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Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 4:10 pm
by chetak
really cold vibes.

Very interesting: no smile from the EAM, who is almost always smiling in photos. The conversation was ‘open and candid’ - diplospeak for throwing things - on ‘outstanding issues’, which is nothing positive. India clearly showing that it’s going to walk the talk here.

Dr. S. Jaishankar Verified account @DrSJaishankar

Had an open and candid conversation with my Malaysian counterpart @saifuddinabd on outstanding issues.


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Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:35 am
by Muns
chetak wrote:
Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:43 am
saurabh wrote:
Thu Oct 24, 2019 4:10 am
Muns, I don't think they stand anywhere. They are not even in the race. They are just harming their grandpa's political party. because they both shares the same vote bank
this is a smart play by the BJP

By presenting 57 MLAs (10 from JPP & 7 independents) to Haryana governor, CM @mlkhattar has reduced BJP’s dependence on both. Without Dushyant Chautala he has 47. Without independents he has 50.
It seems that thanks to Amit Shahji, coalition politics with BJP is the head always seems to come to play. The opposition simply does not have a chance with regard to what he decides. It does however worry me that only leaders seem to be perhaps losing some of the touch with today's youth. Dushyant, being young seem to energize the Jat youth voter base. Same thing can be said for Aditya Thakeray. In any case BJP has bought itself another five years with regard to Haryana. Things can always change in the interim. Only thing now is the capital over the next few months.

Also it seems that Shiv Sena wants to create more pressure on the BJP with regard to Maharashtra. I don't understand why the BJP only wanted to contest 160 seats out of the 220+ that it did so before. They would've needed 120+ majority to minimize the effect of the Sena. However they agreed to only contest 160 out of which the one 105. As Fadnavis mentioned, pretty good strike rate. However they are now it seems at the mercy of what the Shiv Sena would want.
Aditya Thackeray seems to have Worli well under his belt.

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Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:35 am
by chetak
watch video


Kerala, Cochin based ISIS converts Hindu girls & sells them online.
See its rate cards. ... 7946082304

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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:44 am
by Muns
Shiv Sena seems to be playing hardball. From what they've managed to show of Mumbai, I'm actually surprised that they have gained as many votes as they have. People are still crying about all of the portholes created. I don't see how they can ever make it on any kind of national scale. It's unfortunate that the BJP decided to no contest the amount of seats that they did. Previously from what I can understand they contested over 220 seats, but this time they decided in agreement with the Shiv Sena to only contest around 160 seats. This is really costs them as it means that they could never really achieve majority on their own even though as Fadnavis would say it achieve greater strike rate.

There is a outside chance that the ship Sena could form up with the Congress and the NCP to form government. I would encourage such a formulation to really show how far the Shiv Sena is willing to fall to ally with anti-Hindu parties such as the Congress and the NCP. This would effectively serve as their deathknell.
The Shiv Sena then can never thereafter claimed to be anything resembling a Hindu party.

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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:47 am
by saurabh
Today Delhi government has launched odd even third time in Delhi but do you think people really want this? For that I talked to many delhi people. They are thinking that government should find some more innovative ideas on this. Government is blaming on Haryana and Punjab for Parali but today NASA has issued a image that very less Burning incident are there. Government is not taking any actions on the coal factories. Even the factories in the residential areas. Government has to promote electric cars. People told that it has been a advertisement government they are spending so much on the advertising. They are doing everything for elections. They are increasing freebies. He has not fulfilled his promises while it comes to buses and cctv camera’s. lots of false promises are their like free wifi still pending. Overall I think government should focus on the issues and trying to solve them rather than blaming others.

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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:07 pm
by chetak
Some countries are merely putting a tempered glass cover on the chinese made cell phone display and are re exporting the fully chinese made cell phone to India as a "value added" product "originating" from their countries thus incurring zero duty.

This is merely one example.

This is how the hans are screwing with us.

India will not join Asian trade deal RCEP: Narendra Modi says agreement doesn't reflect original intent, can't compromise on core interests
Nov 04, 2019

India has decided not to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement as its key concerns have not been addressed

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, attending the ASEAN summit in Bangkok, stood firm on India's concerns in the trade deal not being addressed and decided there cannot be any compromise on core interests

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Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:01 pm
by vishvak
Today Delhi government has launched odd even third time in Delhi but do you think people really want this?
Usually, it was something like
Pollution > ban on crackers > continue ous literature and propaganda over years on festival

Now it is just random since this happend after festival, just so some people can make propaganda.

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Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 4:48 am
by Muns
Shock news coming out last night with the announcement in the next 20 minutes. Honestly this year has seen everybody's BP go up at least by 10 standard systolic points. Sustained blood pressures all around right now. Can't imagine what this would mean for over a billion people. Government is trying its very best to calm the tension but the tension is palpable no doubt.

I only hope the Supreme Court serves to write some justice for the genocide that Hindus have had to face over at least 500 years. How many temples were broken down and built upon. How many pujaris died trying to protect objects of love and veneration. How many Murtis might have been smashed across half a millennia.
How many acts of vandalism as well as desecration. How many years did the symbol of the Babri Masjid, show its tyranny by being built on the very place that Shri Ram came to the world.

