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Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:06 am
by chetak
the tanishq ad with the muslim family definitely had an evil agenda

so the same dumbos have put out another ad for diwali

Hindu women do not usually use dangly earrings and all the models have been depicted with dangly earrings only which muslim women normally wear.

someone is hell bent on pushing a very shady agenda.

how can you have an ad for diwali without lights/diyas or for that matter, without crackers. :mrgreen:

this is one of the models that tanishq has used for the diwali ad



for a diwali ad, the vacuous models have no bindis, there is no deepam and no lakshmi puja and one of them can be heard saying, "...definitely no firecrackers and I don't think anyone should light any firecrackers...".

Tanishq stirred up a row after posting an ad which discouraged the use of firecrackers. The Jewellery brand has now deleted the same

Vaidehi @dharmicverangna

Dear @TanishqJewelry, your advertisement team has mistaken Diwali for Thanksgiving.

Diwali is not about buying jewelry, spending time with family & eating good food.

It's about the victory of good over evil.

It's about Dharma.
krithika sivaswamy@krithikasivasw

No bindi, no deepam, no lakshmi pooja.
While I don't like to intefere into people's dressing or spiritual choices or what they do daily, if you are trying to depict #Deepawali with this, then you are totally off.
Hindu festivals are not just a carnival with good food #Diwali ... 1337480199
10:08 AM · Nov 9, 2020

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 3:13 pm
by chetak
M_ની_ष @M_T_6579·Jun 19, 2019.

Respected @narendramodi Sir @PMOIndia.

This is the history book of my child studying in 7th standard ICSE.

Why do they one have to study about rise & spread of Islam & Christianity?

Why no chapter on Hinduism?

Why are we destroying our next generation?

@RituRathaur @ShefVaidya


Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 4:31 pm
by crams
So High court denied bail to Arnab. I hope my worst fears are not coming true.

I see a lot of buzz and angst on SM against ModiJi and Mota bhai. I cannot imagine there is nothing they can do and let this travesty continue. SuSwamy has even suggested there are constitutional means (see his twitter line). It seems to me that BJP is running scared of BIF going after them for 'interference in judiciary' should they act. But here is the thing. They will be accused of that no matter what. They have already been labeled as fascists, extremists, destroyer of institutions, you name it. So it can't get any worse, and maybe for once they (BJP) should live up to the vile narratives they have been characterized with.

I told you many times, I am not a big fan of Arnab. I cannot stand his style, he ego, his loud shouting, talking down of his guests yada yada. But he was the one guy who took on the Lutyen ecosystem, he took on the Queen madam, and he stands up for national interests. And for this, he is paying very high price, and he may not even live to see daylight again (I hope I am wrong). Under these circumstances, if BJP surrenders meekly, then believe me, there will no other independent voice to take on the BIF ecosystem for fear of suffering the same fate as him.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 7:22 am
by Muns
NDA overtakes RJD-led alliance with leads in over 120 seats ... 120-seats/

I know its still early days but I’m hoping that some of these trends will stick. If anything, it shows that exit polling not just in the US but also in India are seeming to come up confused. They seem to have really underestimated the BJP. Hopefully these early needs will stick and the NDA come out with the bigger lead than even in 2015. What can be said is that the BJP now holds the cards with regard to the alliance. It’s been a huge shift for them. The Modi wave is still strong. It’s been good to see.

Again, pretty late here and I do hope that these leads will continue to stick and hold by the time that I get up.
On another note, it seems that the Mumbai High Court for Arnab yesterday has rejected the plea on some technicalities that they really should’ve asked the sessions court initially with regard to his bail plea before coming to the High Court. It seems that they really just did not follow protocol.

Seems like a schoolboy error for his expensive legal team. In any case I do get the feeling that there is a huge legal push behind are not getting bail sometime this week. They have filed his plea now appropriately in the sessions court and we should get a result by Friday. I do get the feeling that there is a huge push from the center legally towards getting him out on bail.

Earlier it seems that the Supreme Court is had already released a statement with regard to the fact that his arrest is illegal. Not sure, all of this legal stuff sounds pretty confusing to me. Hopefully somebody else can piece it out a little bit.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 7:21 pm
by chetak

#ArnabIsBack | I want to thank the Supreme Court. Jai Maharashtra!: Arnab Goswami sends a message in Marathi.

Watch him #LIVE here and share your views -



Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:05 pm
by chetak
here's how nitishwa's nuts were pulled out of the fire by the very person whom he hates. :mrgreen:

this is also what reduced the huge anti incumbency for nitishwa to a manageable level

Three Key Factors Pollsters Missed In Wrongly Writing Off NDA's Prospects In Bihar Elections

Three Key Factors Pollsters Missed In Wrongly Writing Off NDA's Prospects In Bihar Elections

M R Subramani
Nov 11, 2020

Three Key Factors Pollsters Missed In Wrongly Writing Off NDA's Prospects In Bihar Elections

For one, there are 63.95 lakh ration cards registered for PMGKY scheme in Bihar, of which at least 60 lakh had been utilised in October this year.

