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Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:54 pm
by Muns
Looks like Pakistanis are enjoying the taste of grass. While they have denied overflight for India heading westward its which means that we ever had to Do a dog leg maneuver from Delhi to head anywhere west.

Apparently they want India to remove forward fighters from their bases 1st. Aman Ki Asha types will point to the huge costs incurred by India To take on this dog leg maneuver. However it seems that it really hurts Pakistan and PIA more.

Losing up to almost 100 million since the or flight ban was created. Close to $750000 a day. Flights to Malaysia as well as Thailand which were regular flights have been permanently canceled.

I say keep the ban on. Let PIA roll into bankruptcy like the rest of the terror state ... llion.html

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Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:07 am
by Muns
It seems that Pakistan has decided to open their airspace to allow air traffic as above. I think in the long run it started to hurt them more than it did to us. I do not think that India would've really moved the Sukhois away from there forward basis so basically another capitulation by Pakistan.
I'm all for easing the pain and suffering of the common traveler, but it seems that they were really bankrupting PIA as well. Wonder what would've happened if we did not reciprocate. Another Pakistani industry in the hole.
Aman Ki Asha types on NDTV constantly kept running this news as of more Indian airlines were going bankrupt and it was untenable.

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Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:47 am
by Muns
Pakistan is left floundering in trying to create a response really to Kulbhushan Jadav at the international Court of Justice. It seems that there is only so much diplomatic loss that they can really take. Pakistani papers are abound with claiming that this was a victory in their favor, because they weren't asked to give back Kulbhushan to India. Also while the death sentence has been stayed for now, this is something that is still really a possibility for him. At the very least, he'll be able to get consular access as well as build some kind of defense.

I wonder if there's any further diplomatic pressure that we could place on Pakistan to allow them to return him.
I once wrote previously on how Pakistanis must deal with an identity crisis in constantly losing every moral as well as diplomatic and military engagement with India. How do Pakistanis, really deal with their upbringing in that 1 momin is equal to 10 kufr. Islamic history is abound about how a momin was fantastically able to fight off dozens of kufr single-handedly because of the power of his belief. How do Pakistanis now reconcile constantly losing every engagement they have. Well come to think of it is simply denial.
Deny, deny, deny it never happened......

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Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:14 am
by Muns
So it looks to be that Imran Khan is traveling to the US for a discussion with Trump. I heard her relatively small piece on NPR today that may give us some insight into why Trump would be willing to talk to Khan, who is being escorted by the ISI to weigh in on this meeting. Also, it seems to be that they have briefly put Hafiz Sayeed under house arrest again for optics.
Apparently Afghanistan and control of the Taliban isn't going according to what from would like hence being forced to negotiate with Khan. Let's see what comes out of this. Hopefully no new funding the terrorist state. The US however has always tried to play both sides of the fence with regard to India and Pakistan.

On a different note, wouldn't we all wish that the movie Phantom had a appropriate theme with Hafiz Sayeed getting gunned down by Indian spy. Who knows? ... s-d-c-trip

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Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:03 am
by Muns
Looks like Imran Khan managed to squeeze Trump for a statement of that he would be more than grateful to mediated if asked. As usual, the US is played the middle ground with trying to offer a few nuts for Imran Khan and his ISI entourage.
I don't think anything more substantial has come out of the meeting. Let us wait and see. He can return home with more promises from the Americans who have given so much to them over the last few years.

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Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:46 am
by Muns
India has right over entire Jammu and Kashmir. You`ll get a bloodier nose next time: General Bipin Rawat ... ipin-rawat
General Bipin Rawat made a vociferous statement on India’s stand on Kashmir on the twentieth anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas to commemorate the contributions of the armed forces. During his speech on India’s victory over Pakistan in the Kargil War, the Army chief made it clear that “India has the right on the entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir including the portion which is known as the POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and how to get it back from Pakistan will be a political decision. Whether to take it by force or dialogue is a matter on which the decision would be taken politically and the Army would act accordingly.

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Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 12:04 am
by Muns
I guess, I shouldn’t really be irritated with regard to Imran Khan speech. I can sorely understand that he needs simply to his local Jihadi audience in trying to create a hysterical situation with India. What I hate is the reference to Hindus as being racists.
The notion of it just disturbs me. Recently published an article on how open Hindus have been over millennia towards multiple communities as threatened by the Abrahamic religions, especially Islam. Numerous Hadith, often spell out how 1 Momin is often equal to 10 Kufr in terms of strength as well as prowess. One may only read about the companions of the Prophet and how each of them in battle would take on numerous Kufr and defeat them simply because of their belief.

Pakistanis I am sure are fed this garbage most of all. Coming through the ranks of the Pakistani Army it is almost any requirement to read the battle histories of Khalid Bin Walid. It should be noted that Khalid Bin Walid fought against Mohammed first and actually defeated his army initially before converting to become his general. It is without feel that almost every battle you can read about how 1 Momin took on tens of Kufr and defeated them with ease.

How can one forget about the Holocaust that Pakistanis have inflicted upon Bangladeshis, which by some Bangladeshi accounts can be as much as up to 3 million. How can one forget about the Jizya tax that Islam has placed upon non-Muslims. How can one forget about the lack of minorities in Pakistan because of systematic ethnic cleansing.