Perhaps none of the above really does matter. After all the idea of Hindu India I hope will continue no matter what the verdict. Naysayers, converts and those belonging to the Abraham's faith will no doubt continue to attack Indians as well as Hindus for any positive decision in their favor.

I await with baited breath.

Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman.

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Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:45 am
by Muns
What a fantastic decision. The Supreme Court has decided to go along with the archaeological survey of India and showed and taken the ground reality so to speak that a Mandir preexisted the mosque.
The dream of close to a billion Indians has been realized. Another great thank you to the NDA government led under its great leadership of Modi and Shah. On the same day the Kartarpur corridor gets opened as well.
Muslims get a Masjid on 5 acres anywhere else. However it's already seems that the AIMPB will dispute this as well. However the Supreme Court's decision is final and are mandir trust is to be established within three months.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:54 pm
by vishvak
Muslims get a Masjid on 5 acres anywhere else
Are you sure about this, for pseudos are expert in trying to turn tables. Why is babri mosque needed? Must not be such questions asked to know reasons. After all Hindu is fighting and answering legality for more than 1000 years.

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Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:15 pm
by chetak
‘Taseer concealed his father was a Pakistani’

‘Taseer concealed his father was a Pakistani’

Abhinandan Mishra
November 9, 2019,

No ‘other reason’ for cancellation of the writer’s OCI status.

NEW DELHI: It was the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led BJP government in July 2000 that had first given the Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card to writer Aatish Taseer. The PIO card scheme for foreigners of Indian origin having foreign passport was introduced by the Government of India on 30 March 1999.

In his application that was submitted at the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO), Delhi, Taseer had not mentioned the name of his father, official sources who have accessed his application have told The Sunday Guardian.

Subsequently, when on 9 January 2015, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) withdrew the PIO scheme, all the PIO card holders automatically became Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders. Taseer, 38, is the son of veteran Indian journalist Tavleen Singh and Pakistani politician Salman Taseer who was assassinated in Islamabad by his own bodyguard in January 2011 for indulging in “blasphemy”.

Informed government sources have told The Sunday Guardian that it was wrong to say that Taseer’s OCI status was canceled for other reasons (read, for writing anti-Narendra Modi articles) rather than merit.

“The PIO application form did not require the applicant to mention the details of both his mother and father. Taseer did not mention his father’s name in the application form when he first applied for PIO status. When it was detected (this year) that his father was a Pakistani national, he was served notice and then the OCI status was canceled. Hundreds of OCIs are canceled every year for different reasons, but Taseer’s case caught media attention because of his family background,” an official said.

As per December 2018 data, there are about 1.31 crore NRIs and 1.78 crore PIOs residing in 208 countries.

Responding to what explained the almost 17-year-old delay in discovering that Taseer had “hidden” information in his PIO application, the official said action was taken as and when the inaccuracies were discovered. “It is wrong to attribute motive to the particular action. This is a bonafide action, something which is taken very regularly,” he said.

The Sunday Guardian reached out to Taseer for his response, but no response was received till the time the story went to press.

Earlier, the MHA, on Thursday, through its spokesperson, took to Twitter to state that Taseer had become ineligible to hold an OCI card as the card cannot be issued to any person whose parents or grandparents are Pakistanis. The MHA stated that Taseer had hidden the fact that his father was a Pakistani national. As per the Citizenship Act, if the OCI cardholder is obtained by means of fraud, false representation or concealment of any material fact, the said registration is canceled and the person holding the card is also blacklisted and not allowed future entry into India.

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Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:37 am
by chetak
the muslims, the britshits, the commies, naxals, and the conversion jehadi BIF have been following the "broken window" theory to constantly vilify, demean, distort and abuse the Hindus and Hinduism.

They have reached such a stage that they refuse to accept the SC verdict that has proved that indeed there was a (very conveniently worded!!) "non islamic structure" underneath the babri mosque.

they are also now slyly pushing the canard that the so called non islamic structure may have already been in ruins before some joker called mir baqi, a wandering moghul general chanced upon it and in a sudden fit, an uncontrollable urge, so to say, to build a mosque atop these very ruins seized him and he then piously did his islamic duty.

This is the only article that chronicles the civilizational pain and unshakeable determination of the Hindus to evict these scoundrels from a temple they had usurped and destroyed half a millennia ago.

Why Didn’t Hindus Give Up Ram Mandir?

Why Didn’t Hindus Give Up Ram Mandir?

What do you say of a people who carry on a movement over a piece of land for over half a millennium? What explains that they neither forgot nor any amount of atrocities made them give up their claims on the land?' Rajat Mitra
Identity (Distortion & Appropriation) | 10-11-2019

What do you say of a people who carry on a movement over a piece of land for over half a millennium? What explains that they neither forgot nor any amount of atrocities made them give up their claims on the land? That Mughal rule, Colonial rule, oppression and genocidal violence had no deterrence to their hope that one day they will regain it back.