Even if we were to consider that a family has only two adults, at least 1.20 crore could have benefitted from this.

The Bihar Assembly elections has been done and dusted now with the National Democratic Alliance returning to power, thanks to the sterling show of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

In the run-up to the elections as well as during opinion and exit polls, chances of NDA were discounted. In fact, exit polls all talked of an imminent exit of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Reasons for the talk of his exit ranged from the reported negligence of poor workers in the State who had migrated to other States for employment to mishandling of economy to anti-incumbency.

But what poll pundits and exit poll agents besides the media forgot was to consider something that, perhaps, had gone under their radar.

Probably, migration workers were affected by the pandemic and some of them chose to return to their natives by foot. The media tried to play it up as some sort of negligence by the Narendra Modi government.

But the Modi government did take note of the hardships caused to the poor employees. It undertook a number of measures to alleviate their misery caused by the onset of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Centre announced a Rs 1.7 lakh crore relief package under the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) to provide a safety net to the poor affected by the coronavirus. The package included issuing five kg rice or wheat and one kg of pulses free of cost every month to 80 crore beneficiaries.

Initially introduced for three months, the scheme has been extended further.

Besides, women holding Jan Dhan accounts were given Rs 500 each a month, and increase in wages under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee scheme were among things the Centre provided to the poor.

The move to issue free rice and wheat under PMGKY seems, in particular, to be one of the reasons why rural Bihar has voted the NDA, particularly the BJP.

With India carrying over 28.5 million tonnes of wheat from last year and aided by record wheat production of 107.59 million tonnes, the decision to allot free grains under PMGKY was a smart move.

Not only would it help use the foodgrains be utilised to feed the poor but it will also save its wastage through storage.

The free distribution of foodgrain under PMGKY was utilised well and flour millers complained that purchase of atta (wheat flour) had dropped sharply.

In turn, it brought down wheat prices below the minimum support level of Rs 1,925 a quintal. But that was never an issue.

According to data from Bihar government, there are 63.95 lakh ration cards registered for PMGKY scheme of which at least 60 lakh had been utilised in October this year.

Even if we were to consider that a family has only two adults, at least 1.20 crore could have benefitted from this.

Data also show that the overall usage of ration cards in Bihar in October was 34 per cent against eight per cent last year, a clear proof of the welfare scheme being used by the targeted sections.

Similarly, the off-take of wheat has quadrupled to 64,600 tonnes this year compared with last year, while rice off-take has increased nearly five times to about one lakh tonnes.

Going by these figures, the PMGKY allocation of foodgrain seem to have played a silent role in helping the NDA and BJP’s cause.

Second, there is another interesting bit of data to show why Bihar preferred NDA. This is piped water supply to individual homes in the State.

According to latest data, at least 80 lakh homes in Bihar across 40,880 rural wards have got piped water supply connection. This is better than even a State like Tamil Nadu which ranks below 25 in providing piped water supply to individual homes.

Piped water supply in homes means women folk need not trudge long distances to fetch water. Add the fact that Nitish Kumar had closed liquor shops that made women happy, there should be no doubt which way they would have voted.

Third, one of the measures undertaken by the Modi government to help the revival of economy hit by the pandemic was to pump more money in rural areas. Various projections have been made but at least 1.5 lakh crore has been pumped in the rural areas and many have benefited through direct benefit transfers (DBT).

At least 57.57 lakh farmers in Bihar had registered under the PM-Kisan Yojana scheme that provides for Rs 6,000 a year for small and marginal farmers. Bihar is a State where many farmers are small or marginal.

Of the total registered, at least 53.48 lakh farmers or 93 per cent of those registered had benefitted from DBT, making Bihar the eleventh-biggest beneficiary in the country.

This again has played a key factor in the Assembly elections.

Maybe, Bihar lacks jobs, lacks prosperity and development. But data show that the State has benefited from various schemes the Centre has implemented, particularly after Coronavirus set in.

That has played a silent role to some extent in NDA’s victory in the Assembly elections. It was something that observers, media and pollsters failed to read, much to their chagrin.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 7:15 am
by Muns
Well it’s good to see that our Arnab has finally managed to get out of jail with his Supreme Court card. Expect him to go after hammer and tongs now with regard to Uddhav. I think that he is got enough finances as well as connections to keep his life secure. I do feel that the BJP, moved to some extent a lot of muscle here. A lot of chief ministers personally phoned Uddhav such as Assam CM Sonowal and personally asked him to ensure Arnabs safety.

I think what Uddhav did was essentially dig his own grave. It’s not just Republic TV but the manner in which he tried to use his own station to try and incriminate Arnab because he got tired of hearing his show. Every common aam admi is talking about it and to some extent scared regarding it.

Also, great to see the Modi wave is still running. BJP has turned out to be the big brother in the alliance. I had thought that Nitish might actually step aside considering just 43 seats, but it seems that his place is secure. I really hope and am confident that Biharis will continue to see the see wave of change.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2020 5:24 pm
by chetak
Kanchan Gupta@KanchanGupta·1h

What a sight to behold. 5,84,572 diyas lit along Saryu in Sri Ram Ji ki Nagri this evening.

