwarts of BR.
I continue to keep BG alive in the hope that one day some of those migrating Gurus might come back to contribute again. This time however the forum is linked to our news portal which I had hoped would even further expose those individuals and sometimes large organizations with anti-India/Hindu agenda.

I do hope some of the Gurus are in lurk mode and hoping that more contributions will get them to start posting again. I'm sure that they still have a lot more to contribute. Then again, the years quickly roll-on and with the world in a pandemic, many I am sure have personal concerns to attend to.
However, the more forums that have the same agenda, the better. I'm confident that with time and further posting BG can still inform as well as mold.