The Ram Mandir perhaps is the only example in human history when a people struggled and fought for a period of over five hundred years to regain a piece of land from their invaders who had destroyed one of their holiest spots and thought they had exterminated their religion.

The Hindus simply didn’t give up. They didn’t accept defeat in the face of overwhelming odds, most important when their own historians were not on their side. Even though they felt discouraged and heartbroken during the long Mughal and Colonial rule when power was not in their hands, invaders who tried to exterminate their religion and their civilization, they held on tenaciously to their symbols of hope and never let despair overtake them. How do we explain it?

Welcome to the new Hindu. A one who is emerging from the ashes of history, from the dark woods of despair as the poets called it. He is claiming his human rights that were taken away from him. It is a spirit that I would call unparalleled in the history of mankind. Mocked and persecuted like a slave, told that he is a savage and no better, intolerant and cruel, he today proved everyone wrong with their prophecies falling to the dust. Has the time finally come for the Hindu and his civilization to assert himself?

I believe so and I am not the only one who dreams like that today. I believe we symbolize one of the most valuable lessons to mankind and that is to never give up hope.

The Hindu has gone through a genocidal violence that almost exterminated his existence. It is denied by the world. Period. He has been enslaved, tortured and brutalized where his Islamic and Christian invaders tried to annihilate his civilization. It is a miracle how he adapted and navigated through all those hardships and adversities. After centuries of oppression, he is finally telling the world why he continued to resist untill his last breath in the face of historical oppression.

To me, the credit for the verdict on Ram Janma Bhumi goes to the unknown Hindu. The unknown ‘kar sevak’ who braved bullets, the sadhus who bore the lathis, the unknown man from the village who saved money to send a brick for the temple. It is they who kept the flame of the movement alive, hoping for the day when Shri Ram will be restored to his birthplace.

The temple when it is built will represent and stand for much more than a temple. It will be a monument to man’s courage in the face of religious persecution. It will bring hope to generations who may feel despondent about their oppression. It will be a symbol for the persecuted minorities and majorities worldwide to struggle and regain their lost heritage. To all Hindus barring a few, it will be a symbol of devotion, hope, and resilience.

To some it may become a symbol of shame, that is if they have that in the first place, an atonement, a reminder of what they ought to have done being a Hindu but never did so. They were the ones who distorted history, fought against the truth of the excavations.

The Hindu society has come a long way since the first temples were destroyed by the Islamic invaders centuries ago. Our society has been in grief, traversing from denial to rage to bargaining and rationalization as Elizabeth Kubler Ross explained it half a century ago in explaining her stages of grief. The grief has made the Hindu society stronger, more resilient and able to withstand the adversities that colonialism, persecution, and atrocities bring along with it.

It is time we acknowledge this resilience in our own. It runs in our blood and bones. We may have a thousand faults in ourselves as people, some real, some imaginary, but we need to still tell ourselves, our children and our future generations that we are a people who simply don’t give up when faced with obstacles. That there are very few people like us possibly with the exception of Jewish people. That our Vedas, our books have left something permanent, a residue, however small, within us that psychologically prepares us, ready to bounce back with each fall despite a thousand obstacles that may come in the way. It didn’t make us feel conceited and egoistic, but perhaps a little naive that we fail to acknowledge the greatness of our civilization that our ancestors created and one that may be forgotten.

What is unique about the Ram Janma Bhumi site? I believe one of the things that set it apart from any other place is that apart from the birthplace of Sri Ram, it is a sacred space with a memory that didn’t die and showed it can never be destroyed.

Many years ago I had gone and knelt in front of the Ram Janma Bhoomi. A strange feeling had taken over me. It was as if the space was telling me ‘I don’t have to justify my existence to you or anyone. I am there in your heart. It is you, who have to justify the sacrifice of those who died in my name’.

In that moment, I felt it was as if the space just didn’t tell me the story of a temple destroyed but the entire story of Hinduism.

I had realized what the ancient Hindus, my ancestors would have felt hundreds of years ago before their temples were destroyed, before they began to live in terror feeling the threat of conversion.

The Ram Janma Bhumi trial apart from one of the longest-running trials of history is also important for another reason. It represents a crime against humanity, a genocidal crime whose purpose was to erase the very existence of a people, their religion and culture. The tragic fact is it continues through other methods today in the form of mass conversions and the building of numerous religious structures that do not preach co-existence between faiths.

Many years ago I had visited a concentration camp in Germany. Outside the gate, there was a sign written ‘never again’. Showing me a large number of school children, my guide told me it was meant for the future generations so that no one ever dares to do it again. Should we also not have museums next door? Should we not create a memorial to the unknown ‘kar sevak’ who gave his life? Maybe only then it will tell our children the true story of what it means to uphold our freedom. Shouldn’t Ram temple, Somnath temple be the places where history should be taught to all our children so that they begin to say ‘never again’?

‘Never Again’ may be two most important words that we need to learn if we have to preserve our civilization. I ask that we start teaching it to our future generations.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:49 am
by Aditya_V
Any idea where on BGRF/BRF are Shiv Sena's Shennigans being discussed?