#AyodhyaDeepotsav #AyodhyaRamMandir


Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 4:28 pm
by chetak
appeasement and social engineering "expert" mumtaz begum fears the oncoming juggernaut that is inexorably heading towards the bengali heartland to crush everything in its way.

wonder what drives such anti national jehadi pasand politicos to harm their own civilizational roots and cultural heritage.

one fears that the critical mass may well have been reached and the civilizational and cultural onslaught orchestrated by the TMC may coalesce further on its own and continue unabated even without her "protection"

10 November: Mamata Banerjee Received Bad News On Two Fronts On The Same Day

10 November: Mamata Banerjee Received Bad News On Two Fronts On The Same Day

Jaideep Mazumdar
Nov 13, 2020

10 November: Mamata Banerjee Received Bad News On Two Fronts On The Same Day

Taking comfort in the exit polls, Mamata Banerjee was awaiting news of a crushing defeat for the NDA in Bihar elections, but she was deeply disappointed.

Wednesday, 10 November, was not supposed to have turned out the way it did for Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee.

She was eagerly awaiting news of a crushing defeat for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar just as the exit polls had predicted.

She was ready with the press releases and was rehearsing what she would tell the TV channels: that Bihar marked the beginning of the end for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and that the latter would come a cropper in Bengal next year.

Nearer home, the show of strength that a senior disgruntled Trinamool leader — Transport Minister Subhendu Adhikari — had planned at Nandigram (which pitchforked Mamata Banerjee to power) was supposed to have turned out to be a damp squib.

That’s what her loyalists had assured her. Adhikari’s rally at Nandigram would fetch very modest crowds and a parallel rally that the party (Trinamool) had organised at the same town the same day would be a mega event, they told her.

Nandigram also turned out to be a major disappointment that day for Banerjee.

Not only people from the Adhikari stronghold of East and West Midnapore districts, but even other districts like Purulia, Bankura, Jhargram, Hooghly and even Murshidabad turned up in huge numbers for his rally.

In contrast, the official Trinamool rally was a tepid affair that drew only modest crowds. The two rallies were organised to commemorate the killing of 14 people during the Nandigram stir in 2007.

As for Bihar, as Wednesday progressed and it became clear that the Mahagathbandhan would not sweep the elections as pollsters had predicted, Banerjee’s eager anticipation of a BJP defeat turned into severe disappointment.

Banerjee had, apart from getting her press releases ready and rehearsing her statements, also planned to announce that she would travel to Patna for the swearing-in of the Mahagathbandhan ministry.

She had also told her senior party colleagues that she would use the swearing-in ceremony, which she expected other opposition leaders to attend, to make another attempt to forge a pan-Indian anti-BJP front.

Banerjee had been nursing national ambitions and has been desperate to play a big role at the Centre.

That is why she organised a mega rally at Kolkata’s mammoth Brigade Parade ground on 19 January last year to which she had invited leaders of all non-NDA parties.

She hoped to lead such a political combination and become the king-maker. Or even occupy the throne herself.

At that rally in January last year, she had given a call for defeating the NDA government at the Centre. The Trinamool billed the rally as a huge success and said that Banerjee had emerged as the fulcrum of a powerful front against the BJP.

The Trinamool chief had truly believed that the NDA would face defeat in the Lok Sabha polls and had, accordingly, told her senior colleagues that she would have to devote more time at the Centre.

“She had told senior Trinamool leaders who are close to her that they would have to manage Bengal on their own as she would have to concentrate in running the government at the Centre. She had also hinted that she would be part of the government in New Delhi,” said a Trinamool insider.

A few senior Trinamool leaders had also started spreading the word around that Banerjee would become the next prime minister.

Those dreams were shattered on 23 May last year (the day the results of the Lok Sabha polls were announced) when the NDA posted a resounding victory. Banerjee was shocked and retreated into a shell, said Trinamool insiders.

This time, too, she had hoped that the defeat of the NDA in Bihar would trigger a coming together of non-NDA parties and she would play a lead role in that.

Once again, she was severely disappointed. So much so that by late Wednesday afternoon when it became clear that the NDA would edge past the Mahagathbandhan, she went into a foul mood and started snapping at her colleagues and office staff.

By Wednesday afternoon, reports of Subhendu Adhikari’s defiant speech targeting her (indirectly) also reached her, further fouling her mood.

She realised that the last-ditch efforts she had initiated to placate Subhendu Adhikari and draw him back into the Trinamool fold had failed.

Subhendu’s father Sisir Adhikari, a Lok Sabha member, had not attended the official party rally at Nandigram even though Banerjee had entrusted him with a major role in its organisation.

She realised that it was only a matter of time before the politically powerful Adhikari family— Sisir and his two sons Subhendu and Dibyendu (who is also a Lok Sabha MP) — broke ranks with her party.

