Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

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Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:19 pm

An archive of news links and information covering corruption and other misdemeanours by parties affiliated to so called "secular liberal" ideology.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:29 pm
Unravelling the AAP myth
Arvind Kejriwal's government doesn't walk the talk on corruption

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The Hindi news channel NDTV India on April 18 ran a long programme on the way two of its journalists had been treated by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi, criticising it for trying to undermine the freedom of speech of journalists in the capital. One of them, who had been covering a press conference held by Delhi’s minister of transport Gopal Rai, asked the minister some questions, and when denied the opportunity to ask more, chose to write against it in a blog post.

Ravish Ranjan Shukla had insisted that the minister answer why despite the promise of better public transport there was no sign of it during the hotly-debated odd-even scheme. But Nagendra Sharma, media advisor to chief minister and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal blocked his queries. He then wrote in a blog post without naming anyone that media advisors to the government reacted to the questioning of ministers by “shooting the messenger” and then “awarding them with dirty labels”.

Then Arunoday Prakash, media advisor to deputy CM Manish Sisodia and Amardeep Tiwari, the government’s media advisor, removed two journalists of the channel including Ravish Ranjan from a WhatsApp group of the health and the transport department.

The NDTV India anchor discussed the events in detail with the journalist who had written the blog post but, not surprisingly, no other news organisation reported it. Ranjan went on to tweet about the “fascist” nature of the AAP regime which is not used to being questioned. At least two other journalists, one from ABP News, and another from the Hindi daily Dainik Jagran, also tweeted about the incident, and were rewarded with dismissal from the WhatsApp group.
Interviews with a number of party workers, AAP MLAs, officers of the Delhi government, and men of mystery who “get things done” reveal that corruption prevails under the Kejriwal government, that the party benefits and encourages it, and that syndicates of “transfer-posting” and appointments flourish under the same government that promised to change the way governance worked in the country
Interviews with a number of party workers, AAP MLAs, officers of the Delhi government, and men of mystery who “get things done” reveal that corruption prevails under the Kejriwal government, that the party benefits and encourages it, and that syndicates of “transfer-posting” and appointments flourish under the same government that promised to change the way governance worked in the country.
This is in stark contrast to the image of the honest common man that the party has built for itself, even while giving its MLAs hefty pay raises and going back on its opposition to the “lal batti” culture, the VIP culture of entitlement. The Delhi government also had frequent run-ins with the media in its initial days when it blocked the entry of journalists into the secretariat last year, leading to a boycott of its press conferences by the media. But that is also the reason why it has extended off-the-book benefits to many journalists, with reports in the Hindi media also suggesting at times that some of the journalists were on the party payroll. Those who have opposed it, however, have been on the receiving end with even Kejriwal tweeting at times on the need for “objective journalism” from them.

This has also helped the party sweep under the rug much of the criticism against it, apart from using a well-planned strategy to attack the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi when any allegation is levelled against it, say party workers and officer holders. This has helped it consolidate its hold over Delhi’s vast riches that flow in through various avenues, going back on its promise of a corruption-free government. While corruption cases in various departments are on the rise, the brief is to keep it away from the eyes of the common man, in other words, the media.
An editor who works with a Hindi daily, and met Khetan in August last year, says, “The point made was that the party wanted to work closely with journalists and create a so-called ‘open debate’ atmosphere but the questions being asked were suddenly from the government’s side and not ours. They wanted to know how they could help us, as if we do not know our job. They wanted to tell us what we need to do rather than focusing on what they need to do.”
Apart from providing a steady supply of news, the government decided to award honorary positions to journalists at educational institutions over which it has oversight. This was done under deputy chief minister Sisodia, who also heads the education ministry. The first step was to dissolve the governing bodies of the 28 colleges funded by the government affiliated to the Delhi University. It went through with the plan despite opposition from the university and hundreds of non-permanent teachers.
Since 1993, all governments, Congress or BJP, as well as the Delhi University have nominated senior journalists to the governing bodies of these colleges, which are reconstituted every two years. Five members each are nominated by the Delhi University and Delhi government to these posts. AAP nominated 25 journalists and some former journalists listed as “Educationists” to these bodies, making for more than 20 per cent of all nominations. Most are working journalists, many of whom report and write about AAP.

The posts are honorary in nature, members don’t get salaries. But they play a pivotal role in the hiring of ad hoc faculty, librarians, and Class III and IV posts. These appointments are also the ones for which huge bribes are paid since they are mostly secure government jobs and the decision of the governing body is binding. The non-permanent teachers, on the other hand, have been alleging favouritism in appointment of candidates since last year.

A senior member of Delhi University’s executive council, who does not want to be named, said, “More than 2000 non-permanent teachers were to be regularised last year when the AAP government announced that new governing bodies were to be made. Almost half are not even in the fray anymore because their contracts were not renewed even though many of them had been working for 3-4 years and deserved to be inducted permanently. Instead new teachers were hired.”

Saini says his company has been paid crores by AAP (he refused to quote a figure) and that it is a common practice among political parties now. “Every party wants positive news about itself rather than negative news. They hire full-fledged teams just like AAP has, with qualified engineers and experts.” In the case of AAP its volunteer base is the backbone of this team. They either work of their own accord or with a team of at least 10 people out of the office of the Delhi Dialogue Commission under Khetan.

In many cases, however, AAP also acts according to the mood of the audiences on the web and manufactures or makes news that it then pushes against negative publicity.

An example of this was during the allegations against transport minister Gopal Rai. The department was caught renewing licences of autorickshaws for people it favoured .While there were close to 17,000 vehicles on the road only 10,000 were to be allowed back as per the government’s decision. The department had been provided with a list of dealers to be favoured. But the scam was exposed and there were large-scale protests on the city’s roads.

In order to control the surge in negative publicity, Rai immediately suspended three officials based on recommendations from party workers. A senior official of the department says, “They were actually against the directions and had decided to work in a fair manner. They just became scapegoats in a political battle.”

After the news of the suspension was made public, the party’s cyber unit made sure that news of the suspension of officials, something that bolsters their anti-corruption image, found more traction. Within hours news about the suspensions was on top of the Google news. Even now, if one tries to read about the scam she will have to scroll to fifth or sixth search-result page for it.

In one instance, Rs 2 crore was deposited into AAP’s account through four different companies which paid Rs 50 lakh each. The disclosure of these transfers was made by a breakaway faction of the party, AAP Volunteer Action Manch in February last year. The four companies, whose addresses were later found to be fake, existed only on paper and had not made any profit in the recent past as per the details of their accounts, the rebels claimed.
Another instance is the case of Rosmerta Technologies Limited, the company which supplies High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) for vehicles in Delhi. The company, based in Gurgaon, manufactures and supplies credit cards for many banks, driving licences for many states, property registration cards apart from supplying HSRPs to states like Delhi and Maharashtra.

While other states have taken steps against the company, in Delhi it has been given a free hand. The government awarded the contract for HSRPs to Rosmerta HSRP Ventures Private Limited, which was a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of the parent company Rosmerta Technologies Limited and Utsav Safety Systems Private Limited, which was also the Type Approval Certificate (TAC) holder and so the parent company in the SPV. While the latter was the technical partner in the SPV, the former was only a financial partner.
While the then government had ordered that the contract of the company be cancelled, the AAP government after coming to power in January 2015 constituted a new committee to look into the matter. By then even the Supreme Court had pointed out in its judgment on a contempt petition that the company was supplying plates from the uncertified plant despite its directions.

Moreover, the plates being sold at exorbitant prices were causing the exchequer and the public huge losses. For example, the committee found in its report that instead of the stipulated one-month period after which the plates were to be issued, it was offering them in a matter of hours. As per government stipulations the plate for a two-wheeler costs Rs 69 whereas they were being sold for close to Rs 500 in the open market. Similarly, private and commercial four-wheel plates cost Rs 1200 and Rs 1500 in the open market whereas the government rates are Rs 214 and Rs 220 respectively. Considering that a minimum of 5,000 private four-wheeler vehicles are sold in Delhi every day, the company was making a profit of close to Rs 50 lakh per day. This margin is much higher for commercial vehicles.

The other important source of off-the-books cash has been the “transfer-posting” industry. Officials are either transferred to a particular post because of their ability to generate cash through various means, or because the officer coughs up enough money for party funds for a transfer to a particular department or for a promotion.

All this money is paid in cash or to a trusted “agent” of the party. Raju (name changed) is a property dealer in Badarpur close to one such agent-cum-worker of AAP and so makes quick money by getting people the posts they desire. The system works in a phased manner. Once an officer approaches him, his query is discussed with the boss, a party worker who is almost a floating presence in the party circles. “Voh aise log hain ki kahin bhi takra jaenge aapko. Kabhi aapki gali mein hi ghoomte mil jaenge aur kabhi maheeno tak dikhai nahi denge (You could run into these people anywhere. Sometimes you could meet them in your own street whereas sometimes they would not even be in Delhi for months).” There are dedicated groups of such men who deal with the money.

Once the query is recorded as legitimate, the officer is asked an approximate amount he can pay in cash and kind. In rare cases, officers want a transfer for personal reasons and are either directly referred through a call of approval to the official authority to send the papers further or given considerable concessions depending on the reasons for demanding a transfer.

“If we get too lenient everybody will come up with some excuse. I discourage such people from approaching me in the first place.” Raju asks them to directly approach their senior officers.

A mid-level officer in one of the many departments of the Delhi government recently approached Raju through a friend in his office who earlier used Raju’s services.

“He (the friend) says he paid close to Rs 20 lakh to get a promotion towards the end of last year,” the officer says. But he has a different request—he needs a transfer to a different district within Delhi since his current superior has taken a dislike to him because of his no-nonsense approach to work. “He interferes quite often and dictates terms. I will not be able to rise through my work as long as he is there since he expects us all to make money for him,” the officer told Fountain Ink. The officer was ready to pay up to Rs 15 lakh but Raju has made him wait for almost three months now. “There cannot be too frequent transfers. The timing has to be right. Sometimes it is good to show it as a punishment transfer even when it is not,” Raju says.
Since last year, almost all the cash collected by the AAP has been making its way to the cadres rather than the accounts of the party. Funds raised through donations online are accounted for. The reason for amassing cash is to shore up the war chest for the Punjab assembly polls due next year. According to party members Punjab will be the second state with an AAP government.

It was the only state where the party registered substantial voter enthusiasm and victories in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. All four of its MPs are from the state. Two have since been suspended from the party for “anti-party” activities. In Delhi, too, to keep a check on the activities of MLAs the party considers too outspoken the cadres keep an eye. Anyone seen as speaking against Kejriwal or the party is quickly put on the watch list.

An AAP MLA who claims to be on the list says, “It is almost like a parallel setup being run by the party cadre in my own constituency. Such is the insecurity of the man (Kejriwal) that he cannot even tolerate a voice questioning him or his close aides in the party. I have spoken out quite often in meetings about some of the party’s policies and so have been targeted. People in my own constituency are confused about my role.”

The MLA refused to be named because he has been trying to get into the good books of Kejriwal. As he sees it, this is the only way to a future in AAP.

In October last year the party directed its MLAs in Delhi to contribute Rs 1 lakh each per month to fund its Punjab campaign. The news soon came out in the media and there were questions over how the MLAs would arrange the money through donations every month. The party declared then that the plan had been shelved. Barely six months later, however, it has quietly passed on instructions to MLAs to deposit Rs 1.5 lakh every month towards the Punjab elections, according to several party workers and MLAs interviewed for this story.

An MLA opposed to the move says, “Even if I want to remain honest I have no option but to get into the muck and arrange this money somehow every month. How many Punjabi-speaking people or businessmen can one find in the constituency on a monthly basis to keep on donating money?”

(Arpit Parashar is a freelance journalist based in Delhi.)

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by Kabir » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:38 am

The content of this thread will actually need an entire library of sorts, such is the number of misdeeds the listed political parties have done in a short span of the republic. What we see in the media or SM would only be a tip of the ice berg. Jamwal ji how about also covering how many of these have been convicted or cases filed against their party members in this thread, that would give a tiny bit of solace after opening this thread :-). Or we keep a separate thread for that?