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:40 am
by Muns
Should be right here... :mrgreen:

Shenanigans is right. A really disgraceful situation with regard to looking for allies and those who are closely linked to the Vatican as well involved with missionary activities to the highest level.

From what I read before, the BJP agreed to contest less number of seats of 160 as opposed to their 120 plus before and hence only got 105.
The agreement during Bal Thakeray reign was for whoever got the most seats would get the chief Minister's post. It's a joke to get 56 and then claim 50% posts and CM Spot as well.
Utterly disappointed with the Sena.

Truth is they are still increasingly trying the real best to hold on to some relevance. With achieving the Impossible over the last couple of years with Ayodhya and Article 370, among other things, the Sena is left wondering what exactly its place will be over the next few years with the BJP essentially promoting the same ideology and having a lot better success.

For the Sena to ally with missionaries is something that I can't forget or even in the short term forgive...

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:56 am
by Muns

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Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:17 am
by chetak
Here are 10 powerful statements made by columnist Sunanda Vashisht at Human Rights Commission hearing on Kashmir

Borrowing the last sentences said by Jewish American journalist Daniel Pearl before being killed in Pakistan by terrorists-“My father is a Jew, My mother is a Jew, I’m a Jew”, columnist Sunanda Vashisht expressed how the lives and homes of thousands and lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were destroyed by the radical Islamic terrorism in the Valley.

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

Sunanda Vashisht made a passionate speech recounting horrors of radical Islamic terrorism


Sunanda Vashisht(Source: Livemint)

In an unrestrained attack against the radical Islamic terrorism that has plagued the state of Jammu and Kashmir for more than 3 decades, noted columnist Sunanda Vashisht poignantly recounted the excruciating tribulations and horrors suffered by the minority Kashmiri Hindus in the state at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

Here are the 10 powerful statements made by Sunanda Vashisht that held back no punches:-

1. My father is a Kashmiri Hindu. My mother is a Kashmiri Hindu. I’m a Kashmiri Hindu. Our home and lives in Kashmir were destroyed by radical Islamist terror

Borrowing the last sentences said by Jewish American journalist Daniel Pearl before being killed in Pakistan by terrorists-“My father is a Jew, My mother is a Jew, I’m a Jew”, columnist Sunanda Vashisht expressed how the lives and homes of thousands and lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were destroyed by the radical Islamic terrorism in the Valley.

2. I’m a member of the minority Kashmiri Hindu community and a victim of the worst ethnic cleansing witnessed in India

Talking about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits happened in the early 1990s, Vashisht poignantly asserted that the mass departure of the minority community of Kashmiri Hindus from the Valley was the “worst ethnic cleansing witnessed in India” ever. About lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus fled the state and took refuge in other parts of the country. Those who didn’t perished in the onslaught of the violent Islamic terrorists.

3. We have seen ISIS level of horror and brutality in Kashmir 30 years before the West was even introduced to the brutalities of Islamic terrorism

Speaking at the Tom Lantos HR commission, Sunanda contended that the people of India, especially the beleaguered Kashmiri Hindus had witnessed the horrors and atrocities inflicted by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir 3 decades ago that were tantamount to the present-day brutalities meted out by the ISIS.

“I am choked by the thoughts of those voices that I represent here because their voices were extinguished in the most brutal fashion,” she said.

Sunanda narrated the frightening story of Girija Tikoo, who was abducted, gang-raped and split in half with a mechanical saw while she was alive just because of her faith.

In another heart-rending incident, She then remembers BK Ganjoo. Another Kashmiri Hindu who was murdered brutally at the hands of Islamic terrorists in Kashmir. He was an engineer who hid inside a rice container and would have still been alive had his neighbours, who he trusted, Hindus trusted, did not give up his location. He was shot through the container and his wife was made to eat the blood-soaked rice, remembered Sunanda.

4. Where were the Human Rights activists on the night of January 19, 1990, when all the mosques in Kashmir blared that they wanted Kashmir with Hindu women but without the Hindu men

Sunanda said that the mosques in Kashmir on the night of January 19, 1990, sent a shiver down the spines of minorities as they blared that they want Kashmir with Hindu women but not with Hindu men.

Sunanda gave an account of her own story when her grandfather held two knives in his hands, ready to kill her and her mother just to save them from the fate that awaited them if they were captured alive by the radical Islamic terrorists who had proceeded on their nefarious design to expunge the state of its Hindu minorities.

Slamming Human Rights activists, who champ at the bit of accusing Indian Armed Forces of carrying out brutality against Kashmiri people, Sunanda rhetorically questioned their absence when she and her co-religionists were being killed, massacred and thrown out of Kashmir.

5. Every attempt is made to eradicate Hinduism from Kashmir

The Islamic terrorists and their sympathisers in the valley, Sunanda asserts, have done everything in their power to stymie the multi-faith composite culture to spawn in Kashmir. Not only Hindus, but people practising other faiths such as Sikhism and Christianity were also targeted by the rabid Islamists.