That would pose a major challenge to the Trinamool in the two districts of East and West Midnapore and the neighbouring districts of Jhargram, Bankura and Purulia as well as Hooghly.

Also, the revolt by the Adhikaris would embolden other Trinamool leaders who are unhappy with her for various reasons to indulge in dissident activities and challenge her and her nephew and anointed heir Abhishek Banerjee.

The Bihar results would, she correctly assessed, boost the BJP’s morale and spur them to challenge her with renewed vigour. A defeat in Bihar would have dampened the BJP’s enthusiasm in Bengal, and that was what Banerjee was hoping for.

Apart from the NDA victory in Bihar, the news of Asaduddin Owaisi’s All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) bagging five seats in Seemanchal region of Bihar bordering Bengal was also deeply upsetting for Banerjee.

And when Owaisi, basking in the glory of his party’s electoral success, told TV news channels that his next target is Bengal, Banerjee knew the danger that was knocking on her door.

The AIMIM had been making inroads in Bengal over the past few years and is said to have gained considerable following in the Muslim-dominated districts of Malda and Murshidabad, as well as Muslim-majority areas of North and South 24 Parganas, Nadia and Birbhum.

The AIMIM has been telling Muslims that they are being used as convenient vote banks by the Trinamool, quite like how the Communist Party of India-Marxist or CPI(M) had also used them to hold on to power.

And that the Trinamool, like the CPI(M) before it, had done nothing for the socio-economic development of Muslims.

The AIMIM has also been telling Muslims that sops extended to the community in the form of monthly doles to imams and muezzins were meaningless and did nothing for the betterment of the community.

The AIMIM’s rallies have been attracting growing crowds and this has emerged as a major cause for concern for the Trinamool. Banerjee knows fully well that the AIMIM can severely dent her Muslim vote bank, and that can mean defeat for her at the hustings next year.

An upset and embattled Banerjee, scared of the prospect of losing power next year, spent a major part of Thursday (11 November) confabulating with her hired political strategist Prashant Kishor and some of her close aides.

What strategy she now adopts to curb dissidence within her party, beat back a resurgent BJP and counter the Brigade Parade remains to be seen.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 6:49 pm
by chetak
bias, no of course not. how dare you :mrgreen:

we are concerned only about the environment.

Not only firecracker ban: Three other loony ideas the NGT has come up with to ‘save the environment’

Not only firecracker ban: Three other loony ideas the NGT has come up with to ‘save the environment’

Ahead of Diwali, the NGT ordered a strict firecracker ban to enforced in all cities and towns where the ambient air quality was poor. It is not clear what they were doing the rest of the year to control pollution and why their attempts were not successful.

14 November, 2020
OpIndia Staff

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has been criticised widely by people on social media for its crackdown on crackers across the country. Ahead of Diwali, the NGT ordered a strict firecracker ban to enforced in all cities and towns where the ambient air quality was poor. It is not clear what they were doing the rest of the year to control pollution and why their attempts were not successful.

Sleeping the entire year and then ruining festivities for everyone on Diwali appears a rather bizarre move. But it’s not the only supremely idiotic move the NGT has proposed in recent times. Some of the solutions they have proposed to pollution are so unbelievably bizarre that they beggar belief. Any sensible country would disband the institution outright and be done with it. But not in our country.

In this report, we shall look into three of the greatest ideas they have come up with.

‘Explore alternatives to traditional cremation’
If Hindus were under the impression that they will be permitted to cremate their dead in peace, they are clearly mistaken. In 2016, the wise men of the NGT asked the Delhi government and the Union Environment Ministry to provide for alternative methods of cremation because the traditional way of cremation was too pollution. We are not joking.

The NGT bench said, “The issue involves question of faith and circumstances in which the people live, … It is, therefore, the responsibility of the men who lead, particularly religious leaders, to steer the faith in a direction so as to change the mindset of people practising their faith and make them adopt practices which are environment-friendly.”

The bench did not stop there, however, and went on to add that during traditional methods of cremation, “the forest cover is sacrificed and obnoxious gases emanated from the burning of human mortal remains pollute the air.” Words cannot capture the indecency of this remark, of course. But then again, such lunacy is the hallmark of Indian governance.

In July, however, the NGT refused to entertain a plea that sought a direction for the installation of alternative methods of cremation to reduce air pollution and to control the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

‘No Mantra chanting at Amarnath Cave’
It is another brilliant idea that the NGT came up with in 2017. The NGT declared the Amarnath cave Shrine a ‘silence zone’ and prohibited religious offerings beyond the entry point. Earlier, the NGT had claimed that declaring the area a ‘silence zone’ will help prevent avalanches. “Nobody would be permitted to carry anything from the stairs leading to the holy cave and everybody should be properly frisked at the entry point. From the point of stairs and the area inside the cave should be declared silence zone,” the NGT bench said.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) was not pleased with such antics and labelled it a “Tughlaki fatwa”. Subsequently, the NGT appeared to walk back on its delusional order and ‘clarified’ that there was no ‘silence zone’ had been declared at the Amarnath Cave Shrine.

