Hindu Sikh Relations in India and Abroad

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Re: Hindu Sikh Relations in India and Abroad

Post by Aditya_V » Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:22 am

Taking ISI money and being anti Sikh, if these guys really want Khalistan, let them fight for land 30 KM west of Amristar where the Sikhs have been reduced to 20000 and holy places of their gurus is being desecrated. They must first demand that only Jatka meat must be used places where there Sikh's ruled.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri ... 423037.cms

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Re: Hindu Sikh Relations in India and Abroad

Post by Lilo » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:49 pm

Did Canada’s obstruction of meet between radical Sikh groups and Ram Madhav in 2016 sour ties with India?
Failed November 2016 talks between radical Sikh groups and BJP leader Ram Madhav may not have been the only trigger. But it was among several incidents, key interlocutors involved in negotiations said, which contributed to the trust deficit between India...

Did the obstruction by Canadian authorities of a crucial meeting between radical Sikh groups and an interlocutor and senior BJP leader Ram Madhav in 2016 contribute to the frosty reception accorded to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his visit to India?

People familiar with the matter believe it may have been one event, and a very significant one, in a long list of incidents that have affected relations between the two countries.

In November 2016, Madhav travelled to Canada for a meeting with Sikh groups that had been arranged by UK-based Jasdev Singh Rai of the Sikh Human Rights Group. The plan was for Rai to travel from the UK to join Madhav in Toronto as the Sikh representatives were unwilling to hold talks in Rai’s absence.

Rai, a British citizen who had travelled to Canada at least 25 times and had kept the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in the loop about his contacts with the Sikh groups, put in a request for an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to Canada on November 17, 2016, thinking it would be a mere formality.

However, the ETA clearance – usually done within 24 hours – never came and Rai was unable to join Madhav in Canada, two people familiar with the developments said.

Madhav, who had earlier participated in similar talks with UK-based Sikh groups (also organised by Rai) and had plans to discuss the terms of a dialogue with Canada-based Sikh groups, was angered after he was left cooling his heels in Toronto, one of the two added on condition of anonymity.

In Rai’s absence, the key Sikh groups refused to join the talks and Madhav could only meet two representatives, Ranjit Singh and Parminder Singh, before he left Canada for the US after about 24 hours, this person added.

The second person familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified, confirmed this turn of events.

Rai, currently in Geneva for meetings at the UN, on Wednesday accused the Canadian government of “sabotaging” the Indian government’s efforts to engage Sikh separatists in a dialogue. He said Canadian authorities had formally told him about his ETA being denied on “security grounds” only on January 27, 2017 – more than two months after he had applied for it.

“Trudeau should stop pretending that he is defending freedom of expression of Khalistanis and come clean that his government has obstructed the peace dialogue process between the Modi Government and Sikh separatists,” Rai said.

The second person familiar with the matter said Indian authorities had learnt that Rai had been denied a visa after pro-Khalistan groups lobbied Canada’s defence minister Harjit Sajjan, a key member of Trudeau’s cabinet. Sajjan is understood to have played a part in blocking the visa, and India was not happy.

Both people maintained that Trudeau may not have been aware of all the details of the matter as he had been “misled” on the activities of the Sikh radical groups by Indian-origin members of his cabinet, particularly Sajjan and innovation, science and economic development minister Navdeep Bains, both Sikhs.

The Canadian prime minister’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Keeping the Khalistan issue alive in Canada helps some Indian-origin ministers get votes and this is crucial because Canada is set to go to the polls in 2019. Also, keeping this issue alive makes it appear to the constituents that these politicians are doing something on the matter,” said the first person.

Besides the scuppering of the planned talks with the Sikh groups, the case of Jagtar Singh alias Jaggi Johal has created tensions between Indian and Canadian security agencies. Johal, a British national who was arrested in Jalandhar in Punjab on November 4, has been linked to the targeted killing of eight people, including Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Shiv Sena members, over the past two years.

Indian security agencies believe radical Sikh groups in Vancouver and Toronto were among the main financiers of Johal. However, other people familiar with the matter said Indian security agencies had received virtually no cooperation from their Canadian counterparts in investigating the sources of funding.

India raised the issue of stopping the funding from the Sikh groups during several recent meetings with Canada’s top security officials and agencies but is yet to see any action being taken on the ground, a third person said.

India’s efforts to reach out to Sikh separatists began before Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UK in 2015, when the political dispensation in New Delhi decided it was important to “neutralise Khalistani propaganda”.
One way to do this was to reach out to UK-based Sikh groups directly and the BJP’s influential general secretary Madhav went to meet community leaders.