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:51 am

Kabir wrote:
Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:38 am
The content of this thread will actually need an entire library of sorts, such is the number of misdeeds the listed political parties have done in a short span of the republic. What we see in the media or SM would only be a tip of the ice berg. Jamwal ji how about also covering how many of these have been convicted or cases filed against their party members in this thread, that would give a tiny bit of solace after opening this thread :-). Or we keep a separate thread for that?
The other thread will have little content :lol: though it may be useful

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:54 am

Minister of Arvind Kejriwal caught with garland of notes ... 42543.html

स्वच्छ राजनीति और आम आदमी के हितों के नाम पर दिल्ली में प्रचंड बहुमत के साथ सत्ता में आयी आम आदमी पार्टी के एक दूसरा ही चेहरा सामने आया है। आम आदमी पार्टी के विधायक संदीप कुमार के लिए नोटों की माला बनायी जाने लगी है।
दिल्ली में आम आदमी पार्टी में महिला एवं बाल विकास मंत्री संदीप कुमार के लिए 500 रुपए के नोटों की माला बनायी गयी। यही नहीं जब इस माला के साथ संदीप कुमार को देखा गया तो उन्होंने हाथ से अपना मुंह ढक लिया

Woman won’t mind slapping AAP MLA again ... -mla-again
The AAP is discriminating against us because they think H-block residents did not vote for them," Dhirvati boomed. She was furious that the local AAP workers curtailed their water supply without informing the residents. She alleged that in the ensuing altercation, the local MLA's chela (acolyte), Prem Singh, aka "Vicky", manhandled her.The residents claim that Dinesh Mohaniya's men are goons. Rinku, a property dealer, alleged "that this bunch of crooks" have been wreaking havoc in the area ever since the AAP has come to power. "The AAP has made life difficult for us by trying to stop private tankers that were the only source of water for us. Earlier, we used to get a 24-hour water supply. But then the MLA and his minions installed a timer on the public bore well for H-block. This stops the water flow after 12 hours every day," said Rinku.

Arvind Kejriwal government seeks coal block from Centre to set up a plant for Delhi ... 279914.cms
The Kejriwal government has asked the Centre for a coal block that will help a private company set up a giant plant to supply adequate and affordable electricity to the city, Delhi's Power Minister Satyendra Jain told ET, barely a day after the prime minister made a jibe at promises of free power by politicians.

The Broken Economics Of India's Aam Aadmi Party ... dmi-party/
The ideas Kejriwal ran on, including fighting corruption, delivering public services, and cleaning up the police, are important objectives. But his economic ideas still seem firmly grounded in the ineffective policies of India’s old left. Many of his initiatives are the same kind of massive subsidy programs that India has been trying for years – noble-sounding initiatives aimed at helping the poor that, somehow, keep resulting in huge amounts of waste and graft. The former bread and butter of the Congress party, massive subsidies have failed to ignite India’s economy and create opportunities for the lower classes in recent years. When India’s voters delivered the former ruling Congress party to its worst defeat on record during national elections last year, they were speaking out in part against the failure of these policies.

Kejriwal presents these same stale ideas in a more grounded, humble, and convincing guise. For example, a central tenet of his campaign was promising 20,000 liters of free water a month per household per month (or 700 liters of free water per person per day), as well as reducing electricity bills by half, at least until an audit of power companies is complete. Of course, supplying power and electricity to the poor is an important initiative — the question is how it should be done. Kejriwal’s approach mostly amounts to offering freebies now and figuring out how to pay for them later, and there is a serious risk he will fail in this latter task. In his campaign last year, Kejriwal even urged Delhi citizens to stop paying their electricity bills until the government reduced power tariffs – not exactly a responsible position for a government official.

Kejriwal assumes that an audit of the power companies will reveal large potential savings that can be passed on to consumers. In contrast, the distribution companies say they are already incurring huge losses in Delhi because electricity tariffs are set by a government-run regulatory board. The audit is a worthy undertaking, but the question is what Kejriwal will do if the audit concludes that power companies are running at a loss, as they say they are — will he still slash tariffs for consumers?

As AAP gets back to work, minister says party workers will monitor hospitals ... hospitals/

On the role of the volunteers, Jain said they would act as “checks” in the system. “Obviously, volunteers are not meant to treat patients. They will be deployed to check if work, as is mandated, is being done. For example, if patients are getting timely treatment, whether medicines are available, whether anyone is seeking bribes and hospitals and toilets are clean,” he said.Cautioning party leaders, Kejriwal said on Saturday, “Some people told me that during the last AAP government, people wearing AAP caps would walk into hospitals and engage in hooliganism. Such people cannot be AAP members. I want to tell all authorities and police officers that if you see anyone wearing an AAP cap and doing anything against the law, please arrest them immediately and give them double the punishment mandated by law.”

Kejriwal promised 15 lakh CCTVs, now Sanjay Singh of AAP says no such promise ... h-promise/ 15/02/2015
“…Media is the fourth pillar of democracy, it is also your responsibility. Yesterday I was on another channel, they had from somwhere obtained a figure that 10 – 15 lakh (CCTV) cameras will be installed. Delhi has a population of just 2 crores, 15 lakh CCTV cameras means, 1 camera for every 10 persons. Nobody will believe these talks. And they said, on these 15 lakh CCTV cameras, Rs 2 lakh crore will be spent. This figure is also wrong. Such illusions are being spread, such figures are being thrown around, a wrong environment is created among the people, hence Media must act responsibly.

AAP seeks PM Modi's help to make electricity affordable, cheaper ... le-cheaper 15/02/2015 "

I just want to make a request to the Prime Minister on behalf of the party that he should help us to makeelectricity affordable and cheaper because that will do lot of good to the people of Delhi," said AAP leader Ashutosh. "And I hope that he (Prime Minister Modi) also wants goodness for the people of Delhi," he added.

Will demand probe in Batla House case: AAP ... 18174.html 10/02/2015
The AAP's Amanatullah Khan, who won the Delhi assembly election from Okhla constituency, on Tuesday said his party would demand a probe in the 2008 Batla House shootout case. Terming the incident "fake", Khan said "The 2008 Batla House encounter was fake. I will appeal to the centre to probe the encounter which happened under the Congress rule."

AAP volunteer attends Delhi govt meeting, calls lady officer “RSS ki masterni” ... i-news-jn/
मंगलवार देर शाम महिला एवं बाल विकास, समाज कल्याण विभाग व भाषा मंत्री संदीप कुमार के विभाग का प्रजेंटेशन चल रहा था। प्रजेंटेशन में मंत्री के साथ एक आम आदमी पार्टी का वालिंटियर(एक्सपर्ट होने के नाते) बैठा था। जब महिला एवं बाल विकास की जिम्मेदारी संभाल रही आईएएस अधिकारी सौम्या गुप्ता प्रजेंटेशन दी रही थीं। उसी के बीच में वहां मौजूद एक वालिंटियर ने उन्हें बीच में रोका। सूत्र बताते हैं कि वालिंटियर ने सीधे शब्दों में यहां तक कह दिया कि आप-आरएसएस की मास्टरनी की तरह बात न करें। यह सुनते ही आईएएस अधिकारी भड़क गईं। उन्होंने यहां तक कह दिया कि वालिंटियर इस तरह की बात करेंगे तो मैं काम नहीं कर पाऊंगी। हालात बिगड़ता देखकर मंत्री संदीप कुमार ने मामला संभाला और फिर वालिंटियर को चुप कराया। उसके बार मामला रफा-दफा हुआ। मामले की सरकार के एक वरिष्ठ आईएएस अधिकारी ने भी पुष्टि की है। हालांकि नई सरकार में कोई खुलकर सामने नहीं आ रहा है।

Slums mushroom after ban on demolitions: Councillors ... llors.html

Councillors of both the ruling and opposition parties in North Corporation alleged that people have started setting up slums in parks and open spaces after the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘ban’ on demolitions in the city.The Aam Aadmi Party government on Monday had put a ban on demolitions as per Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Act 2014 that protects unauthorised constructions and jhuggi jhopris which had come up till June 2014. Leader of House in the North civic agency Meera Aggarwal said over 100 jhuggi jhopris have been set up in Sawan Park in Civil Lines Zone. “I have just got a call more slums are being put up in the area,” Aggarwal said. Virender Babbar, a councillor from Pahar Ganj, said, “While coming to the Civic Centre today I have noticed tents and other material lined up near Ramesh Nagar drain, which clearly shows that jhuggis will come up there too.” Even Chairman of the Standing Committee of North Delhi Municipal Corporation Mohan Prasad Bhardwaj said jhuggi jhopris are being put up in the city. “Slums have been coming up in the around 10-acre area in Ghoga Dairy in Narela. I have seen myself,” Bhardwaj added.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:01 am

Worth reading in full

Arvind Kejriwal: The Reckoning ... -reckoning
SCHOLARS SUGGEST THAT the late US President Richard Nixon, he of the Watergate scandal who had at the height of the 1971 Bangladesh War described Mrs Indira Gandhi as a ‘witch’ and worse, often found it difficult to tell the profane and the sacred apart, consumed as he was by avarice for power and a pathological need to keep tabs on rivals. Faced with opposition within the White House to the use of wiretaps and break-ins to guard his political interests—which he euphemistically referred to as ‘national security concerns’—he once roared, “I mean I want it implemented on a thievery basis. Goddamn it, get in there and get those files. Blow the safe and get it.” Snooping on political opponents for a professed lofty goal would later cost him the presidency. The Watergate scandal—he had got the Democratic National Committee office in a hotel by that name bugged—forced him to resign in 1974.

Though Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal may seem to share rather few traits with Nixon, who liked to rant, swear and slur in private and sometimes in public, many of those who work closely with him report a temperament just as high-strung and melodramatic. In his book, The Crown Prince, The Gladiator and The Hope, his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) colleague Ashutosh recounts that under fire in 2014 from former colleagues such as Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan for his alleged engendering of a personality cult, Kejriwal became uncontrollably sentimental. ‘He started to say something, but could not complete. He broke down and as tears fell unheeded, he crumbled to the floor,’ notes Ashutosh in the book. Biographies and declassified tapes and papers on Nixon underline the high drama and emotion—for effect or otherwise— that characterised almost every moment of his. And now, documents of the Delhi government to which Open has gained exclusive access show that Kejriwal may resemble the tainted Republican President even more closely than meets the common eye.

As soon as the IIT-educated former RTI activist returned to power in early 2015 with a brute majority in the Delhi Assembly, it emerges that he began to put together a team that comprised serving and retired officials of the Enforcement Directorate, Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and other agencies, and offered them secret funds, perhaps with the intent to run a body of sleuths that would work in parallel with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). Shockingly, this effort was kept under wraps and made without securing the required approval of the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Delhi.

Nixon’s fate was sealed by a smoking gun in the form of transcripts of a recorded phone call to his Chief of Staff. Such glaring evidence of impropriety may still be elusive in the case closer home, but the documents smack of malfeasance and bring to light the unseemly extent to which the Delhi government went to install a Nixonian secret service division that would be under the control of just one man: Kejriwal.

It all started with a Delhi government cabinet decision on 1 April 2015 to strengthen the ACB by creating 259 new posts to add to the existing 116, and by bestowing greater powers on a few senior officers. The meeting also proposed raising the secret service fund from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 20 lakh and hiring technical experts from the accounts, income tax, engineering, legal and revenues departments. The grand plan also envisaged the procurement of 68 vehicles, 70 mobile phones with accessories, 75 computers and 22 printers, apart from other durables, besides high-end equipment for data and research analysis and surveillance and monitoring purposes.

At another cabinet meeting, held on 29 September 2015, a proposal for the creation of a new unit—a feedback division of sorts—under the Directorate of Vigilance (under which the ACB operates) was discussed and immediately approved. The new division, known only to the grandees of Delhi’s AAP government, was aimed at firming up its vigilance department. The cabinet note said: ‘A need has been felt to improve the monitoring mechanism of activities of various departments in vigilance related matters. Therefore, a unit may be created in the Directorate of Vigilance, Government of NCT of Delhi, manned by serving as well as retired personnel to gather relevant information and actionable feedback regarding the working of the departments/autonomous bodies/institutions/entities, etc, falling under the jurisdiction of Government of NCT of Delhi and also to do trap cases.’

According to officials in the know, this ‘feedback’ unit of some 20 odd people has been functional since February this year. More people, Open learns, were hired later. The chief secretary, who is also the chief vigilance officer of the government, has been kept in the dark about its functioning. The exact nature of this unit— consisting of hardnosed intelligence officers loyal to AAP—be it their performance parameters, reporting structure and so on, have not been officially defined. According to officials that Open spoke to, the office of Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung discovered the unit’s existence only as late as August. Evidently, the cabinet decision to create such a unit had not been approved— as required—by the L-G, and in the process, the ruling party has come under sharp attack by bureaucrats for reportedly eavesdropping on them and others with mala fide intentions. Arvind Kejriwal didn’t respond to queries emailed to him by Open.

Amid cries of intrigue and deviation from long-held governmental norms, the Kejriwal government also approved the setting up of a ‘creative’ unit to offer consultancy services on infrastructure and other projects for a period of two years. The members of this group were hired through a Delhi-based human resources firm, Soni Detective & Allied Services Pvt Ltd, which, ironically, has experience mostly in supplying semi-skilled and unskilled manpower to companies rather than highly skilled consultants to Delhi’s Public Works Department (PWD). Strangely, salaries for members of this team were to come from funds set aside for the ambitious third-phase of the Barapullah elevated corridor project—in flagrant violation of norms. “For a government that often hit out at the Central Government for harbouring a hidden agenda against it, the AAP dispensation has remained largely opaque in several of its activities, as these projects confirm. My complaint is that the L-G is not being aggressive enough in reining in these kind of activities. The Centre also should investigate this,” says a senior Delhi government official asking not to be named for fear of being victimised.