‘No Chhat Puja at Sarobar Lake’
Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim and authorities in West Bengal were running pillar to post in September to ensure that the NGT order banning Chhat Puja at the Rabindra Sarobar lake in Kolkata. However, the NGT rejected the West Bengal government’s plea which proposed to facilitate the Hindu festival at the said place.

Subsequently, the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) approached the Supreme Court regarding the matter. The Bench has posted the matter for hearing on the 16th of November. It is also pertinent to remember that despite the ban, Hindus had proceeded to stormed inside and offered the Puja at the lake.

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Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:19 pm
by chetak

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 3:57 pm
by crams
On Deepavali fire cracker ban, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli jumps into the fray and starts giving gyan. These celebrity idiots don't think before pontificating. But he is paying the price on SM with tweeple asking him and his Bollywood wife to eschew many other indulgences of theirs like SUVs, jet travel and such that causes far more damage to the environment. ... 5631038464

Also, coming to this guy's cricket, I think he should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on his batting and Indian team taking on the mighty Aussies on their own turn. If anyone here is a cricket fanatic like me, you will notice that Virat Kohli has not been in form lately. He came out pauper in the ODI and test series against NZ earlier this year, and his performance in the just concluded IPL was barely mediocre. And he even embarrassingly dropped some simple catches that he would otherwise gulp in his sleep. So enough of his gyan, his celebrity BS reports on what he did and ate with Anushka, and get back to scoring runs and winning matches for India.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:52 am
by Muns
I think most of the celebrities get caught up with the pressure of trying to release some gyan on important festival days. Crackers seem to be the new target with regard to keeping pollution free. Pollution seems to be the biggest scapegoat for most problems in India. Nobody really cares about the massive stubble burning coming from Punjab but it's those crackers that are 90% responsible for the smog. :? Guys like Kohli have nothing much left to offer in the gyan world and so picking whatever seems most treatable for the fans enmasse.

The biggest t*it is that Kejriwal, who is now blaming the increase in Covid 19 cases to pollution as well. :shock:

Kohli I feel is a world-class batsmen. Unfortunately over the last few months I haven't had much time to focus on Cricket especially the IPL. However when he really gets going is nothing short of incredible.He went through somewhat of a lean patch right now but I think the fact that wife is pregnant and expecting first child must be also weighing on his mind.
Let's see, he has the future with regard to breaking even Sachins records at the rate that he is going.
Will be limited to just watching the highlights unfortunately, in view of time.

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Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:43 am
by chetak

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:27 pm
by chetak
Bihar: BJP Signals Change In Equations; Nitish Kumar Won’t Get A Free Run

Bihar: BJP Signals Change In Equations; Nitish Kumar Won’t Get A Free Run

Jaideep Mazumdar
Nov 17, 2020

Bihar: BJP Signals Change In Equations; Nitish Kumar Won’t Get A Free Run

Nitish Kumar, for all practical purposes, will be a transition chief minister for the next five years (or maybe for a shorter period of time) till the BJP takes over Bihar from him.

Nitish Kumar may have retained the post of Chief Minister despite his party — the Janata Dal (United) — slipping to the position of junior partner in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar, but it is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which will be calling the shots from now on.

This became amply evident when Sushil Kumar Modi (SuMo), who had been Nitish Kumar’s number two since 2005 (except for a brief period from June 2013 to July 2017 when Kumar left the NDA to join the RJD-led Mahagathbandhan), was not elected the leader of the BJP legislature party.

The BJP’s choice of Tarkishore Prasad (an OBC) and Renu Devi (an EBC) as the two deputy chief ministers is pregnant with meaning.

One, it signals BJP’s intent to aggressively woo women, OBCs and EBCs; all three categories have been supporters of Nitish Kumar.

Prasad, who belongs to the Kalwar sub-caste that falls in the Baishya caste, is a powerful orator and a strong personality. He has close links with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP’s central leadership.

He is a four-time MLA from Katihar, which falls in the Seemanchal region where Muslims form a significant chunk of the electorate.

Renu Devi, who started off as a member of the RSS-affiliated Durga Vahini and then joined the BJP Mahila Morcha, is a five-time MLA from Bettiah in the Paschim Champaran district of Bihar, bordering Uttar Pradesh and Nepal.

Renu Devi belongs to the Nonia caste which is in the EBC category. She is also considered to be a powerful personality. Both Devi and Prasad are close to SuMo and acknowledged him as their political mentor after the swearing-in ceremony on Monday.

By not re-nominating SuMo as deputy chief minister, the BJP has signalled to Nitish Kumar that it will now exert itself.

SuMo has been very close to Kumar and the two were often referred to as the Ram and Lakshman (Nitish as Ram and SuMo as Lakshman) of Bihar.

Nitish Kumar had been leveraging his friendship with SuMo to extract many concessions from the BJP.

SuMo had been used in the past to keep aggressive BJP MLAs and ministers in check. He (SuMo) had often interceded on Kumar’s behalf with the BJP central leadership.