Given his role in organising community events during Modi’s visits to foreign capitals and his close interest in foreign policy and security affairs, Madhav was seen as a natural pick. Rai played a key role in facilitating the meetings in the UK. The effort paid dividends; some 30 Sikh representatives briefly met Modi and others later held talks with home minister Rajnath Singh. New Delhi also removed many leaders from a “blacklist” that prevented several overseas Sikhs, once active in the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) and the Khalistan movement, from visiting the country.

Following this success, it was decided that a similar effort should be made to reach out to Sikh groups in Canada. Rai went to Canada in March-April 2016 and managed to persuade leaders of the main Khalistani groups of the benefit of a dialogue, the first and the second person said.

The outreach happened with the knowledge and sanction of the Indian government but the denial of a visa to Rai stalled the process, they added.

The failed November 2016 talks may not have been the only trigger. But it was among several incidents, key interlocutors involved in negotiations said, which contributed to the trust deficit between the two governments.

Much has already been made of the cold welcome accorded to Trudeau when he arrived in India on February 17 for an eight day visit, only half-a-day of which has been set aside for official engagements, including a meeting with Modi.
SC has been "handled" by NaMo to constitute a new SIT to pry open sealed cases and to get to the culprits of antisikh pogrom conducted by the Congies in 1984.
In concert RamMadhav is engaging the more moderate khalistanis in the overseas Sikh diaspora to bring them back into the Indian mainstream all the while RSS absorbs bloody sacrifices by its men in Punjab by the more radical of the overseas Khalistani groups .
The focus and the determination to bridge the Hindu-Sikh cleavage of the 80s by NaMo/RSS is spellbinding.
If one remembers it's the same way Assamese had been brought into the mainstream of Bharat after the sacrifices of countless RSS activists over a 40 year period.
Similar way Nagas will be welcomed into indic conciousness as soon as BJP heads the state(good chances in current election) overseeing the implementing the Naga accords and finishing off the oldest insurgency in the Indian Subcontinent.

Sometimes I wonder what did the RSS haters on this forum like RahulTheMehta or the More Yindu Than Yindu(MYTY) Swamytards and other posers infesting SM achieve in their short life of PIF activism to constantly belittle the sacrifices of RSS and it's members as a daily ritual?

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Re: Hindu Sikh Relations in India and Abroad

Post by Aditya_V » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:49 am

That is how the INC C system works, it will try and paint RSS as Fascists to minorities and INC and BJP are the same to Hindus. The idea to basically allow the INC system to continue. All this while their NAC gang, Jyothimani, Seeman etc try and break India.

Not that NM or BJP are perfect, far from it and have many shortcomings, but the opposition SP-TMC, INC, CPI(M) , DMK are working for a post Hindu India it would be foolish for the country to once again give the keys of governance to Raga and his gang in 2019. In fact we will need to wipe this system out which seems to gotten everywhere in India.

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Re: Hindu Sikh Relations in India and Abroad

Post by sbajwa » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:56 pm

From my friend Amandeep Madra

It's the last day of #blackhistorymonth today. A month to revive and remember figures of African heritage. Born to an Abyssinian mother, Maharani Bamba Duleep Singh is often overlooked for her African heritage. As indeed are her children, including Suffragette Sophia Duleep Singh, who were a quarter Abyssinian themselves.

Bamba was the daughter of a respected German banker, Ludwig Muller and an "Abyssinian slave". Already married and now with a mixed race child Ludwig quickly sent Bamba to a Missionary School for education and preparation for marriage. Little is known of the fate of Bamba's mother. She was however likely to have been of Ethiopian heritage - the enslaved people of whom in the 1800s were known as Abyssinians.

Duleep Singh now in his mid 20s, was keen to be married. The tricky topic of race had dogged conversations to that point. Queen Victoria had personally tried to find a good Christian girl of suitable social standing and simultaneously brown enough not to cause a social scandal. Oddly there was an Indian Princess who, exactly like Duleep Singh, was exiled, Christianised and a favourite of Queen Victoria. Despite that Duleep Singh and the Princess Gourramma of Coorg couldn't be convinced to marry.

In 1864 while on passage to India (in order to cremate his mother's remains in Bombay, Duleep Singh spent some time in Cairo and used the opportunity to visit centres of Christian Missionary activity, including to the American Presbyterian missionary's Girls School where the 16 year old Bamba was a "beautiful and unsophisticated" pupil. After just a few weeks, having seen her from a distance and enquiring about her background, Duleep Singh wrote for a more formal inroduction:

"What I wished to have spoken to you about was whether there was in either of your schools a truly Christian girl who has joined the Church, and whom you and Miss Dales could recommend me for a wife. Being an Easterner myself, it is very desirable that I should find a wife from the same quarter of the globe.....
Rank and position in life are of no consequence to me. What I want is a truly Christian girl who loves the Lord Jesus in sincerity and truth."