Transparency in governance, the fight against corruption and the interests of the common man have been the three vital parts of AAP’s poll manifestos. In Delhi, the party won two Assembly elections in less than two years, the second victory being one of India’s most resounding ever. The party was voted to power by people who were roused by Kejriwal’s pro-poor image and call to overthrow a political system dominated by the Congress and BJP. The AAP also made possible a near impossibility in traditional Indian politics: it drastically lowered old entry barriers to parliamentary politics that had been raised over the decades by parties that tended to handpick poll contestants either from prominent families or party cadres. There was a time that pundits would compare the BJP-Congress dominated political field to Bollywood, where actors from non-film families rarely make it big.

The new party, created by Kejriwal and others after they snapped ties with the anti-graft Anna Hazare movement in late 2012, shot to instant fame on the promise of ushering in an entirely new political climate. It offered to make a new beginning, with politicians back to behaving like commoners instead of the dynasts that the country had got used to. Its genesis as a party of values only compounds the embarrassment it seems to have in store. The generous would put it down to the old saying that power corrupts. Others would say they suspected something rotten all along.

ALREADY, AAP’S PUBLIC image has been sullied by a raft of criminal cases against its leaders, including elected representatives, some of whom have been sacked by the Delhi government. Closer scrutiny only worsens matters for it. Documents in possession of Open confirm that AAP leaders do not always practice the austerity they so loudly preach. Take the party thrown by the Delhi government to celebrate its first anniversary at the Chief Minister’s official residence. It presented guests with an embarrassment of riches on the menu. At the twin events organised on 11 and 12 February at the Chief Minister’s home, catering arrangements were made by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC), which got Taj Palace Hotel to lay out a lavish spread. For all the Gandhian ways the party brandishes like medallions, the cost of the buffets were billed at a monstrously steep Rs 12,000 per plate. This is far in excess of the ceiling for state-borne expenses for such functions. The maximum permissible amount the government can spend is Rs 2,500 per plate for dinners hosted in five-star and other luxury hotels, with an overall ceiling of Rs 4.5 lakh per event. DTTDC was later asked to offer discounts and raise a new bill. The first bill was Rs 11.04 lakh for twin lunches. The revised bill totalled Rs 9.9 lakh.

On 6 August 2015, Dr Nikunj Aggarwal sent a handwritten letter addressed to the director of the state-run Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya (CNBC). The subject of the letter was: ‘Request for application for post of S-R orthopedics’, S-R being short for ‘senior resident’. Written lazily and with scant respect for English grammar and punctuation, the letter said: ‘With due respect I. Dr Nikunj Aggarwal DNB orthopedics requesting you to consider my request for the post of SR orthopedics in your esteem instituition. So please kindly consider my request and …. Enclosing a copy of C.V here with. Yours faithfully Dr Nikunj Aggarwal.’

The CNBC issued an appointment order four days later, though there was no vacancy for the post in the hospital. Less than a month later, on 4 September 2015, he was named Officer on Special Duty to Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain, who, incidentally, is also Delhi’s PWD minister. Aggarwal was appointed to the post on the request of Jain.
Why should a CNBC employee under contract be made OSD to the health minister so arbitrarily when there are several other officers of the Delhi government who could fulfil the demands of the role? The answer is simple. Aggarwal is unlike any other candidate: he is the son-in-law of Kejriwal’s sister-in-law.

If Aggarwal had a privileged stint at CNBC, he fared better in the ministry. He has been granted four extensions so far. While he was a contractual employee, the health minister nominated him for a management development programme for senior healthcare officials at IIM Ahmedabad at a fee of Rs 1.15 lakh (from 20 June to 25 June), though he was not entitled to participate in such courses under the hospital’s rules. Aggarwal also accompanied a group of state officers, architects and doctors on a visit to China, prompting charges of nepotism and financial impropriety.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government also hired scores of security guards—at high salaries—in state-run hospitals, arguing that doctors have lately been vulnerable to attacks by angry relatives of patients whose lives could not be saved, among other such odd reasons. The administration didn’t follow the standard tender- floating process for such appointments. Given the opacity, critics have reason to suspect a hidden plan to accommodate party workers in such jobs.

In a striking oversight of all norms on conflict-of-interest, the three security agencies that bagged the contract—Knightwatch, Innovision and SIS India—were also the ones that were asked to carry out surveys of the requirement of security staff in select hospitals in the national capital and submit a report on the extra workforce needed. In another departure from norm, only these three agencies were called for a meeting convened by Delhi’s Health and Family Welfare Department to solicit security proposals.

The pay scales for the new guards were decided unanimously by these agencies, and this, without citing the wage proposals made by rival agencies. The trio also included a bonus of 8.33 per cent and a gratuity of 4.81 per cent of the basic minimum wage in the rates quoted, though such benefits are usually given to staff members only after at least six months of service at a state-run institution.

Delhi’s AAP government has left no stone unturned in trying to reach out to people at large through various means, especially in states where it senses prospects of power. As part of a campaign launched in July titled ‘Talk to AK’, which features interactive sessions with the Chief Minister, citizens across the country are being invited to ask Kejriwal questions over the phone, via text messages or social media platforms. It is no coincidence that this campaign comes at a time when AAP is gearing up for Assembly polls in such states as Goa, Punjab and Gujarat.

However, the public relations agency that is advising the party’s top leaders—including Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia—has run into trouble over violation of contractual obligations. Much to the embarrassment of the government, Perfect Relations, which was awarded a consultancy contract by Delhi’s Directorate of Information and Publicity (DIP) on the social media campaign conceived by the Chief Minister and his team, is in a tight spot for ‘using confidential information for private gains’, according to a document procured by Open. At first, the PR agency had submitted a proposal for a digital advertising campaign on Facebook, YouTube and Google Hangout. After submitting an initial proposal to DIP on 6 July 2016, Perfect Relations later revised its offer, agreeing to forgo its agency fee of 12 per cent of the Rs 1.58 crore project but instead proposing to execute the plan on its own. Officials have noted that Perfect Relations did this despite being aware of the obvious conflict-of-interest involved in appointing itself the beneficiary of its own recommendation. A document states that ‘Secretary, DIP, and Special Secretary (Finance) were sternly counselled on their overlooking this evident first principle conflict of interest in this proposal. This is deeply regretted as non-assessment of the proposal on this count may have blindsided the Honourable Deputy chief minister in agreeing to this proposal.’ The DIP has now been asked by the private secretary, finance, to put out a new call for proposal submissions to enlist a new communications consultant. Payment to Perfect Relations is now kept on hold.

Simplicity in personal life and probity in public life are the core values that AAP leaders have sworn to uphold. Most of them are of humble origin and this lent them an aura of credibility when they spoke of being aam people along the campaign trail. The trappings of power, however, seem to have put paid to all that.

Consider the criticism levelled by the opposition against Sisodia for spending time abroad while Delhi was grappling with public health scares following a fresh outbreak of vector-borne diseases such as Chikungunya. L-G Najeeb Jung reportedly summoned Sisodia last month back from Finland to manage a public health crisis with hospitals struggling to accommodate patients. Kejriwal had been away for treatment in Benguluru at the time.

The frequent foreign trips of Sisodia and Satyendra Jain have not escaped the notice of people and doubts have arisen over their need. Documents reveal that Sisodia, who was on a trip to Brazil with a four-member entourage to attend a conference from 11 to 16 August last year, included in his itinerary Iguazu Falls in neighbouring Argentina without obtaining the approvals required by protocol. This led to the state incurring an additional cost of more than Rs 29 lakh, including transfer charges. The paper trail of Sisodia’s Brazil trip shows that the minister flouted Delhi’s prevailing austerity measures even before he departed by including non-specialists (and only one academic) in his contingent. He also opted to travel business class on KLM instead of Air India.

IN SEPTEMBER 2015, Sisodia visited Australia and New Zealand, again travelling business class on Singapore Airlines instead of Air India. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister also went on tour to London from 17 March to 20 March this year. This was to participate in a one-day conference to which he was invited by the student union of London School of Economics. He travelled with his secretary on government expense. “The fact is none of these trips are essentially official and are of no particular use to the people of Delhi. They are as good as personal trips,” says a senior Delhi government official who asks not to be named because he is not authorised to speak to the media.

From 30 May to 3 June this year, Sisodia visited Berlin to attend the German Habitat Forum. Documents say that no mandatory cadre clearances were obtained for the two officers who accompanied him on the trip. Besides, these visits were made without the required permission of the Lieutenant Governor.

Satyendra Jain has proven an avid globe-trotter as well. From 12-15 March 2016, he was on a trip to Malaysia to ‘study’ a rapid transport corridor (BRT Sunway Line) in that country along with a five-member team. He flew business class. Asked to reduce the size of his delegation by the Centre, he chose to drop a subject expert.

Jain also went on a ‘study visit’ to Stockholm from 25-29 October on a casual invitation made by the Swedish envoy to New Delhi. The 11-member delegation included an attendant of Delhi’s Transport Minister Gopal Rai. Both the ministers travelled first class. Jain and some others also undertook a ‘study’ visit to the UK without technical experts. Open contacted the office of the L-G for comments, unsuccessfully.

Admittedly, the amounts appropriated by AAP ministers and their hangers-on are minuscule compared with what has come to light in corruption scandals involving other political parties. But as the second official says, “It is usual for political leaders to travel abroad whenever there is an opportunity. However, these are leaders who have come to power hardselling Gandhian values over the excesses of others. That these people are also easily being co-opted by the system is unfortunate.”

Kejriwal would do well to remember the late US President John Adams’ dictum on the corrosive effects of being in authority: since power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases. Richard Nixon discovered this too late.









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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:05 am

AAP Activist Who Committed Suicide 'Told To Compromise Body', Alleges Family ... ly-1437195
The family of an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) activist who allegedly committed suicide last week has alleged that she was urged to "make compromises with her body" to rise through the ranks.

The 28-year-old woman took poison at her home in Delhi on July 20. Her family said she had been depressed because the party colleague she had accused of sexually harassing her, Ramesh Wadhwa, had been released on bail. She also suspected that he was being helped by the AAP lawmaker of her area, Sharad Chauhan.

Mr Wadhwa, who has been disowned by AAP, was arrested last night after days of political controversy over the suicide.

According to the National Commission for Women or NCW, the activist's family has complained that she had been harassed by Mr Wadhwa and even threatened with the kidnapping of her daughters.

"She was told you should stop loving your body so much and compromise, and unless you do that you will not rise in the party. The last straw was when the man threatened to abduct her two daughters," Lalitha Kumaramangalam, who heads the women's panel, said on Wednesday.

She alleged that the activist's two daughters could not go to school because their admission had been blocked by AAP.

Ms Kumaramangalam also claimed the harassment went all the way up to AAP's Delhi chief Dilip Pandey, an allegation that the party firmly denied today.

AAP replaces candidate who accused leaders of seeking money ... l6u2I.html
Hours after he accused top Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of seeking Rs 1 crore for campaign or lose his ticket, Vinod Kumar was replaced by the party as its candidate from Bhoa segment for the Punjab assembly polls due early next year, on Thursday. The new candidate is Amarjit Singh.
At a press conference earlier in the day, Vinod, a registered medical practitioner who also worked as a journalist with a Hindi national daily, had said that on November 12 he was called to a house in Sector 18 of Chandigarh and party leaders Sanjay Singh (Punjab affairs in-charge ) and Durgesh Pathak (national organisation-building head) gave him an offer. “They told me that I was not campaigning properly, and told me to get Rs 1 crore deposited with them so that they could take care of it. I was shocked. They also offered for me to withdraw from the contest by taking Rs 30 lakh. They told me that there are other people in the constituency who have offered Rs 2 crore to the party to contest,” alleged Vinod, whose candidature was announced on October 8 along with 27 others’.
Vinod said MP Bhagwant Mann and Sunam candidate Aman Arora were also present when the party leaders gave him the offer. He even alleged that Sanjay made him speak to Delhi CM and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal. “He (Kejriwal) also told me to take directions from Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak,” said Vinod.