Kumar would have been very comfortable with SuMo as his deputy. By replacing SuMo, the BJP has made it clear that it will no longer give Nitish Kumar a comfortable time.

An equal number of MLAs from the BJP and Janata Dal (United) or JD(U) — five each — were sworn in along with Nitish Kumar and the two deputy CMs from the BJP on Monday. One each from the Vikasheel Insan Party (VIP) and the Hindustan Awam Morcha (Secular) were also sworn in.

However, the BJP will demand a greater share in the council of ministers and a large number of important departments for its ministers.

It will also demand that Nitish Kumar, who had retained the Home and other important portfolios including Vigilance, let go of them.

Nitish Kumar had, in his past three terms, justified inducting more ministers from his party citing the JD(U)’s superior strength in the assembly.

With the JD(U) now having only 43 MLAs against the BJP’s 74, the latter will demand the application of the same formula for a higher share of portfolios.

In the last assembly, the JD(U) had 71 MLAs and 18 ministers while the BJP had 52 and 13 ministers, including Sushil Modi.

Going by the same formula, the BJP should be getting 20 ministerial berths and the JD(U) 11.

The BJP has already made it clear to Nitish Kumar very subtly that it was magnanimous in adhering to its promise to make him the chief minister despite the JD(U)’s inferior strength in the assembly.

The subtle message was that Kumar should be happy that he is the chief minister and should not demand a disproportionate share of portfolios from his own partymen or the important portfolios that JD(U) ministers held earlier.

The BJP has demanded the post of the Speaker which has, so far, been held by the JD(U). BJP’s Nand Kishore Yadav is likely to be its choice for the Speaker’s post.

Senior BJP leaders told Swarajya that the party will demand agriculture, transport, rural development, water resources, animal and fishery resources, finance, road construction, revenue, health and industries portfolios, among others.

This choice of portfolios also signals the BJP’s intent to rule Bihar from 2025, if not earlier.

“By wooing all the sections that form Nitish Kumar’s core support base, and demanding portfolios through which it can develop Bihar as per its agenda, the BJP has made its intent very clear. It will rule Bihar on its own and others, including the JD(U) will be junior partners,” said political scientist Ram Baran Yadav.

The BJP will extract as much as it can from Nitish Kumar and will also demand a far greater say in governance.

Nitish Kumar had, till now, a free hand in running the government and his style of functioning was unilateral. He would barely consult his ministers or the BJP on important policy matters.

That will change now and Nitish Kumar will have to consult the BJP and his cabinet colleagues more often. He has to adopt a more democratic style of functioning.

The BJP knows too well that Nitish Kumar is hardly in a position to resist. Apart from the JD(U)’s inferior numbers, Nitish Kumar also had little option other than sticking to the BJP.

Any political adventurism on his part will cost Nitish Kumar very dearly now. If he tries to break away from the NDA and join hands with the RJD-led Mahagathbandhan like he did in June 2013, his credibility will be destroyed forever.

Nitish Kumar knows that this is his last term as chief minister and he would not like to be remembered as an unprincipled politician. He also knows that the RJD will also dominate over him if he migrates to the Mahagathbandhan.

Also, the JD(U) will surely split if Nitish Kumar makes any effort to walk out of the NDA. Many senior JD(U) leaders and MLAs will join the BJP and Nitish Kumar will be left with a rump of his party.

The BJP has, thus, signalled it will not play second fiddle to Nitish Kumar. Though the BJP will give Kumar his due respect, the Chief Minister will have to give the BJP a much greater say in governance.

But the more important takeaway is that the BJP has already started preparing for the 2025 elections by wooing Nitish Kumar’s support base.

Nitish Kumar, for all practical purposes, will be a transition chief minister for the next five years (or maybe for a shorter period of time) till the BJP takes over Bihar from him.

Also read: ... e-alliance

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:34 am
by saurabh
we have covered a good issue of why Muslims are choosing AIMM over congress. We did this interview with CP Kaushik Ji Hindu Mahasabha head

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:38 pm
by crams
MunsJi et. al,

Wonder if you are following 2 developments in desh:

1. The laws against love Jihad in MP and UP
2. The situation in J&K particularly the upcoming Panchayat elections

On Love Jihad, the dichotomy between the Lutyen elites and rustic BJP sons of the soil is as stark as night and day:

1. The Lutyen elite contemptuously reject any notion on love Jihad. And they have turned this into a 'woman's right to choose' and BJP wants to 'control women' BS. And I see this narrative being peddled in white media too like Economist colonial rag and Guardian.

2. The BJP on the other hand based on what they are seeing on the ground narrate their side of the story that Muslim men dupe poor Hindu women into marriage and then forcibly convert them. On TV 'debates', useless priks like Sreenivasan Jain and Rajdeep Turdesai will have Islamist westernized bimbos like Fara Naqvi or the uncouth Vrinda Grover who in their polished English will denigrate and mock a poor English-challenged BJP bloke for his claims. They don't want to hear what BJP's claim is.