6. An Islamist state of Kashmir where no other religions are welcomed and tolerance of any other view is absent is no citadel of Human Rights

Taking a dig at Human Rights activists and those who cite Kashmir as a bastion of secularism, Vashisht asserted that the Islamic State of Kashmir is a place where other religions are not accepted and there is no tolerance towards people with diverse views.

7. Earning livelihood is prohibited in Kashmir because a simple act of earning livelihood will indicate that Kashmir is moving towards normalcy

Citing the recent violence, Sunanda said that the terrorists in Kashmir are unnerved by the fact that normalcy prevailing in Kashmir will detrimental to their propaganda. Sunanda said that traders, Apple orchard owners and shopkeepers were killed by terrorists because they dared to earn their livelihood and wanted normalcy to return in the Valley.

8. Abrogation of Article 370, which has raised concerned across the world, is in fact, restoration of Human Rights

The Human Rights in Kashmir were so far curtailed because Article 370 was in force, Sunanda argued. Kashmir was brought at par with the rest of India with the annulment of Article 370. Prohibition to child marriage, women’s right to own property, granting equality to members of the LGBTQ community were achieved after the abrogation of Article 370.

“Today I am delighted that Kashmiris have the same rights as Indian citizens. If something as serious as a woman’s right to own property and granting of LGBTQ rights to choose amongst many others, has been accomplished through abrogation of Article 370, then it is safe to assume that restoration of the Internet in few remaining districts of Kashmir is not too far away,” she said.

9. The Indian Constitution, which is modelled on the US Constitution, is one of the most liberal documents in the world

Extolling India’s constitution, Sunanda Vashisht said that the constitution of India is the Moselle on the constitution of the United States and is one of the most liberal documents in the entire world. She further added that this constitution, which was being obstructed from being applied in entirety in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is now put into practice in totality after the revocation of Article 370.

10. People of Jammu and Ladakh have been liberated from the tyranny of having citizens of their own country after the abrogation of Article 370

Sunanda Vashisht proclaimed that the people of Jammu and Ladakh have welcomed the decision of the government to invalidate Article 370. She implied that a large section of the population of the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state was happy with the central government’s decision.

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Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:05 pm
by chetak
Ten women sent back by cops as Sabarimala temple reopens

Every year, a few young women from Andhra Pradesh have been coming to Pamba to trek to Sabarimala without knowing about the temple's age-old custom.

16th November 2019

SABARIMALA: A group of ten women who reached Pamba and planned to head to the Sabarimala temple were sent back by the police on Saturday, a short while before it reopened.

Police said the women hailing from Vijayawada reached Pamba along with a larger group of devotees. Sensing protests from other devotees, police briefed the women about the volatile law and order situation prevailing in Sabarimala.

"They immediately decided to stay back while male devotees in the group proceeded to the temple to offer prayers," said a senior police officer at Pamba.

Cops also checked the age proof of the women devotees in the group.

Every year, a few young women from Andhra Pradesh have been coming to Pamba to trek to Sabarimala without knowing about the temple's age-old custom.

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Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 2:10 pm
by chetak
Watch the whole lecture if you can spare the time.

seeing the chalk and cheese difference between the world views of the previous dispensations and the Modi Govt's view, one wonders as to which drummer's tune were all the previous govts marching to and to mix metaphors inelegantly, who was paying the piper to call those tunes.

The earlier dispensations were dining off a fixed menu smorgasbord which undoubtedly contained a mongrelized fusion of cheese paired with diplomatic cuisines and spiced with culinary chicanery and would include primarily the appetizing nouvelle cuisine of US, the colonial UK and elements of non Indian tadka like the IWT, return of the 93K paki prisoners and unwarranted return of captured paki territory of immense strategic and tactical value, served up on a flaky bed of a eyetalian sourced pious pastry with a pungent chinese barbecue sauce with distinct economic undertones and with more than a hint of extraterritorial bouquet.

Modi seems more like an ala carte menu type of customer and won't mind mixing japanese, french, israeli and russian flavors as well.

Jaishankar's blunt response to Raja Mohan's question on whether a slowing economy + concerns about illiberalism are affecting India's brand abroad?

"My reputation is not decided by a newspaper in New York." (1:15:35)

Five months into his new role as Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar delivered the 4th Ramnath Goenka Memorial Lecture in New Delhi.

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Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:14 am
by chetak
Shia tomatoes :mrgreen:

are such tomatoes even halal in the land of the sunnis or is halal just a convenient and crooked tool to monetize profitable opportunities and bulldoze non muslims in dar ul harab lands.

Iranian tomatoes will begin entering market from today

November 17, 2019


QUETTA: Iranian tomatoes will begin entering the market from today and prices are expected to drop.

The government had granted permits to several companies in Quetta to import 4,500 tons of tomatoes from Iran. The Fruit and Vegetable Association confirmed the issuance of permit. But the traders said that since the tomatoes would come via the Afghanistan route, they would still cost them Rs200 per kg. A trader said: “The government should directly import tomatoes from Iran.” If tomatoes come directly from the Iran-Pakistan Taftan border, their price would be reduced to half, he added. “The fields of tomatoes and other vegetables in Sindh were destroyed due to rains,” said a trader.