At a press conference late evening, Sanjay announced the replacement and said it was being done as Vinod had not been able to campaign well. “He failed to engage with the public, and was told several times to improve. But he failed to meet party’s expectations. The matter even came up in the party’s political affairs committee.”
About the allegations, Sanjay said, “He had obviously pre-empted the party’s move to replace him over non-performance. There is not an iota of truth in what he has said. I will leave public life if he proves a word of it.”
“We had made it clear to all our candidates that anyone found wanting in election campaign will have his ticket cancelled,” Sanjay told reporters. He said Vinod had claimed that he had visited 13,040 houses as part of door-to-door campaigning but had actually covered only 1,444. “He was also found wanting vis-a-vis wall writings and showing projector shows in Bhoa.”
Vinod, when asked why he took so long to make the “Rs 1-crore demand” public, said, “I was given one week to decide, but my conscience never allowed me to fall into the trap, so I decided to make it public.”

Kejriwal’s lies and the complicit silence of Indian ‘left-liberals’ ... -liberals/
Its been a couple of weeks since Donald Trump won the US Presidential elections in a total upset. The media in the US, the leftists, the liberals and all the people in that intersection had declared Hillary the winner a long time back. Even back in India, this same set of nearly homogeneous people had their money riding on Hillary Clinton. Of course Trump won and we saw how even Indian left-liberals went into a meltdown mode.

And Indian leftist’s troubles with Trump are not over yet. A few days back, this Tweetstorm was shared by many Indian left liberals, which voiced concerns over how media should behave when your own President elect uses fake news. The issue was simply this: Trump put out a tweet in which he claimed credit for stopping a Ford manufacturing plant from moving to Mexico and thereby saying he managed to protect American jobs. Most media houses reported this verbatim, with the usual “Trump claims….”.

But later it was apparently revealed that what Trump had tweeted wasn’t really true. So this tweetstorm made the point that media should stop reporting unverified claims from a few tweets, even if they were from the President elect.

To rewind: Indian citizens, had an issue with US media running a piece of pure reportage, based on the fake claims made by the US President elect.

We at have always advocated that media should be more vigilant and although this may seem to be media going beyond their real role of just “reporting”, it is a valid concern since if someone is misusing the media to deliver fake propaganda, he must be stopped.

Cut to India, and for the past two weeks India has been engulfed in its own storm of demonetisation. And just like they have Trump in the US, we have a certain Arvind Kejriwal in India. Sure he is nowhere close to leading the country (small mercies) but he’s playing Trump’s game here.

First, Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference where he claimed that there was a surge in bank deposits in September, and this was proof that details of the demonetisation scheme had been leaked and the culprits had already deposited their money in banks. We had thoroughly debunked this cooky theory here.

Next, Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party was caught on Facebook using news items of November 2015 regarding an RBI strike, trying to create confusion in November 2016.

Next, Kejriwal was seen getting worked up and aggressive just because a journalist challenged his figures relating to deaths due to demonetisation, a claim which was debunked here.

Next, Kejriwal was caught sharing picture of a dead robber, claiming that the man was actually a victim of demonetisation. The original tweet has been deleted, the original rumour monger deactivated his account for a while, but Kejriwal’s tweet furthering this lie is still present.

Next, Kejriwal was caught sharing a news article by an unknown website which had claimed that a 2014 news report of SBI planning to advance a loan to Adani had happened now. The site subsequently retracted, but again, Kejriwal’s propaganda tweet continued as it is.

Indian left-liberals, the “intellectuals”, the media personalities, the comedians, the social media heroes, the columnists, the chat-show staples, who were so pained to see Trump misusing social media and mainstream media, were conspicuous by their absence when all these lies by Kejriwal were being exposed.

Their hearts weep when Trump lies, but when Kejriwal lies they look the other way. Not a single of Kejriwal’s false claims was exposed by them. Why?

As far as Kejriwal is concerned, his lies have not stopped in spite of being exposed on a daily basis. Does Kejriwal not know what he speaks is utter crap? Sure he knows it. Then why isn’t he stopping?

Both these questions are related. The left-liberals are happy to turn a blind eye to Kejriwal’s lies and Kejriwal gets further encouraged to continue lying when he sees his support base or even those who don’t overtly support him but are in a position to counter him, stay silent. This is why, Indian left-liberals are complicit in Kejriwal’s lies.

Firstly they do not realise that in the process of furthering their political agenda via Kejriwal, they are doing irreparable damage to the nation and national interest. Yes, the word “national” and its derivatives have become a cuss-word for some of these leftists, but it is a fact that when a leader like Kejriwal, who is an IIT-ian, an ex-IRS officer, is allowed to lie brazenly, he is damaging the country’s prospects. This is not to say that valid, factual criticism is not welcome, but the Kejriwal brand of lies is certainly not desirable.

They may think that by giving a serial liar like Kejriwal a free-run, they are furthering the anti-Modi, anti-BJP, anti-Right Wing cause, thereby giving a fillip to the left-liberal resurgence, but they are mistaken. Today, the only leaders vying to be Modi’s rivals at the national stage are Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. Rahul Gandhi is thoroughly disgraced for his repeated shows of ineptitude. That leaves the entire left-liberal hopes pinned on Kejriwal. And Kejriwal’s habitual lying, which may get him traction with the uninformed, is doing a great harm to his credibility and the entire left-liberal cabal.

Social media has penetrated large sections of Indian discourse and Kejriwal’s lies keep getting exposed repeatedly. This, reduces Kejriwal’s worth in the eyes of the public and thus, if and when Kejriwal raises a genuine concern, that too will be dismissed by most as a tin-foil-hat theory or just outright lies. This, damages the prospects of the only hope the Left Liberals have. And they have only themselves to blame for it.

It is time, these silent protectors of Kejriwal woken up from their self-induced slumber. Social media must start egging them to take off their blinkers and smell the rancid coffee which Kejriwal has brewed. If not for the country (since it appears they care more for the US than India), they need to speak up at least to save the idea of a credible political opposition in India.

Kejriwal will not stop if those from the Right Wing expose him, but if the people closer to home show the courage to speak up, there might still be some hope. Else no one will believe anyone who talks about “new politics” again, and worse, “truth” will not be seen as a liberal value anymore.

All drama and no logic – Kejriwal’s press conference on demonetisation ... itisation/
]Today, the AAP supremo and Delhi Chief Minister announced that he was going to address a press conference where he will expose a “scam” related to demonitisation. But instead of any facts related to any scam, we got exactly what Delhi’s voters have got: trash and lies.

Arvind Kejriwal concocted gossips like “some people have told me that BJP had informed some people before hand”. While this is in line with his style of spreading rumour, this time he also made some allegations which can easily be fact-checked.

For example, this was one of his claims:

“In previous quarters, deposits (growth) in banks were negative. But in the July-to-September quarter, such large amounts were being deposited in the banks. Who did all this money belong to? Had BJP told its friends in advance?”

This is so hilarious that it is sad that an IITian, IRS officer, who supposedly is against corruption, uttered such a non-nonsensical remark. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has studied the matter and said the increase was only for September 2016, because of the release of Pay Commission’s salary arrears on 31 August. Never mind that, and let us analyse what Kejriwal said.

First of all, the basic premise of this argument is ludicrous. Let us assume for arguments sake, BJP did tip off some people and they did deposit their black money in advance, before the November 8 announcement. What end goal did they achieve? What incremental benefit did they get by depositing black money in banks, 1-2 months before the Government made it mandatory? Banks are highly regulated and for many years now, even a deposit above Rs 50,000 needs a PAN to be furnished. So these so-called corrupt people can easily be detected.

Secondly, contrary to popular belief, an unexplained deposit into a bank before 8th November, and another after 8th November, face the exact same legal punishments and penalties (the 200% penalty). This is because this penalty flows from the amended Section 270A of the Income Tax Act, which came into effect from April 2016, and it covers a wide range of tax evasion and fraud, and not just cash deposits. So if these crooks, whom BJP had allegedly tipped off, deposited cash before 8th November, the source of which cannot be explained, then they will face the exact same legal process as the ones who are depositing now. So what was the exact intention of the BJP when it, as per Kejriwal, informed some of its friends?

Thirdly, if someone actually puts his black money into banks even when the Government had not asked for it, he should be called an idiot. He has himself disclosed to the formal economy that he has so much unaccounted wealth. Instead, if a real crook had known in advance about this scheme, he would tried aggressively to convert his hard cash, into other assets like real estate or gold. Remember the reports of how gold-smiths were the favoured location for many people soon after PM Modi made the announcement?

Fourth: Kejriwal’s idiotic claims can be contested using his own party’s statements. In 2015, his own party was under scrutiny for accepting cheques from dubious companies and the allegations were of money laundering. Then, his own party had said that “to put Rs 50 lakh in an Indian bank without being detected is making a mockery of India’s banking system”:

Caught: AAP using news items of 2015 to spread panic about Demonetisation ... itisation/
Ever since the scheme of demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes has kicked in, some in media and social media are desperate to spread malicious rumours to thwart the scheme. We had already listed such rumours here and busted each one of them. Political parties are also not far behind with Arvind Kejriwal and AAP leading from the front. We showed you how Kejriwal’s baseless allegation that some people were tipped off before the scheme started was devoid of any logic.

It appears that now AAP has shed any pretence of being a logical opposition and has decided to resort to spreading rumours, in the hope that some large scale disruption takes place. Kejriwal on his part has tried his best to create the “afra tafri” atmosphere by repeatedly using this phrase:

Arvind Kejriwal ✔ @ArvindKejriwal
Panic everywhere. चारों तरफ़ अफ़रा तफ़री। लोगों के घरों में खाने का सामान ख़त्म हो रहा है। Emergency cabinet meeting at 3 pm at my residence
1:44 PM - 14 Nov 2016
2,010 2,010 Retweets 3,011 3,011 likes
Arvind Kejriwal ✔ @ArvindKejriwal
Complete anarchy all over. पर मोदी जी बहुत ज़िद्दी हैं। देश का कुछ भी हो जाए, वो मानेंगे नहीं। ... 9115797506 …
6:12 PM - 14 Nov 2016
1,453 1,453 Retweets 1,498 1,498 likes
And AAP has gone one step ahead, choosing to lie to the common man whom they claim to represent. Posted on the official AAP Facebook page at 9 am today was the following news, along with a meme, which claimed RBI was going on a 1 day mass protest.
AAP's Facebook post

Attached with the meme was a news link which showed the source of the news. Click here for the full link, and see what news do you see. And specifically check the date.

Yes, Aam Aadmi Party has shared a news story from November 2015, trying to portray as if it is happening now in November 2016. The proposed protest last year was in relation to the proposed mechanism of Monetary Policy Committee. And obviously nothing to do with the current demonetisation scheme. Then why did AAP share this story now? What was the intention of posting a news in November 2016, about a strike which was supposed to take place in November 2015?

Is this just a poor mistake? Or is this a deliberate misrepresentation of facts? If it was a genuine mistake, then it is highly surprising that AAP has not removed the post even now, although the first comment on the post alerting them about the “mistake” was posted just 43 minutes after they posted the image. Further, other people kept on alerting AAP yet the post still exists:

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:06 am

Kejriwal caught spreading false information again to hurt demonetisation drive ... etisation/
As the country progresses in the era of demonetisation, there has been no shortage of rumour mongering as was continuously reported by us [1] [2] [3]. One of those who appear to have emerged as the front runners in rumour mongering to spread panic among the masses is Arvind Kejriwal and his supporters.

We did a piece recently exposing how AAP on 13th November used news clips of 2015 in order to spread panic among the people. The news piece from 2015 reported how RBI planned a mass leave on 19th November 2015 to protest against Modi Government’s alleged intrusions. Posting such a news just before 19th November 2016 exposed AAP’s intent, i.e. to make people believe this is a recent news.

AAP’s supremo Arvind Kejriwal later went a step ahead and shared a picture of an alleged poor bank customer who had killed himself out of utter frustration of being unable to withdraw cash. The truth however was that the man was a bank robber and committed the act after he was trapped by locals. The tweet which Kejriwal shared was later deleted, the twitter account of Youtuber Abhishek Mishra who was the brain child behind the rumour was reported to the cops and the account was deactivated, yet Kejriwal’s false tweet exists and he has not apologised for his lies.

After getting repeatedly exposed and panned heavily, one might feel that Kejriwal would have learnt his lesson and would finally stop spreading false news. But today he tweeted this story from a little known site:

Arvind Kejriwal ✔ @ArvindKejriwal
पिछले हफ़्ते 6000 cr लोन माफ़ कर दिया, अब ये? ऐसे उड़ाओगे हमारा पैसा?