3. My take: I don't believe the propaganda by Lutyens that BJP is opposed to inter faith marriage. Compete bogus. And I will stick my neck out and say that while woman's right to chose her partner is all fine and dandy, but in the case of uneducated, poor Hindu women who are lured by more well endowed Muslim men, their right to choose means nothing. They need to be protected against these marauding Islamic frauds.

Bottom line: there is a lot substance in BJP's narrative of love Jihad, and needs a careful societal study and laws thereof. But even after 6+ years of BJP govt, Lutyen cabal still dominating the 'intellectual' discourse, no chance of approaching this in a rational, calm manner IMO. The Lutyens simply hate BJP & Hinduism and as I said above, dominate the discourse.

On J&K, lots to write about. Later

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:42 pm
by chetak

Why do we burst crackers during Diwali

The SC lawyer Sai Deepak explains

This isn't a recent talk.

It is an excerpt from my talk delivered in Hyderabad on November 11, 2018.

Here is the link to the entire session -

via Sai Deepak J@jsaideepak

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 12:30 am
by Muns
Hi CRamS,

I’m really not sure if the Lutyens media are really having an effect as they once did a decade ago. What they will try to project and what your aam admi are really thinking now has changed I feel over the last 8 years. You can only try to deny that the wolf doesn’t exist maybe three or four times. When it happens for hundreds maybe thousands of times, the evidence then is overwhelming that people on the ground themselves get overwhelmingly angry.

I think there’s a lot of seething anger when it comes to these kinds of cases of love jihad. We recently did a video on this regarding the Faridabad incident of Nikita Tomar and Tauseef. People on the streets from what I understand was seething about this incident.
The word is spreading and I think there is really palpable anger on the streets regarding this and many others. Hence the reason for the BJP coming out and passing the law.

Western media may try to do what they can, but what is concurrently also happening in their countries is a rise of terrorism and they increasingly cannot ignore this as well. It would be in India’s best interest to highlight the specific phenomenon love jihad and link it to the same kind of Islamic rape violence that we have seen in Britain as well as Sweden and Norway.
I think that there is multiple different kinds of disinformation happening. I was recently thinking to myself why the overwhelming focus on UP.

I once read somewhere that if UP was a country, it would be the fifth largest country in the world in terms of population. Yogi, I believe has been on a war footing to try and improve the standards of living in this relatively poor state. If he does so, we are looking at the ruling BJP sticking put for quite a long time.

Hence the disinformation campaign daily on English news media when it comes to every single road accident that may occur or even random homicides and blaming of the Yogi government.
This is the new ploy I feel. Try to create a feeling of anarchy rule in BJP run states by focusing on unfortunate events such as ongoing traffic accidents as well as homicides. Then in the sleight-of-hand, also mentioned that Yogi is busy with Diwali preparations as well.

Unfortunately, there is not one media organization I feel that will truly give you the facts laid bare. Eventually, it always becomes a battle of convincing minds. What we need to constantly show and talk about are those cases of love jihad like Nikita that we can call out by name. Make them martyrs and highlight the global Islamic war in all forms.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:16 am
by Muns
Honestly read this on website after post above. I'm glad editor is focusing on things we've discussed in past.

Yogi government to bring law against Love Jihad ... ove-jihad/
Yogi Adityanath-led government in Uttar Pradesh has sent a proposal that can bring a stringent law against religious menace, in the name of love jihad that has been targeting and killing Hindus. After the brutal and shocking murder of Nikita Tomar in Faridabad by a Muslim man named Tauseef, Haryana has joined Madhya Pradesh in bringing about a law that can protect Hindus that can curb them forced conversions into Islam. So far, Haryana, MP and UP have faced many incidents which were trapped in the rising menace of Muslim men pretending to be Hindu to lure Hindu girls into relationships, a phenomenon known as love jihad.
Also Saurabh above is on the podcast. Nov 21st release ... .58-AM.mp3

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:15 pm
by chetak
At long last, there seems to be a consolidation of sorts that is slowly taking place and its gathering momentum is panicking the dravidian and the communal separatists who are funded by and are also closely aligned to the diktats of the BIF.

the ltte and its destructive eelam construct driven by religious fundoos is ever present in the background. the propaganda machinery, much like the bullywood version has taken deep roots in this fractured society and is disseminated widely through the cable network and the vile anti national and anti majority fulminations of these completely unregulated tv channels is another dominant characteristic of these religious chauvinists.

via swarajyamag.

After Giving A Miss Twice, Home Minister Amit Shah Finally Visits Tamil Nadu, Leaves His Mark On The State

After Giving A Miss Twice, Home Minister Amit Shah Finally Visits Tamil Nadu, Leaves His Mark On The State

by M R Subramani - Nov 23, 2020

After Giving A Miss Twice, Home Minister Amit Shah Finally Visits Tamil Nadu, Leaves His Mark On The State

Significant developments during Amit Shah’s visit to Tamil Nadu, observers say, have rattled the DMK, and signalled that BJP is in for a long haul in the state.

At least twice in the past Union Home Minister Amit Shah had cancelled his visit to Tamil Nadu at the last minute.