Imran Khan is desperate for war hysteria. He is now claiming an imminent attack on Pok and daily it seems dropping bombshells with regard to nuclear war again in the subcontinent.
It is imperative that India really try to fast develop its own iron dome by full phase of rollout of the AAD and Prithvi air defense system to really negate Pakistan’s threat of the impending nuclear attack.
The man is as psycho as any Mulah. It is no wonder that his ex-wife has also labeled him as a nymphomaniac involved in drugs and alcohol.

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Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:18 am
by Muns ... 84166?s=08

Incredible video above of the Pakistani mindset of still dreaming in taking overall of India.

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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:04 am
by Muns
Opinion Pakistan's Provocateurs Bring the Kashmir Conflict to Europe's Streets, and Radicalize Europe's Muslims ... -1.8069043

Great article overall.

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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:11 am
by Muns
Protests against Pakistan's Imran Khan: Right-wing vs. right-wing ... a-51097687

It was only a matter of time before Mullah turned on Mullah.

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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:33 am
by chetak
Pakistani Officials Outside London Court Try To Thwart Dawood Aide Jabir Motiwala’s Extradition To US

Pakistani Officials Outside London Court Try To Thwart Dawood Aide Jabir Motiwala’s Extradition To US

Nov 29 2019,

Pakistani Officials Outside London Court Try To Thwart Dawood Aide Jabir Motiwala’s Extradition To US

In the high-profile extradition case of Jabir Motiwala, a top D-company aide, the Westminster Magistrates' Court here has sought details of terror linkages of Dawood Ibrahim with his aide.

The court has asked US authorities to furnish details of Jabir's association with Dawood Ibrahim, who according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is accused of running global drug racket and executing killings, including serial bombings in India.

As the hearing comes to an end, the Pakistan High Commission officials were seen outside the court. The Pakistani diplomats have been trying their best to thwart or defer extradition of Jabir Motiwala whose detention in US can spill the beans on Dawood-ISI nexus, particularly relating to subversive activities in South Asia.

Jabir Motiwala, a Pakistan national is perceived as Dawood Ibrahim's key financial aide who manages D-company funds flowing out of its global crime syndicate operation. At present Motiwala, detained in London, is fighting his extradition to the US on serious drug trafficking charges and money laundering amounting to US $ 1.4 million.

The US have also charged Motiwala with having direct links with global terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, who according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is based in Karachi, Pakistan.

The court was curious to know Motiwala's links with the terror network headed by Dawood Ibrahim.

"There is an added element to this case in that there is a clear reference to this man's (Moti) position, who is said to be a lieutenant of the man (Ibrahim) who is involved in the most horrendous crimes, including bombings in India," said Judge John Zani at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London on Wednesday (27 November).

Sources said Pakistan has been providing best legal aide to Jabir to fight his case. Jabir's lawyers have earlier expressed apprehension that US authorities might slap enhanced terror charges on Jabir once he is extradited. The terror charges would put Jabir at risk of being sentenced for life imprisonment.

Sources close to Indian agencies informed IANS that the Pakistan High Commission in London had earlier also tried to thwart the extradition move by submitting a letter on behalf of the accused's lawyer in the court, saying Motiwala was a "well-known and respected businessman in Pakistan".

In fact, Pakistan fears that once Motiwala is extradited to the US, the close aide of D-Company can reveal the entire nexus between Dawood Ibrahim's underworld network (being operated from Karachi) and the don's connection with Pakistan's spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

The US has already declared Dawood Ibrahim a global terrorist running an international drug syndicate and sharing the gang's routes with Pakistan-based terror outfits. Sources said Dawood's key finance aide Motiwala appeared in the magistrate's courts in London after his arrest by Scotland Yard's Extradition Unit on charges of money laundering and sharing the proceeds of narcotics money earned on behalf of the D-Company.

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Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:02 am
by Muns
So it turns out that Hafiz Saeed has been jailed by a Pakistani court for five and half years. I'm sure that amounts to 5 1/2 months before he actually leaves jail again. The timing of this is extremely opportune if I must say. Trump and Melenia are going to be visiting India in the next two weeks. I am sure on the eve of an Indian visit they would like to show that they are partisan towards India. In a gesture of good faith I am sure that they would've put some squeeze on Imran Khan for a fake agenda where they can show their minuscule influence on Pakistan.

For this act Pakistan will probably receive a few more F-16s as well as US armory equipment. Watch out for this over the next couple of days with regard to US weapons sales.
Trump full come and go and within a couple of months Hafeez Saeed, will be released on bail again. The same cycle starts again. It is nothing but a complete photo op.

I truly wish that with all of the intelligentsia and resources at our disposal, we could dispose of him in quick and humiliating fashion. Let it strike fear into the heart Pakistan that no one is immune to attacks on India and Hindus and then run to staying safe within their own borders. One or two of them picked off will truly strike fear into the heart of Pakistani intelligentsia that he indeed India has developed the capability to strike when and where it wants freely without any reprisal.