SBI to give $1-billion loan to Gautam Adani ... 62306.html …
7:40 AM - 22 Nov 2016
Photo published for SBI to give $1-billion loan to Gautam Adani for a mine project in Queensland | India Live Today
SBI to give $1-billion loan to Gautam Adani for a mine project in Queensland | India Live Today
New Delhi, November 18: The State Bank of India (SBI) will provide a loan of $ 1 billion (over Rs 6,000 crore) to Adani Mining, the Australian subsidiary of Adani Enterprises, for its mine project in...
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The allegations that the Government might be using the demonetised cash and bank deposits to fund crony capitalism were pretty severe. But Kejriwal’s tweet was fully exposed on social media:

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Ankur Singh @iAnkurSingh
News from 2014

AAPtards made a site resembling India Today

Kejriwal uses it to Lie Modi is giving loan to Adani from #Demonetisation money
7:52 AM - 22 Nov 2016
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This was a fraud of epic proportions. First of all, the news of SBI proposing to give a loan to Adani was from 2014 as noted from the Indian Express article. Presumably some miscreants made a clone site of India Today in which they passed off this old report as news from 4 days ago. It might be noted that ‘’ to the unobservant eye might easily have passed off as Indiatodaylive, thereby giving credence to Kejriwal’s tweet. Not just that, Kejriwal even retweeted a tweet by an AAP-leaning journalist which shared the same news.

When we last checked, the site had changed the date of the article to November 18, 2014, thereby completely back-tracking. The journalist too had deleted his tweet carrying the misleading news. Yet Kejriwal still believes and has already spread the rumour that this news is as recent as 4 days back.

Kejriwal’s tweet is intact. Just like the earlier case where Mishra, the original tweet and tweeter both have disappeared but Kejriwal’s tweet remains. Because his job is to spread rumour, not spread the reality?

The 2nd level of this fraud by Kejriwal and the site is the fact that way back in April 2015 itself, it was reported that this proposed loan from SBI to Adani had not materialised.

So try to gauge the extent of Kejriwal’s lies: He blindly trusts an unknown site which posted a 2 year old news item as a recent one. He uses this to link the news to demonetisation to incite the public. The site back-tracks but Kejriwal is firm. The underlying news event which was supposed to have happened, never happened. And Kejriwal’s blind followers have lapped it up and are posting this news as fact on every social media forum.

Can this be a coincidence? AAP shares a 2015 news report. Kejriwal shares a hoax death tweet. Kejriwal again shares a 2014 news item which never happened. In all three cases neither AAP nor Kejriwal retract or offer any apology.

Are these honest mistakes? Or is this a plan? Is this the next progression from Kejriwal’s “Is it true” campaign? If so Indian politics may have just descended into very dark days.

Delhi Deputy CM has more staff than PM, faces inquiry ... 45334.html
After flouting the appointment rules at the Delhi Commission for Women, the AAP government is mired in another similar controversy. The Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) has initiated a probe into alleged hiring of personal staff of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia against rules, acting on a complaint by an RTI activist.

Sisodia has appointed 63 people as peons and officers on special duty (OSD) in the last one year in his office, which is way more than the Prime Minister’s personal staff of 39. ACB Chief Mukesh Kumar Meena said, “We have received a complaint in this regard and will look into it.”
Delhi government spokesperson Nagendra Sharma, however, refused to comment on the matter: “I do not want react on it.”

The Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) is investigating the appointments of personal staff of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, which is claimed to have flouted laid-down procedures. “No advertisements were issued, not even a written test was conducted while giving these people juicy positions in the Delhi secretariat,” alleged RTI activist Vivek Garg.

He said the basic pay of these hired Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers is even much more than that of Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Service (DANICS) officers. Investigation was initiated on the basis of the complaint filed by Garg, who had also moved the CB I in this regard.

Notably, Sisodia, besides holding the charge of deputy chief minister, has held several cabinet portfolios, such as finance and planning, revenue, power, education, higher education, technical education, administrative reforms and IT.

As per the RTI, there are 10 peons, seven officers on special duty (OSD), seven clerks. Besides, many others have been given jobs without even creating any vacancies. While over 400 decisions of the Delhi government are under scanner of Justice Shunglu Committee constituted by Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, the report of which is not expected to shower any positivity for Kejriwal, this probe by the ACB is another hitch for the present government.

A tweet Series - Decoding the #AAPpolitics!Trying to understand this Gutter Politics done by #AAPtards under leadership of @ArvindKejriwal

Loose_Bull ‏@loosebool 2 Oct 2015

2.#AAPpolitics Mr. @ArvindKejriwal has Mastered the Art of Creating a Problem & then get benefit out of It , same technique USA-CIA uses.

3. The plan to have an alternate arrangement started long back in year 2001-2002! NGO boom started & every Tom-dick & Harry started NGO's

4. That time a Sly fellow Working with IRS as a junior employ was contacted & encouraged to start unregistered NGO which collected donations

5. The name of NGO was Parivartan /Sampurna Parivartan !! Confusion of Name was seeded by a sly , Foxy person !

6.In Delhi , DERC was undergoing major changes as Privatisation process was on ! An Advisory committee was formed in 2003!

7. Imagine reach of this Influential Sly fellow -His NGO was made part of this Advisory committee even if it was unregistered!

8.Thus Mr. @ArvindKejriwal became member of DERC advisory committee in 2003 & part of decision making !

9. Now remember the entry of #AAP in Delhi,with pole climbing @ArvindKejriwal Blaming meters etc !! Public was fooled !!

10. Even now -same formula is being used!He is creating problems & then fooling people by Nautanki!Think & u will C clearly

11. After it has been proved that #ThugPurush Ji was in DERC board in 2003, Let's examine his role in Jal Board in 2004-2005!

12. World Bank had agreed to fund project of Jal Board in Delhi ! An RTI was filed by an unregistered NGO -Parivartan !

13. #ThugPurush Ji wrote letter to World Bank !Wasn't he a govt. servant then ?

14. #ThugPurush Ji levelled many accusation on World Bank Employees & finally World Bank withdrew the loan to Jal Board !

15. The stinging letter from World Bank can be read here- ... _C-692.HTM …

16. The World Bank letter was addressed to a Government employee called Mr. Kejriwal !!

17. Thus Let Delhi decide- who messed up water supply & World Bank loan in 2004-5 & why till today water is not available

18. One more fact about #ThugPurush - Oldest paid employee of Parivartan - Santosh Koli died in suspicious circumstances !

19. Koli was one of the first employees at Parivartan- a non registered NGO that #ThugPurush founded in late 2002

20 NGO -Parivartan started functioning from a rented accommodation in North East Delhi's Sundar Nagri area, where Koli resides.

21. #ThugPurush started more NGO's !! One was not enough to fool the public & take them on long ride !!

22.Since 2006, Koli started dividing her time between Parivartan and Public Cause Research Foundation- another NGO of Kejriwal!

23.Kejriwal shifted focus to Jan Lokpal movement & then took political plunge, Koli remained one his most trusted lieutenants.

24.During his Nautanki fast in April 2013,to protest hike in power bills, Kejriwal stayed at Koli's house in Sundar Nagri.

25.Given her popularity among locals, AAP declared her as the party candidate from North East Delhi's Seemapuri constituency!

26. She knew operations of #ThugPurush Ji since 2002,after her death in unfortunate accident ,her name was exploited for votes

27. Never an enquiry was ordered by #ThugPurush & his Government So what killed Santosh Koli ?

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:12 am

In The Name Of Secularism: Why It’s Difficult To Separate Church From Politics In India ... s-in-india
Aravindan Neelakandan - Jan 08, 2017,

In The Name Of Secularism: Why It’s Difficult To Separate Church From Politics In India

Aravindan Neelakandan on how the Church wields its influence in electoral politics in India and why it nobody calls its an assault on “secularism”.

The Aam Admi Party (AAP) has written a letter to the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Goa against pulpit campaigning. If you just read that and thought that at last the so-called secular parties have come to their senses, you are wrong.

The letter written by AAP to Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao in Goa, states that parish priests 'overtly canvassing for a candidate of their choice' could become a 'dangerous trend' in the coming elections for legislative assembly.

That surely looks secular. That surely looks like a call for the separation of Church and secular affairs of the state, you say? Wait. The letter further reads, "The act of each parish priest of overtly canvassing for the candidate of his choice shall lead to a very dangerous trend and may literally pit one parish priest against another and lead to chaos instead of following any clarion call given by the Church."

If one wants to understand what the letter actually means, one should look at the districts in Tamil Nadu where the Church has a stranglehold in the secular affairs of the believers. There have been instances of Christian candidates standing for BJP being ostracized by the Church authorities. While the Church went on creating fear psychosis on a massive scale among the Christian masses, with the 'intolerance' campaign and fabricated cases of so-called persecutions, some individual priests defied the dictates of the Church and openly supported the BJP. This phenomenon of democratic cracks in the Indian Church where the monolithic control is almost similar to the one in medieval dark times, has worried the Church authorities as well as politicians who rely on such politics of ‘secularism’. It is the paradox of perversion, that pseudo-secularism peculiar to Indian polity: if the religious minorities started making secular political choices then the 'Hindutva' BJP stands to gain.

The Church (both the Roman Catholic Church as well as Dioceses of dominant Protestant Churches ) are running a systematic, sustained, and a tireless campaign against the Modi government from day one. This is despite the fact that the Modi government has rescued Indians, who happen to be Christian missionaries, captured by terrorist outfits. In May 2016, the Madurai Archbishop issued a circular to the faithful, asking his vast herd to vote for the DMK-Congress alliance. However, when this surfaced in the social media and there was a vast outcry, the Tamil Nadu Bishop Council technically distanced itself from the circular though the Madurai Archbishop was the president of Tamil Nadu Bishops Council. The Church, however, had found other means to carry on its campaign. So it carried on the anti-BJP campaign, as a campaign against the New Education Policy draft and the ethical standards of the Church did not prevent the Bishop from having the 2G scam-tainted DMK Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi endorsing the opposition to the draft.

This was no isolated event. In November 2016, the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), an apex body of evangelical Churches, organized a demonstration against the educational policies of the government. The gathering was graced by anti-BJP politicians of every shade. Here is the participant list: 'Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia, RJD Spokesperson Mr. Manoj K Jha, MP of Rajya Sabha Ms. Kanimozhi, General Secretary AICC Mr. Digvijaya Singh, General Secretary CPI-M Mr. Sitaram Yechury, CNI General Secretary Mr. Alwan Masih, Archbishop of Delhi Most Rev. Anil Couto, North West India Council of Churches Secretary Bishop Collin C. Theodore, Senior Journalist Mr. John Dayal, Social Activist Ms. Shabnam Hashmi'.

One can see the coordination and sustained effort and the very political as well as communal nature of the campaign. Recently, right in front of the Defence Minister of India, the archbishop saw it fit to declare that the Church would guide the faithfuls on voting during the upcoming Goa elections. This in itself is a frontal attack on the principles of secularism. But when a so-called 'secular' party writes to a Bishop that he should not allow any dissenting voice within the religious organization so that all shall heed the faithful 'follow the clarion call given by the Church', it is an assault on secularism in its own name.

Kejriwal puts up photoshopped picture of himself covering his head in posters of Gur Gobind's Singh 250th Prakash Parv.

India must stop purchasing arms from Israel ... rom-israel
The Aam Aadmi Party demands that both Houses of Parliament should immediately pass unanimous resolutions condemning the completely unjustified Israeli attacks on Gaza and should not allow the Narendra Modi government to reverse the decades-old stand of the country on this important issue. The AAP also demands that the Indian government must seek action against Israel's repeated and widespread violations of human rights. It must stop purchasing arms from Israel, since these revenues appear to be used to oppress the people of Palestine.

Though the Rajya Sabha is scheduled to discuss this important matter on Monday, the NDA government has been shockingly resisting a similar demand in the Lok Sabha.

The AAP would like to remind the BJP government that irrespective of the party in power at the Centre, India has consistently followed Mahatma Gandhi’s famous line since 1938 that if the French can have France and the English can have England, then Palestine must belong to the Palestinians.

The Modi government’s ambigious stand and refusal to condemn the Israeli aggression at this crucial juncture violates the well settled principles of Indian foreign policy. It also raises serious questions about the dangerous direction in which the Narendra Modi government appears to be taking the country's foreign policy.

The BJP government’s stand on Gaza has lowered India’s standing in the international community. Earlier the UPA and now the NDA government, both were gradually tilting towards Israel, but the latest action of the Modi government has hit a new low.

The all-out assault by the Israeli military, especially the air force, on Palestinian civilians in Gaza, is a gross violation of international human rights norms and instruments including the Geneva conventions. While the AAP deplores the killing of three Israeli settlers, this can be no excuse for the rampant killing of Palestinian civilians, with the toll rising above 150. We call on the UN, the UN Human Rights Council, and other international bodies, to intervene and stop this bloodbath.

​Currrently, the Palestinian people are living under an oppressive military rule. It is clear, as recommended by various international bodies including those affiliated to the UN, that the demand for an independent and unified Palestine is an urgent necessity. The Aam Aadmi Party is of the firm view that India should not resile from its earlier principled position on Palestine. It should support the demand for an independent Palestine.​

AAP's Sisodia asked how much money is spent on PM Narendra Modi's social media presence. Read PMO's reply ... 87510.html
New Delhi: There is no cost to the exchequer on maintaining the social media presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his office has said.