A marriage followed careful negotiations, Bamba became a Maharani, probably the only Maharani to never have visited the kingdom into which she was married. Instead to Scotland where the Maharaja had a home and was known as the Black Prince of Perthshire. A boy was born, but died in the first few days. They moved south to Elveden where the Cairo missionaries kept an eye on her reporting that "life in England . . . [had] some dark experiences, and the sunset hour.”

Poor Bamba did not take too easily to the highest circles of British social life (the prince being honored as second to the Royal Family). While at the same time, the prince’s game and shooting hobbies, and frivolous life took a lot of his time and finances away from his family. She was kept busy enough with her six children born during the first fifteen years of their union.

Bamba maintained some kind of family normalcy and a pious Christian upbringing for her children while her husband started a revolution from his Drawing Room.

Duleep Singh gathered his enormous family and took flight to India to inspire revolt against the British Government. When that failed Bamba and six children were abandoned penniless and without any support in London. Duleep Singh had taken a mistress (now pregnant). Bamba, humiliated, without money or help, was now broken. Reports to Queen Victoria in 1886 revealed the pathetic situation of the 39 year old Maharani "whether from despair or being neglected she had taken to drinking alcohol to an injurious extent.”

Then on September 18, 1887, Queen Victoria received a telegram while staying at her home in Balmoral: “Regret inform you Maharani died of collapse suddenly this morning with renal complications following chill on Friday. Sir William Gull’s representative Dr. Acland was in attendance. Prince Victor is here. Mother unconscious twelve hours before death. Family wish buried at Elveden. Am arranging accordingly.

She is buried in Elveden, next to her husband and her youngest son.

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Re: Hindu Sikh Relations in India and Abroad

Post by Sunny » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:49 am

Brit Khalistanis joined forces with their Jihadi loving Kashmiri friends in London.
PM Modi in UK: Tricolour ripped as protests turn violent
https://www.google.co.uk/amp/indianexpr ... 4601/lite/

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Re: Hindu Sikh Relations in India and Abroad

Post by Muns » Sun Sep 24, 2023 3:03 pm

Recent news with regard to tension between India and Canada have been troubling. What Trudeau has done is effectively trying to label India as a rogue state. Khalistanis have effectively had a field day with this.
Now the majority of them, have got even more ammunition to go straight to the top and demand answers from Modi.
Many of these pro Christian agenda groups are now giving Khalistanis a space to voice their ongoing propaganda against India and Modi.

Common themes that I continue to see from the Khalistanis Include:

There has been no accountability for 1984 attacks and genocide of the Sikhs.

That's the thing, anyone can just get on Wikipedia and see the results. There has been numerous investigations and commissions into this.
Manmohan Singh, apologized for this on the floor of the parliament.
This was a unfortunately a congress-led progrom that unfortunately led to massacre of the Sikhs at that time. The head of the mob was Jagdish tytler who is a Christian. Numerous other Christians were likely involved with the congress being mainly a Christian run party.
I have just read that the Delhi govt has let off Sajjan Kumar. More needs to be looked into this.

It is only much later that with the help of Modi and shah that many of these rioters have been brought to justice. There are even reports that everyone of the family members of those killed were paid Compensation of 5 lakhs.

Indian government was responsible for the attack on Golden Temple.

Yes because they were harboring a terrorist called Bhindranwale who let the guerrilla attack against the Indian government for years. In the end it was Indian Sikh regiment an Indian army sikhs who entered the Golden Temple and brought him to justice.

I'm not even going to get into the other propaganda of Hindus and another minorities. This can be easily negated by the fact that as Hindus we are likely the largest community who is faced persecution and genocide for hundreds of years. We can easily pull up reports with regard to each act of terrorism. From jihadists, Christian missionaries and Khalistanis.

Now we're getting to even see all of the videos of Nijjar shooting off assault rifles in training camps. What we need is a clear video of this to distribute.

What Canada has done to Even talk about this on the floor of the house just to give it legitimacy.

This is not a khashoggi equivalent. That was plain and simple murder in an embassy for well known journalist. If there was any truth to it, it is more like a Mossad strike. If India has really developed the capability to strike at the heart of these terrorists in lands where they've been housed and protected and really it should be applauded.

Far too long We have sat on the sidelines and been on the receiving end of numerous terrorist organizations. I'm glad to see and hear that we are taking the stands to hunt some of these ruthless killers down.

However, what concerns me is that for Sikhs and Hindus staying together for generations, this will be an increasingly polarizing discussion if we can't get the facts right.

While I know that khalistanis are in the minority Hope that the majority of Sikh leaders will slowly start to speak up without fear of reprisals.

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