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Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:43 am
by chetak
Its high time that someone took down this entitled lootyens creep taseer

Aatish Taseer symbolizes the mothering evil of the Left

Aatish Taseer symbolizes the mothering evil of the Left

November 16, 2019,
Harbir Singh in Cogito Ergo Sum | India | TOI

I’ve never thought much of Aatish Taseer. His opinion pieces are all whingefests, with himself as the tragic suffering soul at the heart of them, beset and tortured by the inequities of the world that persecutes him, even as he labors on under the unbearable strain. The Strain of being the voice that speaks up in despair and rage about the receding utopia, the ideal world of tolerance and multiracial, multi-gender, multiculturalism, in which the evil White and Hindu nationalists cower in dark corners and shed tears that no one ever sees.

Aatish Taseer is both Indian and Pakistani and neither; neither Hindu nor Muslim, but also both; colored, immigrant in the West; an exotic dream of all the feminists; male and female; of every democracy where universities are factories for pumping out legions of Social Justice Warriors.

He is also a demonstration of a Left that has become deranged, self-obsessed, thoroughly corrupted, and flat wrong. The Left was an essential force when coal miners lived short miserable lives in inhuman conditions and factory owners hired muscle to beat their workers into submission, when the Industrial Revolution ended up with so much of humanity pushed as fuel into the Furnace of Industry. Today, the conditions in that birthed the Left are not to be found in Europe and North America. They pretty much ended with WWII.

In the newly prosperous post WWII era, the Left switched from the crushed working classes of the industrial revolution to racial equality, gender equality, gay rights, minority rights. And by 2010, the Left had won those wars too. A black man with a foreign father had risen to become the most powerful man in the world. Gay marriage was legalized and everyone came out of the closet.

And then it all went wrong. Having won most of everything it fought for, but unable to be in any state of mind except one of self-righteous outrage against the evil of the oppressor, decided that justice wouldn’t be achieved till the Evil White Man was be destroyed, along with his history, his culture, his place of honor in the fabric of the world. Bring on the immigrants. Bring on Muslims. Bring on every colored person from everywhere in the world, however they can make it. Fill the west with them, bury the White Man’s society and the world he built, bury it under the swarm of foreign cultures who will never agree on anything among themselves except to be allowed to keep coming, and to take whatever opportunities of money and power that can be taken from the white man.

Democracy has been turned into the ultimate weapon to destroy the societies that birth democracies. The strategy is simple, import so many people who’ll have the vote but will not subscribe to the White Man’s culture, history, or values, and will simply vote them out of existence.

While the White Man is the main enemy, he’s is not the only one. There is a hierarchy. White men are worse than white women. Brown Muslim men are equal to White women. Muslim women don’t exist unless they rage about social justice, Islamophobia, and racism. But they do have to be colored. White Muslim women are nowhere to be seen. Worse than the White men are the Hindu men, who are not only men, but also pits from third world. Jews are of course the worst. No, not Jews but Zionists, they’ll tell you. And of course, the Women of Iran and the Children of Balochistan don’t exist at all.

They’ve already succeeded in destroying Britain. Just flying the St George’s Cross, the flag of England, in England, will get you investigated by the police for hate speech. The Left, particularly thanks to Tony Blair, has been so successful that it is now a matter of shame for English people to feel pride in the history and achievement of Englishmen past, a shame to speak of English Pride, and every English politician has to obey if they don’t want to be expelled from politics, charged with hate crimes, and blacked out from the Media except as a Hitlerian evil.

Which brings us back to Aatish Taseer and his own tragic tale. Asiya Bibi was a poor village woman, unfortunate enough to be Christian in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. She got into an argument with other women who went and told their menfolk that Asiya Bibi had insulted the Prophet of Islam. This is not a rare occurrence. Recently a Pakistani boy, not having met his obligations as a pupil, thought to get out of it by accusing the Hindu principle of having insulted the Prophet. As always happens, the public went on a rampage, this time targeted at Hindus.

In the Asiya Bibi case, Aatish Taseer’s father, former governor of Punjab province and one of the most distinguished Pakistanis, dared to provide a voice of sanity despite the mobs filling the streets baying for Asiya Bibi’s blood and said deserved a fair trial. For this, his own official security man, Mumtaz Qadri, shot him dead. The killer was hailed and mobbed by lawyers as a hero during his trial.

In the end, after Asiya Bibi had spent 10 years in a jail, the Pakistani government was able to have the courts pass judgement exonerating her. But then it had to figure out how to get her out of the country, when the mob was planning to lynch her after her release from jail. In the end, she was spirited away to Canada.

But not to the UK.

The UK refused her asylum because the conservative government of Theresa May was afraid of the power of Pakistani Muslims within Britain. Because the fact is that the barbaric medieval realities of Pakistan have their grip around the throat of Great Britain, existing and powerful within Britain itself.