The Prime Minister's official mobile App 'PMO India' was designed by students in a contest conducted by MyGov and hence there was no cost except the prize money in developing the application, it has said in response to an RTI filed by AAP leader and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

"The App is maintained by PMO," it said.

"Website of the Prime Minister's Office is and is developed and maintained by PMO," it said.

The office said the other social media presence of the Prime Minister's Office is managed by PMO and "as such there is no separate cost on the maintenance of the same".

"No campaign was run by the PMO on any social media," it added.

In the RTI, Sisodia had sought complete information on year-wise expenses on every social media platform ever since Modi took charge as the Prime Minister.

In the response, the PMO also said, "No social media campaign was run on Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube/ Google/ Gmail by the Prime Minister's Office."

It said the social media presence of the Prime Minister's Office on Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube is maintained by the PMO.

"The official Mobile App of the Prime Minister's Office 'PMO India' is available on Google Playstore. The official website of PMO is www.Pmindia.Gov.In. The above properties disseminate the latest news from government, and speeches and views of Hon'ble Prime Minister and updates from his visits," it added.

20-25% of AAP's votes was transferred to Akalis: Arvind Kejriwal ... 645271.cms
: AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal today renewed his demand+ for paper ballots in Delhi municipal corporation polls and alleged that faulty Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) had led to the AAP's downfall in the state assembly elections, especially in Punjab+ .
Citing exit polls which predicted AAP would sweep the Punjab Legislative Assembly election, Kejriwal questioned the outcome+ which was completely contrary to these forecasts.
"Many said there is anger against Akalis and the AAP is sweeping polls. Still, AAP got 25 per cent votes and SAD got 31 per cent, how is this possible?" Kejriwal demanded.
Launching a scathing attack against the Congress and the SAD-BJP coalition, Kejriwal claimed that AAP's vote share in Punjab had been transferred to rival parties through tampered EVMs.
"20-25 per cent of AAP's vote was transferred to SAD, which is why Congress won the election. Akali's victory would've made it too obvious. They wanted AAP to lose in any which way," the Delhi chief minister alleged at a press conference here.
Kejriwal then attempted to lend legitimacy to his allegations by referring to the Supreme Court's statement on EVMs.
"Supreme Court has said that EVM is vulnerable to tampering, we aren't saying it. I know you all will make fun of me, hashtag me. But if EVMs can be tampered with, that would mean the end of democracy in India," he said.
Admitting that he accepted the results in Goa, where the AAP had contested polls for the first time, Kejriwal called for a probe into the dubious EVMs.
"We know it is too late to declare Punjab and Goa elections void, but this is for the future, faith has to be restored in the electoral process. The suspicion of tampered EVMs must be investigated to increase voter confidence," the AAP leader said ... 53634.html
500 AAP volunteers quit across state (Punjab)
They accused AAP national organisation building incharge Durgesh Pathak and state affairs incharge Sanjay Singh of weakening the party in Punjab.
Addressing a press conference here, AAP founder member and state executive member Himanshu Pathak claimed that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had hired a Delhi-based private detective firm to spy on volunteers.
Releasing a “poll khol” document, the volunteers alleged that the ticket allotment to Paramjit Singh Sachdeva (Hoshiarpur), Amarjit Singh (Rupnagar), Dev Mann (Nabha) and Sarwan Singh Hayer (Nakodar), among others, was against the party’s vision document.
Pathak said, “While a party has to operate as per its csonstitution submitted with the Election Commision, AAP has not being doing so since the 2014 elections. All appointments, including that of state party convener Gurpreet Singh Waraich, are illegal and invalid. Constitutionally, only state and national executive bodies of a party can make key decisions such as ticket allotment.”
Other party office-bearers, including RS Pandher, Kamal Sharma and Narinder Kumar Bitta, were present on the occasion. Pathak and Sanjay could not be contacted despite repeated attempts. — TNS ... 625147.cms

नतीजों से एक दिन पहले ही आप नेता मनाने लगे जीत का जश्न, मोबाइल क्लिप हुई वायरल
A shocking video of AAP has emerged, which shows how the AAP members along with Sanjay Singh were seen enjoying and celebrating the win of AAP even before the results were announced. ... ce-1652083

Arvind Kejriwal's Brother-In-Law Being Investigated For Allegedly Fake-Billing Government
Arvind Kejriwal's brother-in-law is being investigated over allegations that he swindled the Delhi Government in connection with civic projects.

The Delhi Police has not filed any formal complaint but is examining documents linked to Surender Kumar Bansal, the Chief Minister's sister-in-law's husband.

The Roads Anti-Corruption Organisation has complained in court that Mr Bansal, who has a construction business, scored important civic contracts from the Public Works Department and never delivered but was still paid.

The NGO has cited a contract that involves the construction of drains near the national highway. It alleges that Mr Bansal manipulated bids to win the contract in 2015 on rates that were nearly half the normal price. He used dummy companies to bill the Delhi government and was helped by Mr Kejriwal, alleges the organization, which claims to monitor civic projects.

Mr Bansal, the NGO alleged, submitted fake bills and invoices. ... Fv8SP.html
Before going, Jung referred seven cases of Kejriwal govt to CBI
Former Delhi lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung referred to the CBI seven cases of alleged irregularities by the Arvind Kejriwal government, sources told HT.

The central investigating agency has registered separate first information reports (FIRs) in two of the cases, one over alleged irregularities in the Delhi Waqf Board when AAP MLA Amantullah Khan was its chairman, the sources said.

The other case is on allegations of irregularities in the appointment of an officer-on-special-duty to health minister Satyendra Jain. ... paign=show

Bhagwant Mann suspended from Lok Sabha for videography of Parliament
AAP member Bhagwant Mann, who was held guilty by a parliamentary panel of putting the security of Parliament House at risk, was on Friday suspended from the Lok Sabha for the remainder of the Winter Session.
The House approved a motion put by Kirit Somaiya, who headed the 9-member committee probing the videography issue, after it tabled the report on Thursday.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:15 am

AAP govt's spy unit comes under scanner ... er-2374482
Delhi govt's vigilance dept writes to CBI stating only Rs 50,000 out of the sanctioned Rs 1 cr to feedback unit is accounted for

A clandestine group called the Feedback Unit, working directly under the office of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, was given a secret service fund of Rs 1 crore, but it spent only Rs 50,000 on a sting operation to expose corruption in a private school.

The man who is said to have conducted the sting does not exist, according to the Vigilance Department of the Delhi government, which has written to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), giving details of the functioning of the alleged spy unit.

The CBI had registered a case last month to probe the illegalities around the setting up of the alleged spy unit. “Fifty thousand rupees were spent to trap a bribery complaint in a school named Kalka Public School, Alaknanda,” documents accessed by DNA show. The amount was allocated to Kailash Chand, Upper Division Clerk in the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB). But, interestingly, after scrutinising the records, the Vigilance Department was perplexed as there was no person named Kailash Chand in the ACB.

Sources said that retired officers of Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing, Income-Tax Department and other investigating agencies were part of the Feedback Unit and were provided high-end vehicles and unaccounted money to carry out their snooping.

“A car, two SUVs and three bikes were provided to the unit, along with supporting staff of four data entry operators hired through the Intelligent Communication Systems India Limited by the Delhi government,\" the Vigilance Department letter to the CBI said.

The remuneration of the Feedback Unit was paid on the basis of attendance. The staff have recorded 100 per cent attendance and Rs 40,82,982 has been released since February 2016 by way of secret service expenditure, remuneration, telephone and other miscellaneous expenses. But the Vigilance Department, under which the spy unit was formed, is clueless as to where the staff sat and what work they did since inception.

“Since inception, no report or outcome of the work done by the unit has come to the knowledge of the Directorate of Vigilance. Clearly, the functioning of the unit has been secretive to the department,” the document said.

The CBI had last month registered an FIR and had also raided the Vigilance Department office at Delhi Secretariat.

Explaining how the money was used, the Vigilance Department letter to the CBI said: “In the Budget for financial year 2016-2017, Rs 1 crore was kept for secret service expenditure. It was proposed by Deputy Director (Feedback) to provide Rs 20 lakh as secret fund to the unit during the current financial year. From the budget, Rs 10 lakh was released in two tranches for Rs 5,00,000 each. Out of the Rs 10 lakh, Rs 5.5 lakh has been reportedly spent on espionage work. The last expenditure from the fund was an amount of Rs 50,000, which has been stated to be given to Kailash Chand. The details of utilisation of Rs 5.5 lakh from the secret service expenditure are not available, except to the extent of Rs 50,000 as mentioned above.”

The documents further stated that the “unit was under the Vigilance Secretary but it is functioning under the direct control of the Chief Minister's Office”. The Vigilance Department further told the CBI that they are not aware of the functioning and the work done by the unit. “No feedback has been received by the Director of Vigilance,” the documents stated.

During the investigation, it was found that when Deputy Secretary, Vigilance, through a letter on July 15, 2016, requested to follow the guidelines to regulate secret service expenditure, RC Sinha, Advisor to Kejriwal, replied on July 29, 2016, to the Vigilance Director that he is ready to show the records, provided the latter visits the Feedback Unit. Sinha and PK Punj, Deputy Director, Feedback Unit, were also requested to furnish a feedback and report the work done by the unit again on September 26, 2016. “However no response was received from them,” the document stated.

“In order to take action for demanding /receiving bribe, the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, are invoked. In this case, the management and the school staff may not fall under the definition of Public Servant. So the question is whether such expenses is legally tenable, and, if not, how it should be recovered,” the document stated.

The Vigilance Department clearly stated to the CBI that finding illegal activities, they had written to the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Lieutenant Governor, requesting them to probe the irregularities and suggested the immediate closure of the unit “to avoid further infructuous and questionable expenditure”.

Delhi LG shuts down shadowy unit raised by Kejriwal to track his own officials ... VjZtL.html

Delhi lieutenant governor Anil Baijal has shut down a shadowy AAP government unit which was allegedly raised to keep a tab on its own officials and was even provided secret funds last year, the L-G’s office said on Friday.

The group, which the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has termed a’ feedback unit’ , had around 15 former police officials and experts.

A senior official in the L-G office said Baijal gave approval in the first week of March to shut down the unit, besides terminating its contractual staff.

The move potentially raises the spectre of a fresh confrontation between the Delhi government and the Centre’s representative. Though relations between Kejriwal and Baijal are cordial so far, the chief minister had accused former L-G Najeeb Jung of trying to usurp his government’s powers.

Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia defending the unit which he said was constituted to keep a tab on the functioning and corruption, if any, in different departments.

““What’s wrong with such a unit? The government should have such arrangements for feedback,” Sisodia said.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registered a preliminary enquiry (PE) in January after former L-G Jung sought a probe into seven instances of alleged irregularity by the Delhi government.

The seven cases were flagged by an inquiry panel constituted by Jung under the chairmanship of former comptroller and auditor general VK Shunglu, who was tasked with examining 400-odd files for possible irregularities in decisions taken by the AAP government.

Sources said the terms of references forwarded to the CBI includes the procedure related to the unit’s hiring and secret funding.

“The unit was last year given Rs 10 lakh in secret funds. The funding and expenditure of this unit needs to be probed, besides the exact role this department was playing.

Though it is said that the cabinet approved institution of this wing, but it needs to be seen if all approvals were taken in due course,” a vigilance department official said.

A CBI official said investigations into the case was under way.

“The question of filing an FIR in the case or our officials conducting searches at any Delhi government premises can only arise when the PE into the particular case is completed,” the official said.

LG Jung had stated that some individuals were allegedly employed in the unit which was cleared by the AAP in September without consulting the L-G’s office, officials said.
Has Arvind Kejriwal forgotten to efface corruption from Delhi?

In more trouble for Arvind Kejriwal government, the CBI has initiated a preliminary enquiry against Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain over allegations of money laundering against him.

It is alleged that Jain was involved in money laundering to the tune of Rs 4.63 crore while being a public servant during 2015-16 through Prayas Info Solutions private limited, Akinchan Developers private limited and Managalyatan projects private limited, CBI sources said.

The development will cause further embarrassment to Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party which is preparing to contest MCD elections on April 23. The opposition has accused it of failing to deliver on its main plank of fighting corruption after the Shunglu committee pointed out "gross abuse of power" by the Arvind Kejriwal government in its report.

Jain had dismissed the allegations after Enforcement Directorate action last month attaching properties linked to him in the matter.

A preliminary enquiry is the first step by the CBI to gather information about the allegations. If the agency is convinced that there exists prima facie material in the matter, it may register a regular case against the accused.

The allegations against Jain also include purported money laundering to the tune of Rs 11.78 crore during 2010-12 through these companies and Indometal Impex pvt limited.

