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Re: Health and Fitness

Post by Muns » Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:52 am

What to say regarding this coronavirus? India continues to explode with cases but thankfully the death rate is nothing like what we have seen here in the US. Because of the stupidity almost with regard to southern states as well as lack of mask wearing, states like Florida with only half the population of California have a higher number of cases over the last few weeks. Same can be said for Texas too. It already seems that another second wave is ongoing. Thankfully for some of us here in the Pacific Northwest, we have really not felt the full brunt of the situation.

What should have been really federal effort unfortunately has been left the states to pick and choose right down to which County should be wearing masks or not. It has led to a situation where several states are staring at another period of lockdown again. Real idiocy.

Another lockdown would be devastating for small businesses and I’m sure will continue to kill any form of recovery. What is surprising though, is how many businesses have been helped by the PPP federal loan for small businesses. I’ve heard of several small businesses taking advantage and receiving tens of thousands and well into six figures and beyond with federal loans. From what I understand these are all forgivable loans but it begs the question regarding how much as the government actually invested during this time.

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