A recent political brouhaha in Pakistan saw a vast mob besieging the capital city of Islamabad. The man at the head of it, a senior Islamic cleric, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, eulogized Mumtaz Qadri, the man who assassinated Aatish Taseer’s father. The mob chanted slogans about this “hero”.

Aatish Taseer isn’t pulling his hair out about the situation in Pakistan. He’s not seen worrying about how much of it has settled in Great Britain. He’s not demanding that Britain save itself from Pakistan and the thoroughly savage aspects of itself that have become entrenched in Britain. He’s not asking Britain to save other Asiya Bibis.

No, what he’s doing is raging about Narendra Modi and Hindutva. He is absolutely convinced that his struggle for good and civilization in the world is against the “fascists” of Hindutva.

Aatish Taseer, Arundhati Roy, these are all limousine Marxists. For whatever Marx got right, what he got wrong was that the working class has no identity, or should have no identity, other than an economic one: Labor. This lays the seed of a “secular” ideology that is different from the Secularism enshrined in the American Constitution.

American secularism is the separation of Church and State. But where it protects the state from Religious Law, it also protects freedom of belief and conscience from persecution or manipulation by the state. That is true secularism. Marxist secularism however does not seek a separation between belief and state. The Marxist ideal is an ideological state, and the ideology tolerates no rivals. While the Marxist working class rights origins of the Left have disappeared, Marxism has mutated and switched from economics to culture. Now the ideology is that the Christian White men, Hindu Nationalists and Zionists are the oppressors, and their victims are righteous in uniting in revolution.

Women, Muslims, gays, LGBTs, colored people everywhere (except Hindus), Unite!

The Marxist DNA of Oppressor and Oppressed has jumped from the soul of the Soviet Union over to the West following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

How Ironic.

Now the former Communist bloc countries are all right wing and returning to their inherent strength as powers of Eastern Christendom, and the Left, from the US to the EU is falling all over itself screaming “Russia Russia Russia!” as the existential enemy of the West. Why? Because Eastern Europe, including Russia, is become a bastion of the traditional White Christian Man. For the Left, China is not the threat, Saudi Arabia is not the threat. Radical Islam and Totalitarian communism are not enemies. No, the enemy is the bunch of white people who tried and escaped the hell that Marxism must inevitably produce.

And the same is true for India. Marxist secularism suppressed Hindu identity with a promise of just welfare state, that never came about, even as Pakistan continued an Islamic Jihad against Hindu India for 70 years and the Marxists did nothing except to empower islamists within India. Now India is shrugging off the choke hold of secular Marxism and exerting its Hindu identity.

And that’s what’s driving Aatish Taseer to fume.

English Nationalism also outrages him. Notice that all those opposed to nationalism have nothing to say about Scottish or Irish or Catalan nationalism. Its English Nationalism that they can’t tolerate. It is the English who are shamed for the imperial past, and the English alone. The Belgians, Spaniards and the French aren’t being constantly delegitimized as a people and a culture on the grounds of their imperial past. Only the English are. Because it’s the English as a people, a culture and a force in the world that have to be taken down.

Its Hindu nation feeling that the left can’t stand. It’s Make-America-Great-Again they can’t stand. Its Israel they can’t stand.

But that’s okay. The world of democracies if waking up to what the Left has done to them in the name of tolerance and liberalism. Now either Democracy dies or the Left dies. A revolution against the suffocating post-modern neo-Marxist Establishment Left is underway.

Aatish Taseer is fated to see Hindus and India prevail. My condolences in advance.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:30 am
by Aditya_V
These guys are proving to be Trojan horses, I would advise caution on people like him and Dilip Ghosh etc who thinks Mamata to apply rule of law.

Ahead of Sonia-Pawar meet, Uddhav Thackeray defers Nov 24 Ayodhya visit

Talk is cheap when you have no stake in it, it is actions especially when you can suffer due to it that counts.

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:34 am
by chetak
do we really need JNU and the crap that it produces in the name of "research".

Are there really commie/naxal guides for such crap :mrgreen:


Some JNU research Indian taxpayers paid for:

**Sexual behaviour of adolescents among the Akamba people of Machkos district, Kenya**

**Comparative study between Indian and Japanese prostitution**

**Leisure-time activities of college students of Delhi**

These Are The JNU Research Studies That The Indian Taxpayer Is Paying For

These Are The JNU Research Studies That The Indian Taxpayer Is Paying For

Ashok Kumar

JNU has been in the eye of a storm lately — after its students protested and held Delhi hostage following a fee hike, questions were raised about the subsidies that the Indian taxpayer provides to the university. India’s taxpayers contribute nearly Rs. 300 crore a year towards the running of JNU, which pays for 96 percent of the university’s expenses. JNU’s supporters,however, argue that this money is spent towards producing “valuable research”.

It might be debatable how valuable much of this research really is.

We went through the research work that JNU students have put out over the years. These students spend considerable time on these projects — PhD researches can take anywhere between three and five years, and students during this period receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 28,000 from the government. Apart from the stipend, they also enjoy subsidized accommodation on campus which costs as little as Rs 10 per month. With these freebies from the ordinary Indian, this is the research that these students dished out.