It was alleged that the money was given by Jain, in cash, through his employees and associates to some Kolkata-based entry operators of shell companies for providing "accommodation entries" in his favour.

Entry operators are agents who launder and route black money using normal banking channels without coming under scanner of banking regulators.

The matter was referred by Income Tax department. It was alleged that the money was routed by the entry operators in the form of investment in shares of Prayas Info Solutions private limited, Akinchan Developers private limited and Managalyatan projects private limited which were controlled by Jain.

It is alleged that Jain had "technically" resigned from the directorship of these companies just before the 2013 elections of Delhi Assembly.

The money was received back in these companies as investment in shares at 60 times the price.

Shares worth Rs 10 in these companies were allegedly purchased at Rs 590 by the entry operators as investment in companies allegedly controlled by Jain.

The money received back in the form of investment in shares was allegedly used by Jain for purchasing agriculture land worth Rs 27.69 crore in Delhi in the name of companies controlled by him.

It is alleged that Jain as Minister in Delhi Government was using his influence in trying to convert the agriculture land into residential land.

The matter was referred by Income Tax Department to the CBI under the new Benami Transactions Prohibitions Act. ... vXNBL.html
Sacked Delhi minister Kapil Mishra says Kejriwal conspiring against him but will go ahead with ‘expose’
Soon after being removed, Kapil Mishra said he would “expose” the involvement of certain AAP leaders in an alleged scam on Sunday. He also said he had met Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and handed over documents related to the alleged scam on Saturday. ... 47586.html
Sacked Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra to 'expose tanker scam' today
Aam Aadmi Party leader Kapil Mishra, who was fired yesterday as Delhi's water minister, is expected to make public information about a "tanker scam" at 11.30 am today.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Kapil Mishra was on Saturday sacked as Delhi's Water Minister by chief minister and party convener Arvind Kejriwal.
Najafgarh MLA Kailash Gahlot, who was inducted into the Cabinet yesterday along with Seemapuri MLA Rajendra Pal Gautam, will handle Mishra's portfolio.
Mishra is expected to hold a press conference at 11.30 am today at Rajghat in New Delhi, and share information about a "tanker scam" - a promise he made in a tweet last evening. He has also sought a meeting with Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal.
In comments made today, Mishra said that the Aam Aadmi Party is his party and that no one can remove him from the organisation.
"I am a founder member of AAP and will always remain in the party," Mishra added when asked about whether he plans on joining the Bharatiya Janata Party.
On the topic of the 'tanker scam expose', Mishra said, "I will provide the LG (Anil Baijal) with the details of the scam. 11.30 am (when Mishra is scheduled to give a press conference) is the shubhmurat (auspicious time) to clean up corruption."
"I will go to Rajghat and take Bapu's blessings," Mishra added.
Kapil Mishra is among the handful of party leaders to have backed their AAP colleague Kumar Vishwas, who left the party red-faced when he indirectly attacked the Delhi government in a video in the run-up to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections.
After the polls - in which AAP was crushed by a rampant Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - Vishwas said electronic voting machines weren't responsible for the defeat, contradicting the party's official position.
And when the now-suspended Amanatullah Khan accused Vishwas of being a "BJP-RSS agent" and of planning a coup against Kejriwal, Mishra sided with the latter during the infighting that ensued. The AAP chief is believed to have been unhappy with the lobbying of MLAs and ministers within the party.
The decision to fire Mishra was taken after AAP legislators alleged at a meeting with Kejriwal that a major water crisis during the MCD polls caused their candidates to lose.
While Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday cited water management during the Delhi municipal elections as the reason for Kapil Mishra's dismissal, AAP's leadership appeared to send a clear message that it wouldn't tolerate any discipline.
Just minutes before Sisodia announced Mishra's removal, the former water minister tweeted that he would do "a massive expose on (a) tanker scam" today, and that he would make public the "explosive details" he had shared with Arvind Kejriwal.
He has threatened to level charges against those "close to Kejriwal," and has sought an appointment with the Anti-Corruption Bureau chief to provide more evidence.
"I was about to reveal big names and perhaps, because of that such a decision has been taken against me", Mishra said on Friday, after his dismissal.
And yet, as of 8.40 on Sunday morning, Mishra - who said he hadn't been officially informed about his sacking - continued to say in his Twitter handle's description that he was a "proud member of (the) Cabinet of Arvind Kejriwal j

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:17 am
Press Trust of India‏Verified account @PTI_News 15m15 minutes ago
Sacked Delhi minister #KapilMishra alleges that he saw Health minister #SatyendraJain pay Rs 2 crore to #CM @ArvindKejriwal.

Kapil Mishra‏Verified account @KapilMishraAAP 4m4 minutes ago
परसो देखा और कल सुबह खुल कर आवाज उठाई। एक दिन का भी इंतज़ार असंभव था।

Kapil Mishra‏Verified account @KapilMishraAAP 2h2 hours ago
i have witnessed HIM taking illegal cash.. have shared all details with Lt. Gov.
चुप रहना असंभव था। कुर्सी क्या प्राण भी जाये तो जाए ... TusJJ.html
Scams, feuds, controversies: The many troubles of Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP govt

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:20 am

Jaitley files another Rs 10 cr suit against Kejriwal after Jethmalani calls him crook:
BJP's Arun Jaitley has filed a fresh Rs 10 crore suit against Arvind Kejriwal after the Deli CM's counsel Ram Jethmalani used the word 'crook' while during cross-examination in court.

India Today reports that Jaitley's lawyer Manik Dogra said that they have filed a fresh suit for defamation against Arvind Kejriwal seeking Rs 10 crore in damages for ex-facie defamation as his lawyer Ram Jethmalani, in the open court, called Jaitley a crook.

Dogra added that the statement by Jethmalani was recorded in the judicial order, where he had stated that he used the words on "specific instructions of his client" Kejriwal.

The fresh defamation suit by Jaitley will now be a separate case from the ongoing defamation suit against Kejriwal and five other Aam Aadmi Party leaders, also of Rs 10 crore.

Last week, the Delhi High Court saw Jaitley losing his cool when Jethmalani, 93, used the word "crook" to describe him.

Jaitley, who appeared before Joint Registrar Deepali Sharma, asked Jethmalani whether the word was used as per instructions from Kejriwal.

Jethmalani replied saying the said word has been used by him on instructions from his client (Kejriwal). "If this is so, I would aggravate the charges against the defendant (Kejriwal)," said an upest Jaitley, adding there was a limit to personal malice.

However, Anupam Srivastav, advocate on record for Kejriwal since the beginning of the suit, submitted that Jathmalani had no instructions to use the word against Jaitley.

Jethmalani went on to say that in a suit for defamation, the personal character of the plaintiff is extremely important. "I am conducting a case, wherein I intend to prove that he (Jaitley) has no reputation whatsoever.
This man does not even deserve a paisa from this suit against the defendants," he added.

In December 2015, Jaitley had filed the first civil defamation suit seeking Rs 10 crore damages from Kejriwal and five other AAP leaders - Raghav Chadha, Kumar Vishwas, Ashutosh, Sanjay Singh and Deepak Bajpai - for accusing him of financial irregularities in the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) of which he was the President from 2000 to 2013. ... 07396.html
Kapil Mishra drops another 'expose bomb', says scam accused funded Ashutosh, Sanjay Singh's Russia trip
There seems to be no end in sight to Arvind Kejriwal-Kapil Mishra tussle. Kapil Mishra on Sunday addressed a press conference to expose Arvind Kejriwal and corrupt leaders in AAP. Here is everything he said during conference:-

- Kapil Mishra poses 9 question to AAP and Arvind Kejriwal

- Sheetal Prasad Singh is accused of scams in many companies: Kapil Mishra

- Sheetal Prasad Singh funded Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh's Russia trip: Kapil Mishra

- There are 4-5 corrupt people in the Aam Aadmi Party, we need to throw them out: Kapil Mishra

- Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh have hijacked AAP

- Whoever wants corruption-free Delhi, should join 'Let's Clean AAP' campaign, says Kapil Mishra

- I profusely apologise to Prashant Bhushan ji and Yogendra Yadav ji,we should have paid heed to their views back then: Kapil Mishra, according to ANI

- Kapil Mishra begins his press conference

- Sacked Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Kapil Mishra on Sunday continued his assault on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and questioned the funding of the Russian trip by party leaders Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh.

- Mishra who is adamant on exposing the alleged scams in the AAP cadre, took to the Twitter and hinted his day's agenda while pointing fingers at two leaders of Kejriwal bandwagon.

- "So who has sponsored Russia trip of Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh? AK को सब पता था क्या? चंद सवाल आज 11 बजे," he tweeted.

So who has sponsored Russia trip of Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh? AK को सब पता था क्या? चंद सवाल आज 11 बजे

— Kapil Mishra (@KapilMishraAAP) May 21, 2017
- Mishra, whose vociferous campaign against the Delhi Chief Minister continues in full steam, entered its third round on Friday as he leveled a new set of charges against Kejriwal.

Mishra dropped another bombshell on friend-turned-foe Kejriwal claiming that the party received money through 'hawala network'.

Mishra showed a powerpoint presentation in a press conference as 'evidence' to back his claim that the party received funds from shell companies.

How AAP minister Satyendar Jain's firm declared Rs 16.5 cr under IDS scheme ... eme-382658
AAP minister Satyendar Jain's company declared an undisclosed income of Rs 16.54 crore under the Income Declaration Scheme.

In the documents filed during the Centre’s Income Declaration Scheme, Jain’s company Akinchan Developers Pvt Ltd disclosed undeclared income of Rs 16.54 crore. The company had said that it had received the amount through hawala. :shock:

Satyendar Jain had founded Akinchan Developers on March 7, 2008 and was a founding director. In 2013, when the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government came into power for the first time, he resigned from the director’s position of the company but retained 2.5 lakh shares that he had. In 2015, he transferred his shares to his wife Poonam Jain.

Last year, when the Central Government announced the Income Declaration Scheme, the company appointed two new directors and declared the undisclosed income under the scheme.

Vaibhav Jain and Ankush Jain were appointed as additional directors in the firm on January 22, 2016 and soon after, all the other directors of the company resigned. Ankush and Vaibhav were appointed company’s directors on September 29, 2016 and then they declared the undisclosed income under their name. ... -the-news/
AAP MLA delays rescue operation, later laughs on Twitter quoting the news
Alka Lamba, who is the AAP MLA from Chandni Chowk constituency of Delhi, stirred up a major controversy after reportedly delaying a fire fighting cum rescue operation for around an hour, and later appeared remorselessly laughing about it on Twitter.

Last night, A major fire had broken out at a closed shop and later spread to others in the Moti Bazar area of Chandni Chowk. This resulted in 11 fire tenders being rushed to the spot to control the fire. Being the local MLA, Alka Lamba too reached the spot to take stock of the situation.

According to reports rather than stepping aside and letting the firemen do their work, she ended up causing a delay of about an hour. Media reports claim that the area where the fire had erupted was very congested and the fire officials were as it is facing troubles in bringing in the vehicles.

Alka Lamba then reportedly asked the fire department officials to bring down the crane which was being used in the rescue operations so that she could climb on it to go on top. Her actions reportedly angered local people, due to which she had to be taken away in a Delhi Police vehicle to save her from the people’s wrath.

A report by CNN-News18 claimed that about 40 shops were damaged due to the fire. The report put forth Alka Lamba’s version of events, where she claimed that she went there to make sure there was absolutely no delay in dousing of the fire. She also claimed that she was there to encourage the fire officials who were working there.

However, the same report report also stated that there was a delay of about an hour due to Ms Lamba’s actions and she has reportedly been summoned by Kejriwal to give an explanation.

But rather than feeling remorseful and expressing her profuse apologies, Alka Lamba today quoted the tweet of a news report covering the incident and reacted to it by putting three laughing out loud emojis:

— Alka Lamba (@LambaAlka) May 23, 2017

Aam Aadmi Party slapped with a fine of Rs 27 lakh for 'unauthorised occupation' of office ... 45777.html
The Public Works Department (PWD) of the Delhi government has slapped a fine of 27 lakh rupees on the Aam Aadmi Party for "unauthorised occupation" of the party office.

Sources in the government said that as on 31 May, the fine amounts to Rs 27,73,802, and it will be recovered from the party.

The fine, which is 65 times the license fee, will go on increasing if the party doesn't vacate the office, the sources said.

In April, the PWD had issued notice to Arvind Kejriwal asking him to immediately vacate the party's Rouse Avenue office that was allotted in "violation" of rules.

The party had then said that it would seek a legal recourse against this action as other political parties too have been allotted bungalows to use as office space.

The three-member Shunglu committee, formed by the then lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung, to examine over 400 files pertaining to the decisions taken by the AAP government, had pointed out "irregularities" in allotting the office.