But on Saturday (21 November), he kept his date with the state and has left an impact both within his party and the opposition, led by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) that it will take some time for them to realise what hit them.

Shah’s two-day visit to Chennai was in connection with inaugurating a slew of government schemes.

Primary among them were the ground-laying ceremony for the second phase of 173-km long Chennai Metro Rail at an outlay of Rs 61,483 crore, inaugurating the Rs 900 crore jetty at Kamarajar Port and launching a check dam and barrage with sluice gates across the Cauvery river in Karur district at a cost of Rs 406 crore.

Shah also inaugurated the fifth reservoir for Greater Chennai at a cost of over Rs 350 crore, laid the foundation stone for an elevated expressway project in Coimbatore at a cost of Rs 1,620 crore, and launched the expansion of Chennai Trade Centre at an outlay of Rs 309 crore.

Inaugurating the schemes, the Home Minister said: “the schemes and funds provided to Tamil Nadu by the Central government are not meant for help but it is the right of Tamil Nadu that were not being given to it but Modi ji ensured that now Tamil Nadu gets its rights.”

But Shah smartly used the opportunity to highlight the fact that most of what the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) was passing off as schemes of the Edappadi K Palaniswami (EPS) government were that of the Union government.

However, there were two significant developments during the Home Minister’s visit to Tamil Nadu.

More importantly in a gesture that should definitely cause concern for the opposition parties, pro-Tamil and anti-national elements, Shah chose to get down from his vehicle in the convoy from the airport on his way to the function and defiantly walked on the road greeting the crowd that had gathered to welcome him.

It was indeed an open challenge to those who had trended and been trending #GoBackAmitShah on Friday and Saturday. The image will linger for long, especially given what Amit Shah told the people of the state and his cadres later.

The Home Minister made his intentions clear that the BJP is in for a long haul in the state, apologising for his inability to speak in Tamil.

One, the AIADMK announced that it will continue its alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the state assembly elections scheduled in six months time. The announcement was made by Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam before Chief Minister EPS endorsed it.

The announcement had a mixed reaction in both parties. The AIADMK has been preventing Tamil Nadu BJP to take out “Vel Yatra” in protest against the ridiculing of “Kanda Shasthi”, the hymn in praise of Lord Skanda.

The BJP has been bitterly attacking the AIADMK government for this, and rumours had begun doing rounds that it would jettison the regional party.

There are a few in the AIADMK who think that BJP might cost it precious votes among the minorities, and that many in Tamil Nadu are opposed to the national party.

There are observers who feel that the AIADMK has already lost the minority votes and thus feel it will be a win-win for both as it could help consolidation of Hindu votes.

Though neither Shah nor the BJP has said anything on this, the fact that the national party has not refuted the development is a proof that the alliance is almost a done thing now for the assembly elections.

Until Shah’s visit, the general view was both BJP and the AIADMK were headed for a split particularly with the EPS government ordering an investigation against Anna University Vice-Chancellor M K Surappa, seen as one of the cleanest educationists in the country.

Probably, state Higher Education Minister K P Anbalagan may have to pay a price for this indiscretion.

Amit Shah, who addressed his party leaders at a city hotel on Saturday night, has asked them to work for the party’s development and leave the rest to the leadership. He is also reported to have asked his partymen to focus on 50 assembly seats.

Talks now doing the rounds say that the BJP could contest anywhere between 25 and 40 seats in the assembly elections with the AIADMK promising a major share in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections as per “MGR formula”.

Shah’s visit has also reportedly sealed the seat-sharing among the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) constituents with the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) and Tamil actor Vijayakanth’s Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) on board.

Local media has reported that Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth’s message has been passed on to Shah through Tughlaq Editor and Swadesh Jagran Manch convenor S Gurumurthi when they both met for more than an hour on Saturday.

The NDA and BJP will also be getting a helping hand from M K Alagiri, former Union minister and expelled DMK leader who can make a difference in the southern region, particularly Madurai and its suburbs. One of his trusted lieutenants K P Ramalingam joined the BJP during Shah's visit.

These developments are seen as a major success of Shah’s visit to Chennai.

Of more concern to the opposition, particularly the DMK, should be that this time around, the NDA might not be found wanting as in 2019 when the latter was drubbed in the Lok Sabha polls.

Political observers say that Shah’s statements during his visit have rattled the DMK.

There are rumours that the BJP is out to settle the score against the DMK and its president M K Stalin, particularly for their #gobackModi campaigns whenever the Prime Minister had come to Chennai.

Probably, Shah indicated some tough days ahead for the DMK with his remarks that “dynastic rule and corrupt governance” and comparing it with the AIADMK rule of the late M G Ramachandran and J Jayalalithaa.

His remarks that “only democratic forces will prevail” and a reminder about the 2G scam, some observers say, are warnings for the DMK.

That Shah’s remark against DMK has drawn a prompt response from Stalin is a fair enough indicator that things have begun to hot up in Tamil Nadu politics and it may not be a smooth ride for the opposition as in 2019.