1.‘Rethinking Gujarati Identity through the Image of Savita Bhabhi’

Though not technically a PhD thesis, this research paper claimed to “juxtapose Savita Bhabhi with other cultural products of contemporary times and tries to conceptualize the multifaceted image of the porn comic with various other popular media ” Savita Bhabhi might have been India’s best-loved porno, but one wonders if that justifies a researcher going through it for an extended period in the name of “valuable research.”

2. Sexual and gender relations in Mughal India

It’s not as though JNU’s scholars only study the sexual habits of contemporary India. They also go back — often way, way back. This PhD thesis aims to study the sexual and gender relations in Mughal India. While the sexual lives of the Mughals might have been colourful, it’s still debatable if we should be subsidizing this research in a country where millions still go to bed hungry.

3. Knowledge, attitude practices and sexual behaviour of urban educated youth: A Study of Kolkata

And if you don’t want to study pop-culture, or ancient history, but basically catalog a promiscuous summer you spent in West Bengal (and get the Indian taxpayer to pay for it), you can do a PhD thesis on the sexual behaviour of the “urban educated youth of Kolkata.”

4. Dress, fashion and femininity: A case study of fashion models, fashion designers, and women students

And while staying in a government-subsidized hostel at JNU, if you’d like to spend some time sampling Delhi’s famous clothing markets, you can take several years to study “fashion in Delhi metropolis.”

5. Consumerism and consumption: A study of markets in Delhi and Gurgaon

If you’d like to diversify your shopping, you can include neighbouring Gurgaon as well when you study “Consumerism and consumption: A study of markets in Delhi and Gurgaon.”

6. Leisure-time activities of college students of Delhi: A Sociological study

And if you’re loath to even leave your Rs. 10 per month hostel, you can do an entire PhD thesis while still in it. Someone in 1983 spent years studying the “leisure activities” of Delhi students, which was presumably a detailed account of the time they spent partying on the JNU campus.

7. Sexual behaviour of adolescents among the Akamba people of Machkos district, Kenya

But you can’t accuse the JNU of being too inward looking — they also do go out of their comfort zone to do their research. Someone in 2008 produced a PhD thesis on the sexual behaviour of adolescents among the Akamba people of Machkos district in Kenya. While the pickup lines that Akamba teenagers use are presumably fascinating, one wonders how the Indian taxpayer benefits from this “research”.

8. The Process of Decolonisation and Social transformation in South Africa

Africa is a region that also caught the fancy of JNU’s most famous export. Between politics, protests, and raising anti-India slogans, Kanhaiya Kumar managed to study the “The Process of Decolonisation and Social transformation in South Africa” during his time at JNU.

9. The reproduction of Islamic education: A study of two Madrasas of Mubarakpur, Uttar Pradesh

If you aren’t being fed enough Islamist propaganda at JNU, you can move to Uttar Pradesh and spend several years studying two madrasas, all funded by the Indian taxpayer.

10. A comparative study between Indian and Japanese prostitution

And the money shot? Someone in 2008 did a whole PhD thesis comparing prostitution in India and Japan. This thesis topic raises several questions: what promoted someone to spend several years of their life studying the differences between Indian and Japanese prostitution? Did the study involve any primary research? And perhaps more importantly, why did the Indian taxpayer pay for it?

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Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:17 am
by chetak

Economic Monopoly through Halal Process | Veeresh Malik and Sanjay Dixit | Jaipur Dialogues 2019

Re: The Great Indian Political Drama - 4

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:46 pm
by saurabh
In the last few days, JNU is trending all over social media. Because they are protesting on fee hike. yesterday I met with people and discuss the things. The government has increase hostel fees Rs 10 to 300. People are saying they are getting all the facilities at nominal rates. They are staying there and supporting antinational things. They just started this protest after the supreme court verdict on Ram mandir. They are ruining the future of upcoming generations. People are saying the government is spending so much money on their food and other hostel facilities. They are asking for night outs till 12 at night. They are protesting only on a small hike while they all have costly phones and jackets. they have disrespected the statue of Swami Vivekananda. They misbehaved with Media persons and police. They are sponsored by congress directly. we have done a video on this issue. will publish soon. You can see their sacraments in this video

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Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:18 am
by Muns
There cannot be a greater Blockbuster every two weeks than watching the Indian news. I mean who could have predicted the split in the NCP party and in the early hours of the morning that BJP and NCP breakaway would claim enough numbers to from the government. Now Sharad Pawar, claiming that he had no idea and that his nephew does not have the numbers. Really adrenaline charged weekend. We can only hope that current government holds and that there is no chance for further splitting.. Interesting to know that they are still 29 others easily make up the numbers to words a government if needed....

The Kichidi unholy alliance must Be Wondering what exactly happened and how again could the rug be pulled out from underneath their feet with ongoing bogus negotiations.

The Shiv Sena has become somewhat completely irrelevant. With the BJP making as many strides, bringing to the people many promises that Hindus have needed, Shiv Sena finds itself in an ideological empty bucket......