It is to be noted that the incumbent Lieutenant Governer Anil Baijal had also directed the chief secretary to recover 97 crore rupees from the ruling AAP on advertisements using public money.

In November 2015, the AAP government had approved a policy for land allotment to state parties. The Kejriwal government then alloted a bungalow to the AAP on Rouse Avenue the following year.

The bungalow was earlier alloted to Asim Ahmed Khan, the then Delhi minister, who was sacked over graft charge ... ries/67308
Arvind Kejriwal went begging to a top BJP minister for forgiveness, claims Kapil Mishra in a series of tweets
New Delhi: Rebel AAP MLA Kapil Mishra has launched a fresh attack against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, claiming that Kejriwal “went begging to a top BJP minister for forgiveness.”
In a series of tweets, Kapil Mishra has claimed, “Arvind Kejriwal met a senior BJP leader who is a Union Min and pleaded with folded hands, ‘I have no ill will against Modi Ji.’ Arvind Kejriwal promised this BJP leader that he won't be uttering a single word on PM. His response: "I don't think PM has time to notice that."

The former Delhi minister went on to state that Arvind Kejriwal also promised the BJP leader that he will be apologising in writing to Union Minister Arun Jaitley with regards to the ongoing defamation case.

Kapil Mishra ✔ @KapilMishraAAP
News is - @ArvindKejriwal met a senior BJP leader who is a Union Min & pleaded with folded hands - I hv no ill will against Modi Ji

10:12 PM - 27 Jul 2017

Kapil Mishra ✔ @KapilMishraAAP
AK promised this BJP leader tht he won't be uttering a single word on PM. His response: "I don't think PM has time to notice that"
10:13 PM - 27 Jul 2017

Kapil Mishra ✔ @KapilMishraAAP
AK also promised to this BJP leader that he will be giving written apologies to Arun Jetly on defamation case.
10:13 PM - 27 Jul 2017

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:27 am

Image ... 26976.html
Ram Jethmalani quits as Arvind Kejriwal's counsel, asks Delhi CM to clear dues of Rs 2 crore
Senior Supreme Court lawyer Ram Jethmalani has quit as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's counsel in the civil defamation suits filed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Senior Supreme Court lawyer Ram Jethmalani has quit as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's counsel in the civil defamation suits filed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Jethmalani's decision came after the Aam Aadmi Party chief on Tuesday told the Delhi High Court that there was no instruction from him to his counsel Jethmalani to use objectionable remarks against Arun Jaitley in the defamation case filed by the Union Minister.

Jethmalani had used the word "crook" against the Finance Minister during his cross-examination before a Joint Registrar saying that he used the word on instruction from Kejriwal.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief also said that he has written a letter to Jethmalani to refute his claim that objectionable words were used in the proceedings before the Joint Registrar on May 17 as per his instructions.

In his affidavit, Kejriwal said it was "inconceivable that he would even think of instructing the senior counsel to use such objectionable words."

The lawyer has also written a letter to the Delhi CM asking him to clear his legal fees amounting to Rs 2 crore.

Interestingly, in view of the controversy surrounding Arvind Kejriwal's move to make the taxpayer to foot his legal bills of Rs 3.42 crore for defamation cases filed against him by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, his lawyer Ram Jethmalani had earlier said that he is willing to fight the case for free if the Delhi CM can't pay the bills.

Accepting that he had sent bills for Rs 1 crore in retainership and Rs 22 lakh for each appearance in court to the Delhi CM, Jethmalani said, “Everyone in the country knows that I charge only the rich and I work for free for the poor. And 90% of my clients are poor.”

“If he (Arvind Kejriwal) can't pay bills then also I will appear for him – and treat him as a poor client,” he had said.

In December 2015, Jaitley had filed a civil defamation suit against Kejriwal and AAP leaders Kumar Vishwas, Ashutosh, Sanjay Singh, Raghav Chadha and Deepak Bajpayee, claiming that they made "false and defamatory" statements in the case involving the DDCA, thereby harming his reputation.

A fresh Rs 10 crore defamation suit was also filed by Jaitley against Kejriwal over his lawyer Jethmalani using the word "crook" during cross-examination of the previous defamation suit.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:57 am

EXCLUSIVE: Six AAP leaders, one former AAP member hid their assets from Election Commission
Updated: Nov 04, 2017 | 13:58 IST | Times Now Bureau ... ion/118727
New Delhi: Times Now’s investigation has revealed that six Aam Aadmi Party leaders and one former AAP member hid their assets from the Election Commission.
Acting on the tip-off of a whistleblower around three months ago, Times Now has been investigating the leaders who have committed a grave sin of omission.
The leaders have not mentioned their involvement in private companies, valuing lakhs of rupees – which is a violation of Section 125(A) of the Representation of Peoples Act and is liable for imprisonment for up to six months or fine or both.
The seven leaders include Asim Ahmed Khan, Adarsh Shastri, Kailash Gahlot, Mohd Yunus, Pramila Tokas, Rajesh Rishi and Kumar Vishwas.
AAP MLA Adarsh Shastri, grandson of former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri was a director in a UK company, but failed to mention it in his 2015 election affidavit. When confronted, Shastri stated that it was just an ‘honorary director’ in the firm, and thus, didn't need to mention it in the affidavit. However, Times Now’s report reveals that the company's documents do not mention anything about an honorary directorship.

AAP MLA Mohammad Yunus has shares in a company called the Federation of All India Haj Umrah Tour Organisers – which he did not mention in the affidavit. When questioned about it, he claimed that it was an NGO and not a company.

MLA Kailash Gahlot hid his shares in Rosy Builders Pvt Ltd and Superstar Innovation Pvt Ltd. When Times Now confronted Gahlot, he evaded all questions and stated that he will have to check his documents.

AP MLA Rajesh Rishi failed to mention his wife's directorship in the company Winner Electrotec Pvt Ltd and then claimed that his wife became a director in the firm after he had filed the affidavit with the poll panel.

AAP MLA Pramila Tokas who did not reveal in the affidavit the shares that her husband owns in companies and when confronted, she stated that since the companies are linked to her husband, and not her, there was no need to mention them in the affidavit.

When Times Now confronted the seven AAP leaders who hid their assets on their election affidavits, some were evasive, while others were completely brazen. The channel was also threatened with legal action for the report.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:12 am

Cross post from Fake New thread:

Headline -
Rs 29,000 Crore Meant For Welfare Of Construction Workers Spent On Buying Laptops, Reveals CAG Report ... vea/303946

Facts cleverly hidden t imply that BJP regime was responsible.

Actual story: ... 0Court.pdf

Case was filed in 2006 [Write petition (civil) 318 of 2006]
CAG data cited in the case is up until 2012, though the tabulation on p. 37 says 2015.
One of the main accused is also AAP, concerning whom a letter has been cited on p. 47 saying "sinister underhand scheme is to take money away from the Welfare Board and park it in 3 ministries of the Delhi Government namely (i) Health Department (200 Crores), (ii) Education Department (100 Crores), (iii) Social Welfare Department (400 Crores) and (iv) PWD Department (200 Crores)." Since the fourth department is PWD, there's no ambiguity that "Delhi Government" means AAP since there is no PWD department at the centre.

NOW, why does the article not mention the departments, give dates and timelines, and in general be more clear as to who did what and under whose watch? Go through the whole case and you'll find that no mention of any BJP or BJP linked politician.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:59 pm ... ter-plant/

Amanatullah bol raha hoon, MLA, b*******’: is AAP MLA aware of illegal water plant?
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rebel leader Kapil Mishra today posted an audio clip of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, which he claims he received via WhatsAapp, where Khan is allegedly threatening a man running an alleged illegal water pump in Delhi, over what seems like a payment dispute. The 2 minute 20 second audio clip has a man who identifies himself as Amanatullah Khan, MLA on a call and abuses the person on the other line over alleged disputed dues. When the other person says he cannot waive off the money, the man identifying himself as Khan uses unparliamentary language and shows his ‘power’ as an MLA. He even plays the Muslim card and says the person he is defending is a Muslim and hence he is being harassed. ... 9517904897

Amanatullah Khan has been recently reinstated in AAP after being suspended for calling AAP founding member Kumar Vishwas a BJP/RSS agent and plotting a coup against Kejriwal.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by jamwal » Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:25 am
Reality of Kejriwal Govt action on pollution exposed: Delhi Government squatting on ₹787 crores earned as environment cess

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by navik » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:44 pm ... 38181.html

A Modi myth called GSPC
On June 26, 2005, Chief Minister Modi announced that GSPC had made “the biggest discovery of its kind in the country’s history, with estimated natural gas reserves of 20 trillion cubic feet worth $50 billion in the Krishna-Godavari basin”.
This is a typical Modi hype. The truth, as the books puts it, is despite this history-making discovery, GSPC has never made any money and it has rather bled the exchequer. This projected symbol of “economic resurgence” has turned out to be a big scandal.
Eleven years after the historic Modi announcement, the CAG’s 2016 report, tabled in the Gujarat Assembly, raised objections which, in simple terms, said: “Why was the corporation running up debts and where was the company blowing these all up?”
With its assets gifted away to questionable private enterprises and individuals and debts mounting, GSPC stood as a basket case in 2016. By then fully in control of Central institutions and PSUs through appointments of loyalists, the Narendra Modi government then forced a cash-rich ONGC to buy a majority stake in GSPC.
This kicked up a row in media and opposition leaders, including Jairam Ramesh, too, joined in. They made valid arguments but BJP media managers succeeded in spreading confusion. A former Economic Affairs Secretary, EAS Sarma, wrote to the Enforcement Directorate that “valuable oil blocks belonging to the people of India were bartered to foreign nationals of questionable credentials”. He sought an urgent inquiry “as the value of the hydrocarbons involved runs into thousands of crores of rupees and very influential persons are apparently involved”.
Urjit Patel, now Governor of the RBI, was an independent Director and Chairman of the audit committee of GSPC from 2006 to 2013. GSPC’s borrowings were squandered away on his watch. He did not raise the issue of GSPC entering into a joint venture with a private company in which the Gujarat minister in charge of GSPC was an investor. The minister, Saurabh Patel, was a Modi confidant.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by Aditya_V » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:43 am

The book is full of half truths and insunitions. GSPC has taken lot of debt but that does not mean the gas discoveries are wrong. Problem is exploration is a risk and GSPL probably invested in an area which it didnt have experience, took too much debt, it still cash flows from other businesses.

Here is an article from pro left INC business standard ... 247_1.html ... ari-basin/

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by Kabir » Tue May 15, 2018 4:25 am

Amit Shah

Under the Black Money Act, 4 chargesheets have been filed against P Chidambaram and his family for possessing and operating several illegal assets and accounts in foreign countries. IT estimates illegal assets held by UPA's FM to be to the tune of 3 Bn dollars! #BlackMoneyOfPC

5:36 PM - May 13, 2018
8,909 people are talking about this
Hope this gets traction and the crooks get long jail times. I have little hopes of recovering any loot though.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by Muns » Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:20 am


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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by Muns » Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:29 am

Looks like Chidambaram can't run from the law. Even the Supreme Court has rejected his appeal. He should be arrested shortly. Frankly, I wish he would change his name. I actually visited this town in Tamil Nadu which is famous for the Nataraja temple. One of the few temples I believe where Nataraja in his full dancing form is the principal Deity and not the Lingam. It was really a fascinating site, especially with the flickering candles during the Aarti, giving the illusion of movement.
What a fascinating city, only to be associated with this corrupt sellout.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by Muns » Thu Aug 22, 2019 3:14 am

PC’s plea in SC redundant; No immediate relief to Chidambaram ... chidambara

So, in a high scale drama, Chidambaram got arrested. It seems like from what I have read the evidence is overwhelming. The CBI has quite an extensive paper trail showing that Chidambaram oversaw money-laundering into his sons shell companies. Today he came out in a very pristine speech regarding liberty, but what is liberty mean if you have previous karma to atone for. Sometimes karma may come back within a couple of years and sometimes it may have to be atoned for in the next lifetime. In this case the evidence was so overwhelming that it came quickly.
In a high drama event, CBI officials scaled his walls to arrest him. One by one all of these Congress era corrupt politicians are falling.

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Re: Corruption and other misdeeds by Congress, SP, AAP and other "secular" political parties.

Post by Muns » Sun Aug 25, 2019 6:01 am

NDTV founder Pranoy Roy booked by CBI ... ed-by-cbi/
“During the period from May 2OO4 to 2010, NDTV Ltd floated around 32 subsidiary firms all over the world, mostly in tax havens like Holland, UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Mauritius… Majority of these companies had no business transaction and they were meant only for financial transactions to bring funds from abroad,” the FIR said.

It has been alleged that these transactions were sham transactions and the aforementioned funds were invested by unidentified public servants through NDTV Ltd and later laundered back to India through multiple layers of complex transactions and shell companies, the FIR said.

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